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    Ron Benfield
    January 24, 2023

    Unfortunately we had a water leak accident. Fortunately we found Servpro and they were out an hour later with the know-how and equipment to make the best of it. Within a week things were all dried out. They worked with our insurance to quickly get repairs arranged and started. Every person we spoke with or who came to our house was professional, courteous and anxious to make sure we were pleased. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They truly went above and beyond to do what was needed so we could say “it was like it never happened”. Kudos especially to Jeremy and his repair team. And to Carl who came to do estimate same day when he heard of our urgency to get repairs started over the holidays. But everyone was super great.

    that bounce and ride
    March 28, 2023

    I am shocked by the way Brandi and Steve Knight the owners of Servpro in Spokane, WA treated me. I was charged over $5,000 for them to dry out my floors/carpet due to leak. During a very cold snap we had single digit temperatures and again another leak in almost the same area. I had a contractor look it over and this time we found out the reason for the leak was due to no insulation under the floor. This is the same area I was charged for from Servpro to dry up previously that was soaked including my new floor and carpets. I used up everything in my savings that was not covered by insurance to fix and replace the first leak. I then reached out to Brandi and asked if they removed any insulation in the floor and her response was they didn't charge me for the insulation removal so no they did not remove any. When I emailed her again she then finally sent me documentation with proof stating they in fact did remove the insulation. I received a call from Steve Knight the owner who stated it was my fault and my fault only. I asked him about the removal and if it's there practice when removing insulation to at least tell the customer so that they are aware that we must put it back? His response was you should have been smart enough to know this, I have literally never been treated like this from a company in my life . This company removed insulation that was under my house without my consent or knowledge, resulting in thousands of dollar in unnecessary repairs.- NEWEST UPDATE , they refuse to answer me on any email. I have asked 2 different people from servepro including owner Brandi via email to send me copies receipts of monthly payments that i have made and they refuse to answer me. I work for a very large world wide corporation and I guarantee this is not acceptable in any business . LATEST UPDATE . I have now been sent to collections since the day that I posted the review . I was contacted by a collection company stating I had not paid anything since December. I paid them $3000.00 in September and $100.00 a month since . I have sent the proof to them and still no response .

    Tyler Laughman
    November 16, 2022

    Awful company! They came out to my house to clean up my home from water damage and potentially black mold. They left there equipment here for months and never returned to pick it up, and then charged me 2k for no more work done, then threatened me with collections immediately, like this company is awful, horrible customer service. I pray this company goes out of business, don't waste your time with this awful company!

    Elaine Castillo
    March 21, 2022

    I was dissatisfied with ServPro of South & West Spokane County, and I hope you will read this review to understand why. My basement flooded, and ServPro came out and immediately said it would cost $6,000, with half due right then. After paying up and signing at least 6 forms on their iPad, I pointed out again the wet areas, and a sympathetic team of two removed wet padding and carpet in one and a half rooms, set up drying fans, and taped up two plastic dividers to separate wet from dry areas. They worked about 5 hours and directed me to maintain closed doors and sealed-up plastic at all times. I asked for copies of the forms I had signed and an accounting of the work and was told to expect these the following day. That day the project manager came with two others to collect samples to test for asbestos—a process that took 25 minutes. I again requested the forms and work costs and received these in a zip file that neither I nor another service person that came for five minutes on Thursday could open. He assured me that the information would be emailed that day. On Friday, the team of two returned for another 5 hours removing drywall and baseboards. They let me know they would have to return to remove soggy door jambs, and I reminded the pair that I still needed the forms and cost breakdown. On the following Monday, a team came to remove the drying machines and plastic. As they packed up, I checked the carpet in a room that had been wet about 2 feet in from the doorway and discussed on day one. By now the room had remained untouched for over a week and water had spread out further into the room. The team brought back the fans and stated they would return next day—Tuesday. No one came, so after calling after hours I was informed that workers would be out on Wednesday. They came and removed 3x the amount of carpet pad than would have been removed had they taken care of it on day one. In the meantime, ServPro is very conscientious about regularly sending me a bill for the remaining $3,000, yet never sends the requested forms and accounting nor returns any phone calls. The following Monday, I called ServPro manager Chandler to try again to get the information as well as an adjustment to the bill because of the increased damage caused by negligence in leaving a room wet for over a week, never responding to requests for forms I legally am entitled to, and a review of this inflated bill. I wholeheartedly believe people should be paid fairly—and timely. And ServPro should—and has been—paid as well. However, in light of their mishandling of things and not responding to requests for documentation or phone calls—these issues are unacceptable. This bill is inflated and constitutes price gouging. My recommendation is to think carefully before contacting this company if you find yourself in a water-soaked mess and need help. Their practices indicate that their priority is taking your money rather than mitigating your damage and losses reasonably when you’re vulnerable and doing your best to navigate through it. Because of my experience, I advise you to get other quotes elsewhere should what happened to me happen to you—or, at the very least, take this as a cautionary tale of “buyer beware” when dealing with this company.

    Natasha Peay
    September 27, 2020

    Servpro was a life saver! I had a sewage backup in my house, which affected my entire basement. I have heard great things about Servpro, so I decided to give them a try. From the moment I contacted Servpro to the moment the techs arrived was less than an hour. They came in, assessed the damage and instantly got to work. I have never dealt with a water loss like this before, so I really appreciated how thorough the techs and management were. They kept me informed and aware of what was going on and made dealing with insurance effortless. I was so pleased with their work, so I decided to use them for rebuilding the damage that was done and now my house is better than ever! I highly recommend using this company!

    SERVPRO of South & West Spokane County

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