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    mary sizemore
    May 31, 2024

    My kitchen was gutted. It was completely unusable for over 6 months. The staff at Thompson's Restoration stayed in contact with me & my insurance to get things done. After things were approved, the expertise workers at Thompson's Restoration got things done. The guys that completed my kitchen were Anthony & Larry. They were amazing! I only had to make choices for things I wanted. The communication between field & office staff was great. Thank you to all the staff at Thompson's Restoration! Before... During... & After!

    susan lundy
    September 19, 2023

    I had a flood at Christmas this past year. It took a week for any company to respond. I was on multiple wait lists. Thompson was the first to say they could get to me so I jumped at it after a week of water sitting in my house. They came in and got right to work same day. Loved that. It took a week to dry out my place. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. This was my first house flooding (hopefully my last). After that it took some time about 2 weeks for some one to get a hold of me about fixing the damage. Is that normal time frame idk. They had up to date technology to map out rooms and I thought they did a good job accessing the damage. My insurance company thought it was WAY too much. So Thompson met with my insurance guy and hashed out all the work and I so appreciated that… they were awesome at this. But that is where the good story ends. After that it was a nightmare for me. The back and forth the lack of communication despite me saying repeatedly I don’t know about any of this. I don’t know what I don’t know. I wanted a flooring “we can’t get it” ok settle for something less. That sample was NOTHING” like I picked. So stop work and I ask for the flooring a really want again after waiting weeks and weeks for the wrong stuff but oh yeah we can get that and have it in 3 days. The floor was not leveled properly. I still think it isn’t level and I hate walking on my floor now. It’s pretty though. The new bathroom vanity sink plungers still don’t sit right despite multiple attempts to fix. Oh did I mention that the floor level was so bad they had to rip it up and redo and still not even good let alone great. Let’s skip the quality of work and talk contract and pricing. I’ve never done this before so when a professional says we can make adjustments I believe them. But with Thompson that’s not the case. They make “some” adjustments but not to reflect what you really got or the work that was done. 10%profit and 10 % overhead is on the contract but if they make a mistake in contract you still have to pay. If you don’t get the materials you still have to pay. If they don’t really move furniture (cause you already did) well that’s “how we make our money.” Huh I thought 10% mark up was. I’m disappointed in my experience with this company. Maybe cause I just was inexperienced and was counting on an honest company to be up front and help me navigate the unknown. My bad. So in closing I don’t recommend this company unless you can do it all yourself and know all the ins and out and just don’t want to do it, cause they aren’t going to help you they will just make 8 months of your life miserable.

    Cole Taylor
    October 23, 2023

    Unfortunately, we had a very drawn out job done by Thompson. We had a flood in our basement that we were able to get an home owners insurance claim filed. We wanted it nice so we put $15K+ out of pocket to add drywall, flooring and drywall on the ceiling. The drywall start to finish took 8-9 weeks, which is insanely long for half of a basement. If you use Thompson make sure they sub contract out the drywall, the younger guys didn’t know what they were doing and messed up the mudding which in return took forever to fix their initial mistake. They left our bookshelves not screwed into the walls, and gaps in the trim. We also had to touch up paint that was missed on one of the walls. So, for $15K+ I would not recommend for interior home restoration.

    Melissa Gorsline
    July 26, 2023

    Tony’s communication with me while he and their team restored our home from water damage was excellent. While in our home the team worked hard achieving high quality in a timely manner.

    Teresa K Weaver
    October 05, 2022

    They did a wonderful job repairing the damage done by a uninsured drunk driver that hit 3 cars and 2 homes taking out my front porch. The porch was the original wood which was 95 years old and the flooring on it could not be matched and also the spindles on the porch did not meet today's building codes. They did a fantastic job working with my homeowner's insurance to repair the damage.

    Thompson Building Associates, Inc.

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    3333 Refugee Rd, Columbus, OH 43232, USA


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