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    Tristan Bellotti
    April 03, 2024

    Had some questionable drywall that I was not sure if it had mold or not. Had David over who explained to me all my options and was really knowledgeable. He ultimately gave me a few options and made me feel much more confident in my choices and helped lead me to my decision. David also really made an effort to make sure that I knew TCM would be there if and when I needed them.

    February 05, 2024

    Garbage.. I never do this but I was just emailed a bill for -$720 bucks. I had an ice damn outside and the littlest bit of water got behind my wall. All they did was spend 5 seconds with a meter and plug in a fan (using my electricity) and left. Did not let me know I was being charged at all. They didn’t even tell me when they were going to pick it up. They did ZERO restoration work. Just a freaking fan. No holes in the wall, no anything. I had to leave my office multiple times and then wait for them. One day they just walked in, unplugged their fan and left. No work done at all. 720 bucks. I own freaking fans for gods sake! I’m not at all happy with this company and my business has pulled all of their signage and cards from our display and shredded them. No more referrals for them.

    Pamela Ricketts
    August 08, 2023

    DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE! I don't normally do this but I would not recommend this company for your restoration needs. Yes, the work was completed correctly in the end so inspections passed and insurance claim happy but these people are just not professional AT ALL. AT ALL! The don't give two darns about your time or property. They broke two things in my house while working here... they were fixed but still. One was a computer monitor. Someone hit my monitor so hard with something, it broke. Nobody told me about it.. I just found it when I got home and complained. Same with the other item that broke. Nobody told me... I found it and had to report it. There is hardly any communication and what I did get was incorrect alot of the time. I had no clue when people were coming and going.. what was happening on what day, etc. Not to mention things weren't done in the time frame given. I would be told someone was coming in the afternoon but they would show up at 9am. Or "Someone will show up in 10-15minutes" but 45 minutes later they actual did. Only after I pitched a fit did I start getting better communication and understanding of what was going on. There was also a specific place on the wall that needed to get fixed prior to painting. I reminded them about it several times, but it never got done even though I was told it would be. I ended up patching it myself the night before they got here to paint. Not to mention the absolute mess they left in my house during and after the work. I live in a 500sqft condo.. its small but they left my living room an absolute disaster every night as if nobody lived here. I had to clean the floors just to be able to walk around. They kept shutting my porch door too so there was zero ventilation in this tiny house. WHY?? Air needs to move! You are using products that smell. You are sanding and smoothing (which got EVERYWHERE) in my house. I don't think they put up any protection to help with the dust. It was a very specific half of my living room... a sheet could have been put up to protect the rest of my house from the mess. There is wall plaster material spilled on my porch door that wasn't cleaned, paint that was spilt on my fireplace and my kitchen sink is a mess! Paint dripped on my kitchen floor they didn't clean up (even though there was no work in the kitchen); they washed something in my sink and didn't clean my sink afterwards. There is paint residue everywhere! I wish I didn't have to pay them the second half because they don't deserve it. Not to mention it took 83 days to rebuild half my living room ceiling and one wall. 83 days! I sat in a house with no walls, ceiling, open to the outside weather/bugs, no light most the time (until I pitched a fit about that-someone came over to hook it back up), I have had zero privacy in my living room because no shades could be up. All I have is one porch door, wide open for everyone to see 24/7. All this for 83 days! Ridiculous! DO NOT! DO NOT! DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE! THEY ARE AWFUL!

    October 30, 2021

    TCM was great to work with. They were able to schedule on short notice when another contractor cancelled. Their carpet cleaning tech was on time, communicated thoroughly, was conscientious, friendly, and did a quality job. Their office staff was great too. I would definitely hire TCM again for carpet cleaning.

    diane kelly
    December 18, 2021

    Logan and Andre cleaned our carpets yesterday. The two young men were very professional, confident, happy and on time. Our carpets look and feel amazing and ALL of the stains are gone! It was a real delight to have people that really care about their finished product and obviously customer service is high on their list as well. You certainly represent TCM with class and pride! Thank you!

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