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    Michelle Beaver
    December 21, 2021

    Dealing with Amanda and her supervisor has been a great experience. They're both really patient, calm, and sweet. I appreciate the educating Amanda did for me as I navigate this process. Both these women are fantastic at customer service.

    Margie Sullivan
    December 30, 2020

    For 3 days, we were fortunate enough to have an incredible crew working in our home, cleaning every surface, working to remove ash and soot. I am beyond grateful for the work of SERVPROs Cleaning crew. Under the leadership of Amela, they cleaned every cupboard and dusted every surface, they cleaned behind bookcases, under beds, on the top shelves of the closets. They were beyond thorough and they did not cut corners. My house has never looked better, which is incredible considering we had smoke travel throughout the entire home. In addition to their amazing work, this team of women were so incredibly kind and professional. I was nervous about having people handling my personal belongings, but they treated my home like their own. We feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with this crew and this company.

    Gary Burwasser
    August 02, 2018

    They were prompt, professional, efficient and courteous. Josh the owner's customer service was off the chart and Matt explained everything I needed to know prior to starting and they followed up just as they said they would. I haven't had much water damage issues in my life but when the next ones happen these are the folks I'm going calling

    Barbara Kelly
    August 11, 2020

    I would not use or recommend this company. My husband died unexpectedly in July. We hired ServPro to do bio-hazard, disinfectant clean. A $600 Montblanc pen went missing. It was very dear to my husband. Our son noticed it missing immediately. I called ServPro immediately. After 7 phone calls to the company, I filed a police report. It is disgusting and wrong to rob from a person recently deceased. ServPro charged top dollar. I regret ever hiring them. Finding or Replacing my deceased husband's pen is taking attention away from our grieving.

    Sharron Grzybowski
    May 05, 2017

    From the moment I first contacted them, I was treated with care and concern. We were on vacation and my house sitter noticed the standing water. My initial contact with them was not only via phone but I was in a different time zone. Jessica answered the phone and went into action immediately. This was the first time I ever needed to contact this type of service and she guided me through the process. She contacted her folks immediately and got them out there to begin working on the water standing in my house - and kept me informed along the way. They were at the house within about 1.5 hours of my making the initial call. We got the water shut off. Then all I had to do was coordinate to have someone meet them at the house and give them the key. They took it from there, including put a lockbox on the door so that my house sitter didn't need to come and go. I spoke with the Project Manager, David, when they first arrived. He did a great job of talking me through what he saw and his initial recommendations. When we arrived the next day, the water was all gone. They floor was dry. There wasn't a sign of flooding remaining in the home. They'd moved all furniture into the center of each room and covered it with plastic. Anything that was on the floor was dried off and stacked for us to go through. There people were SO polite and caring. We got into town as they were about done for the day, the waited for us to arrive home from the airport. The Project Manager took us through the house, explained what they'd done so far and made any additional recommendations. The time that he spent walking us through and listening and answering questions was invaluable. We discussed where we needed to go from there. The last day, we had a crew that did nothing but clean. They vacuumed the entire house. Wiped down cabinets and shelves. They even mopped. We only have bathroom floors remaining, but they still mopped up the concrete, too. I'm not sure I knew what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by this. It made waking up a bit more comfortable this morning. In all, we had them at the house on the emergency evening for about 3 hours, then I think 6 full time days (we had some VERY difficult wood flooring to remove and the last day was the clean up day). I've sent off fabric furniture to them for cleaning (couches). I assume that will turn out wonderfully, too. Jessica said she's mailing us a CD of all of the photos they took while they were here (probably most of them pre-work and with water). One more thing I'd like to mention is that our insurance company denied our claim. When they realized that, they were very sympathetic. Instead of waiting for a bill, I asked them to hit me up with an estimate so that I could manage the money situation with my bank. The last day they were here (for clean up) is the day that the I requested the bank transfer. I'm glad they let me work that way, because we'd just put the flooring deposit on our credit card and I wasn't ready for them to charge the card the full amount due. Another sign that they 'get it' and are a great to work with.

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