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    Rayene Roach
    January 12, 2024

    Southeast Restoration has started to work immediately on our damage that happened from severe weather to our home. We would highly recommend this company! Polite, knowledgeable employees who go out of there way to explain each step in the repair process to put our home back in good shape!

    Cyndi Kong
    November 30, 2023

    Southeast Restoration came out immediately once I called them about a tree falling and taking out my back patio and putting a hole in the roof. This ended up being a major job. Southeast Restoration kept me updated as well as checked on things often along the way. Timothy Collin as well as the entire team went above and beyond to make sure things were going smoothly or let me know if something was held up. The project came out much better than I could have imagined. Thank you for a great experience.

    Jade Wilson
    March 08, 2024

    This is not the review I expected to be writing after my business with Southeast Restoration. I went into this project expecting great results and a smooth experience. Unfortunately, my experience was the exact opposite of my expectations. I hired Southeast Restoration on November 7, 2023, to make extensive repairs to my great-aunt’s home. A large tree fell onto the left elevation of her roof, crushing the roof and subsequently causing water damage inside the home. At 80+ years old, she was forced to vacate the premises until repairs could be completed. When I engaged Southeast Restoration for these repairs, I explicitly stated my desire for their company to complete the job in its entirety including all outside and inside repairs. I was assured, upfront, that this was fully within their capabilities to handle. The project did not start on a good note, and this would become indicative of what was to follow. The first issue I encountered was when the representative I met before hiring informed me that he absolutely could not provide any estimate on the time or cost to repair the home until Southeast Restoration could perform additional mitigation. It was explained to me that until this mitigation was performed, there would be no way to assess the total damage or scope of work. This seemed out of line with every other contractor I had contacted. Still, I was encouraged by the Southeast Restoration office to read the reviews about Southeast Restoration online and make my decision based on that. Because the reviews seemed good and because I thought Southeast Restoration was a large company with a good reputation in our area, I moved forward with them. When I engaged them on November 7th, I was told they would send someone out right away to deal with our emergency service needs which included tarping the roof more effectively to prohibit water from entering the home. On November 13th they were onsite at the property to assess the emergency needs, but no work was performed. On November 28th, I called and asked about the roof tarp because it had not been placed by that date. I was told via phone that the person who had visited the site on November 13th had ceased employment and our project had fallen through the cracks but that a tarp would be placed the next day, which it was. Two weeks to provide emergency services, which I had been told would take no more than forty-eight hours, was not acceptable. At the beginning of December, I was informed they would be onsite at the property to begin creating the estimate. This would be the same estimate I was told could not be made until additional mitigation was performed but no additional mitigation had been performed. I am still unclear what changed that allowed the estimate to be completed now but a month prior it could not be. I was informed upfront that the estimate and the insurance negotiations would take some time to complete so I was aware that I would need to be patient through this process. The completed estimate was submitted to the insurance company at the beginning of January. Four-plus weeks seemed like a long time to create an estimate but since I was told it would take some time, I have no idea if it was excessive. Negotiations with the insurance company took an additional month and seemed to be wrapping up around the beginning of February. (Google limits characters - Remainder of the review in attached photos)

    karen doerger
    November 14, 2023

    Unreliable ! The appraiser/adjuster came out, and the room scanning camera had a dead battery, so he couldn't get the measurements he needed. He said he would still have the complete estimates by Friday of that week. I called him on Monday, when Friday came and went. He still didn't have them, said he was too busy with roofing insurance claims, so my file got bumped to the bottom of the pile. I waited another week, nothing. I called him again. He stated that he didn't know I was serious about getting estimates from SOUTHEAST RESTORATION and that he was sorry and he would work on them. (Seriously??? I wasn't serious? I spent hours with him in my home and canceled other appointments to fit his availability???) Then he said he would be there the following Tuesday at 10am to get measurements he was missing, and then he could get me the estimate by the end of the week. He also said if I was getting roofing estimates from other companies, it would be easier to let someone else do it because they didn't really want to do the work. Tuesday 10 am came and went. I finally called the office, and they said it was at 1:00. I stated he had said 10 and they said he must have misspoke...I STILL HAVE HIS TEXT. At that time, it had been 3+ weeks of calls, texts, and sometimes ignored messages. I told her to just close the file. They have delayed us from being able to find another contractor, and it's been another month with a deconstructed kitchen , office, dining, and living room!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON. IF IT'S THIS BAD JUST TRYING TO GET AN ESTIMATE, I CANT IMAGINE THEM ACTUALLY COMPLETING THE PROJECT IN AN EFFICIENT, PROFESSIONAL AND TIMELY MANNER!! *** Just fyi, Brittany & Lori, who answered the phone, were always very helpful and polite.

    Bob Graubman
    April 03, 2024

    Southeast Restoration was very good and courteous and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone. They were great people and took care of our home.

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