Water Damage Restoration Lubbock TX

Water Damage Restoration Companies in Lubbock, TX

You come home from work, open up the front door and water gushes out. You take a step in the house to find that your carpets are wet; there’s standing room on tiles or wood floors – what do you do then?
What should I do when my pipes burst? The answer may be different depending upon where it happens (your basement vs. your upstairs bathroom) but one thing remains true:  if your water damage is not cleaned up as quickly as possible, the cost to repair your property will most likely increase and after 24 to 48-hour mold will start to grow to cause a health hazard.
Most of the time restoration companies answer the phone and respond faster than your insurance company. Find a reputable restoration company here in Mesa, AZ to call to get en route to fix your property, then call your insurance to get a claim started. The fact is, regardless of what your insurance company advises, the water damage has to be cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent mold from forming.


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