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    Sandra Allen
    October 31, 2023

    We were glad that we chose ServePro when we had a need for remediation after a plumbing issue. They were available when we needed them, professional, and provided service at a reasonable price. They were prompt for subsequent appointments to resolve our need.

    Jax Wilson
    January 13, 2023

    Unfortunately, on 7/5/2021 I experienced MAJOR flooding in my home. After recalling seeing ServPro the Woodlands/Conroe Ads on TV, I contacted and hired them for flood restoration and remodeling. That was the biggest mistake of my life. To this day, the job has not been completed even though they have received 90% of the money. It has been more than a year and I still have no flooring or operable kitchen. There is no faucet in the kitchen, my brand new appliances have been damaged. The damaged stovetop they installed so poorly cannot be used because it's leaking gas and they are aware but have done nothing about it. My kitchen cupboard doors have been left leaning against walls on the floor, closet doors that have been replaced are still on the floor in upstairs bedrooms, light fixtures have been left on counters. There have been 2 contractors thus far on this job. The first contractor Carlo, had such poorly skilled workers on his team that jobs such as applying the texture and paint to the walls and ceilings had to be re-done 6 times! It took the second contractor's team to get that done correctly and they still have areas of ceiling and wall left to correct. Also, the first team of workers could not complete the kitchen cabinet install correctly, hence the cabinet doors being left on the floor. They have even had team members remove parts of my kitchen cabinetry from my home such as a kitchen drawer, and they have failed to return these parts to my home to this day even when I have repeatedly asked them to do so. While removing the lower kitchen cabinets, servpro workers dropped and broke my granite counter which meant that my entire kitchen counters had to be replaced. I could not find the original granite slab since it was discontinued and had some difficulty choosing a replacement, since this is not my area of expertise and Servpro offered no help in choosing replacement materials, leaving it all up to me to determine what would work in the space, as if Im an interior designer and should know these things. Initially, I chose one slab that I was told by the Servpro Project Manager would be a little more expensive than the insurance company would cover since it was a level 5 slab and my original counter was a level 3. Not knowing the price since the company selling the slab would only share that with Servpro, I asked the project manager to provide me with a quote so that I could have the option of paying the difference in the price. He encouraged me to go back to the granite company to find a cheaper slab and that he will provide me with the quote. Feeling pressured, I returned to the granite company and picked out a cheaper slab as my second option. Several times after that, I asked Shane Gilliland the ServPro Project Manager for the quote for the granite but he failed to provide this. He reassured me telling me not to worry since the granite counters could not be put in the kitchen until I signed off on the install, so I should give him time to get me the quote, but he never did and I never signed off on the granite install. The first contractor Carlo, was aware that I was waiting for the quote from Shane, was aware of the slab I preferred and was aware that I had not signed off on the install. He was in such a hurry to put in the kitchen counters so he could get Servpro to release money to him, that he got his team to install the counters without me signing off on the install, and of course he installed the cheaper slab that was not my first preference. Also, the install was done so poorly that large gaps were left between the walls and the counter that they try to fix by using large amounts of grout which will wear away eventually exposing these large gaps. Servpro fired Shane in the middle of all this chaos and he was replaced by one Tracy Ledbetter then Ashley Baker. These 2 ladies promised time and again to help me get this project completed but I'm still living in a construction site while they continue to collect thousands each month from my insurance company for furniture storage This is a NIGHTMARE!

    Ashley Munguia
    June 07, 2023

    They removed baseboards, trim, and drilled holes on the bottom portion of my walls. They used a machine to help get rid of the moisture and prevent mold growth. They removed the machine and left everything a mess. Jeff the manager stated that I would receive a report showing how the baseboards had damage and of everything and have yet to receive it. I have tried reach out in phone calls and have not received a call back. This company is horrible at communication. I sent this company an email with my phone number and they still had the incorrect number.

    Christina Grayson
    January 08, 2023

    SERVPRO’s salesman pitched a great experience that his team failed to deliver. SERVPRO came out SUPER quickly to clean my HVAC system but disappeared as soon as there were issues. They caused thousands of dollars of damage, I had a terrible time communicating post-damage, and it was a terrible experience that I will not repeat. After their cleaning, every vent would release clods of dirt and insulation, which I was told was “normal” and would go away. When it didn’t, they had techs go back up to look at my system and not a single person would give me photos of the damage to my own house after repeatedly asking for them. There was terrible communication between SERVPRO and Ductz, the company they work with to do HVAC construction work. The tech that supervised the job apparently quit and went to Florida or Colorado, leaving a mess. I ended up paying half of the damages out of pocket on top of SERVPRO’s initial bill, but only after SERVPRO finally sent out their own person to give an estimate of the job, who then undercut my tech’s bid by $200 and tried to steal the job himself after he was 45 minutes late and couldn’t find the right house. If you want someone quick, call SERVPRO, but be ready to pay four times the cost of the service for someone else to fix SERVPRO’s mistakes after months of arguing. I’m still not over it, and I’m glad I use a different company now.

    patricia jacquez
    November 05, 2022

    The ladies from Servpro cleaning crew Cristina,Helen,Virginia,Yanira they did an amazing job in my home I am very pleased with the work. Want to say thank you to Jeannie and Corbin for there help this group of people are very amazing I would use this company again.

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