Water Damage Restoration Frisco TX

Water Damage Restoration Frisco, TX

The age-old question is who should I call first? my insurance company or a water damage restoration company? Most of the time restoration companies answer the phone and respond faster than your insurance company. Find a reputable water damage restoration company here in Frisco, TX to call to get en route to fix your property, then call your insurance to get a claim started. The fact is, regardless of what your insurance company advises, the water damage has to be cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent mold from forming.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind before hiring a water damage restoration company in Frisco, TX:

  1. Make sure they are covered by Insurance?
  2. Do they have a local office you can contact?
  3. Do they use industry-standard techniques, tools, and technology?
  4. Are they available 24/7 for emergencies?
  5. Do they have a contractor’s license?
  6. Do they provide an inspection report/scope of work?
  7. Do they have reliable customer support?

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Water Damage Restoration Companies in Frisco, TX

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