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    Wade Meredith
    February 08, 2023

    Zipco did a high-end finish on my basement. Their estimate was reasonable and they hit that number at the end of the project. The workmanship is excellent and communication was good throughout. Dan, Jeff, and Brien we’re great to work with. They were patient with me and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this team for any project. I would/will use them again in the future.

    Katie Koch
    January 09, 2023

    We had a great experience with the Zipco team. They were recommended by our insurance after our water line burst in our fridge, resulting in extensive damage in the kitchen, dining room, and basement. They were quick to respond and mitigate the damage before it became even worse. Once the areas were dried out and removed they were very helpful in explaining next steps. We had everything from drywall replacement, tile installation, full wood floor install, carpet install, new light fixtures, painting, etc. Shanun was patient with us and prompt with his help throughout the whole process. We ran into a few issues, but he was quickly able to fix them without a problem. Thanks for putting our house back together!

    Tyler McDonald
    August 25, 2020

    If I were to go back and do it over again I WOULD NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! In my opinion, this was some of the worst work I have ever seen. We had water damage from a toilet that went from our upstairs down to our main floor. We hired out ZIPCO to do the repairs. Initially, it was great from the salesman that came out. He seemed knowledgeable, personable and somebody that you would like to do business with. Once he handed us off to the project manager it all went downhill. I don’t want to get into the weeds of everything that went on in the couple of months they were at our house, but it was a challenge at every turn. I will just highlight some of the larger items. The only time the manager came out to our site it seemed was when he was requested. The response I heard from the crew was that he was very busy and had over 14 sites. What was communicated during the sales pitch was that they had crews free and were looking for work during COVID. In my opinion they never saw a mistake and said “This isn’t up to our standards.” Everything we had to “catch” in order for them to redo. I feel like I am still finding things that I didn’t see. For instance, they went into the basement looking for paint and tested it out on a piece of the ceiling. They ended up mudding the entire ceiling, putting texture on it and then PAINTING IT THE TRIM PAINT. It was the same color, but a COMPLETELY different sheen. It looked like a darn disco room. They knew something was off because they took that paint and went down one sheen without our knowledge, but that was to eggshell when almost all ceiling are flat which ours was. They then came and asked us how it looked?! Once they redid the color and then came to us asking how it looked. I have attached pictures here of the OBVIOUS lines you can see from where the drywall in the ceiling was cut. It blew my mind. Another area was the flooring. They asked us to go to Home Depot and Lowes to look which we told them we had already done and hadn’t like anything they had. We were at a bit of a stand still until we started calling around and found out they had a ZIPCO rep in a local flooring store only a couple miles down the road! Once the flooring was put down I do my walk through which I found numerous issues, but mainly they were short on a piece going into the wall about an 1/8th of an inch which left a gap. They said they hadn’t seen that, but would have to come in and rip up the entire floor again and put it all back down essentially making it seem like the worst case scenario and a prolonged job. They had already been on site for a couple of months. At this point I was so worn down I just wanted them out of my house. Lastly, the tile in our bathroom is not level at all. I mention it to him during the walkthrough which I regrettable signed off on and he shrugged. The standard in my opinion for this are as low as they come.

    Joe Dechant
    April 28, 2022

    Zipco was phenomenal! Shannon & Ray we’re very responsive, thorough, and high quality people. They were always engaged, when a vendor failed on product they would provide alternatives. Shannon consistently communicated project status, when needed would come out to inspect progress or collaborate on options. Ray and his team did a phenomenal quality of work. We are very fortunate to have met this great crew of people and highly recommend them!!!

    Sheryl Farnan
    May 06, 2022

    During a freeze in January, the pipes broke in my mother's house. Because she is now living in senior housing, the water flowed for over a week, releasing over 200,000 gallons of water throughout her house, before it was noticed. The insurance company recommended ZIPCO to provide the mitigation services. I will tell you that my sisters and I were completely overwhelmed. Their crew came in and took care of drying out the house, and demo-ing all of the damaged matter - walls, flooring, ceiling, and more. They had a dumpster delivered within hours of starting the job and worked quickly and efficiently. They were kind, patient, and professional as my sisters and I processed this tragedy. And they were careful to be very thorough with clearing out all of the water damage and mold. Once the mitigation crew finished, the remodeling crew started. Shanun and his crew helped guide us through the process, walked us through the job, established a schedule, and assisted with finding finishes that fit our budget but looked fresh and modern. Once they started work, they had the house back in shape in less than a month. Brien, Joe, Shanun and their crew were a godsend. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They not only went about their work professionally and efficiently, but they were very kind, friendly and patient with us. Gentlemen, thank you!!

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