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    Ryan Henderson
    March 10, 2024

    Please do not use this company! This company has ruined our home and when we brought this to their attention, they told us to go pound sand and that they are not at fault. If you use this company, PLEASE make sure you take photos before, during and after SERVPRO is doing their work. It could save you thousands of dollars later and help you in court. Sadly, our home had water leak and SERVPRO was certified with our insurance. It was highly recommend we go with the insurance certified companies, so we did. When SERVPRO came on site to do water remediation, they ended up taping waterproofing paper to our studs. We had no idea this had happened and no idea this is not code. Well the rains came and because the waterproofing was done incorrect and not to code, we had leaks in the exact same spot. When we had a contractor come onsite to do water remediation, it was discovered that the waterproofing paper was taped and led to more damage. When we brought this up with SERVPRO, they informed us that their employees didn’t bill for any of the work so it was not them who did the work and that they were not responsible. We provided SERVPRO with photos showing them it was their own environmental tape that was used and asked SERVPRO to provide photos of the work they completed. They have not/or cannot provide any photos of the finished product. Very frustrating that we are trying to get to the bottom of this situation, and yet they cannot even provide evidence of their own work. At this point in time, we believe SERVPRO technician made an error and covered it up and now SERVPRO will not help with the thousands of dollars spent to fix the issue they single handily caused. We don’t want anyone to go through the situation we did. Go work with another company if you can, if not, make sure you document everything. I now must spend countless hours filing with California State Licensing board to make sure SERVPRO contractor license goes under review. I will also have to hire an attorney now and proceed the legal route. Just hours wasted and an exhausting experience. We tried to give SERVPRO the opportunity to make it right, and at the end of the day we were told to go pound sand. I hope/pray no one has to go through what we have to go through, and cannot endorse a company that takes zero pride in their work Replying to SERVPRO Response: It is sad that this company continues to be stubborn and try to cover their mistakes. SERVPRO asked my family who we hired and it was SERVPRO for this work. Every question SERVPRO asked, we replied promptly, gave evidence, and brought an expert witness on the matter as well. We have not withheld any information for we are just trying to fix our home. The fact SERVPRO continues to insinuate we hired someone else is nonsense, for this went through insurance, so they are privy to all that information. My family has asked several times for photos of the completed work to absolve SERVPRO of faulty workmanship and they have not provided anything. The fact they stated in this thread they have is a lie to the community. This company should not be trusted in anyway shape or form. My family asked for compensation to repair the home the proper way, and we indicated that if SERVPRO would not help out with the costs we would escalate this by making sure our voices were heard and no one has the same issue. SERVPRO did not do work to code and is blatantly trying to cover it up and now we are paying for it. Its unfortunate there are companies that double down on their mistakes and make other pay literally thousands of dollars extra because of bad work and then cannot even provide any photos because they know 100% that they are at fault. Makes me sick to my stomach that SERVPRO staff can go to sleep at night knowing full well they are taking advantage of my family. Disheartening that they would even bring personal character into this when we are just trying to fix our home. Shameful response.

    Lily Garcia
    December 15, 2023

    Julian Argueta and Juan D Ramirez did a great job with the water damage at my home. They were very professional, thanks Servpro.

    Olga Sharum
    August 08, 2023

    Julio ' s crew were non commicative they packed my stuff without telling me . Failed to cover some of .my things.The girl that came acted rude and pretended not to know spanish.She also took my broom , which I'm still waiting on a 30 dll broom replacement.They acknowled she took it and I was told i would get replacement , but a week later I still have nothing. Would never recommend .I still don't know what else they took because the stuff they packed are still in boxes...

    Troop Cookies
    December 11, 2019

    Servpro of Tustin handled a really complicated water damage that we had in our condo in Rancho Santa Margarita. It flooded not just our unit, but our two lower neighbors as well. Everyone was well taken care of and the crew was really great at explaining the process the entire time. Thank you to their entire team for a job well done!

    SkYhigh Space
    October 21, 2015

    ThEy Are So OvEr pRiced

    SERVPRO of Tustin and SERVPRO of Orange / Villa Park

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