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    Scott Ritz
    November 24, 2023

    I wish I could give zero stars... I had a tiny fire almost 6 months ago. SERVPRO of Olathe/Lenexa came in and removed everything I own that wasn't in a bedroom and put it in a warehouse. Where is the warehouse? No clue. What condition is my stuff being maintained in? I may never find out. I never saw any of it again. The "repairs" they made to the house were terrible. Kindergarten classes have more skill. When I complained they just shrugged. They have yet to repair any of the damage they did while making the "repairs" (why would you rip the power cord out of a $2k adjustable bed? Who throws vertical blinds into the backyard and leaves them overnight?). For a moment they acted like they were going to fix their shoddy work (when I finally showed it all to their Director of Construction) but then they stopped returning my calls. Now I have a poorly repaired house and all of my belongings are gone. The wood floor they installed 6 weeks ago is literally falling apart. These clowns apparently chose to take the money and run. I'm out $40k in cash plus I have an empty, unsafe house. Great job, guys.

    Allegra Ward
    December 05, 2022

    I was devastated when water ended up all over my kitchen floor and into the basement, which I could not get to stop. My insurance company sent Servpro to start the process of drying the kitchen and basement entry. I was with the inspector when he evaluated the damage. I was shocked to find that the water had completely ruined the hardwood floor and cabinets in the kitchen, and the downstairs was completely damaged as well! I was heartbroken, then the gentleman with Servpro turned to me and said," We can make this tragedy look like it never happened. " I felt a sense of relief and curiosity to see if his statement was true. I watched as the hardwood was torn away from the floor. I was asked about the color I wanted the cabinets to be and all of the other components to make me whole again. I had the BEST carpenters as we worked together to make my kitchen a masterpiece! Niel and José worked with pride and a sense of love for the craft. The transformations were unbelievable. I loved everything they completed because they did not miss anything, which made me excited to see the kitchen finished. The basement was done exactly as I imagined! When I saw the completed kitchen and downstairs, I thought back to the statement I was told as I was looking at all of the damage. "We will make it look like it never happened." The tears in my eyes represented my appreciation for the true statement! I can enjoy my kitchen and cooking cheesecakes for my family again! I especially want to thank Niel and José for giving their absolute best every step of the way and leaving me with a job well done!! I am proud to have had the chance to work with Page in accounting to make everything officially complete!! I would definitely suggest Servpro for any kind of restoration, but mine is a work of art!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Servpro !!!

    troy oliphant
    January 06, 2023

    First and foremost, you have a lot of choices when it comes to repairing or reconstructing your house after fire and water damage. Under no circumstances would I recommend you use ServPro in any capacity. We had a fire with extensive damage requiring a full pack out of all our belongings and nine months of work to reconstruct to our house. We went with ServPro mainly due to the positive reviews, which is why I’m writing this review today. If I can stop even one family from going through what we did with ServePro then it’s worth it. After nine months we are back in our house even though the upstairs is still not finished and the quality of the work throughout the house is incredibly poor. At this point they have stopped work and we do not know when/if our house will ever be restored back to what it was before the fire. On the pack out: Our belongings were delivered back to us damaged. The power cords and hardware needed to put our TV, Couch and other electronics back together were not delivered at all. Several other items are still missing. On the construction: The absolute ineptitude is too extensive to list. Instead, I will share a few pictures of what was considered “done” by the ServPro crew. Keeping in mind that we had raised concerns about the quality of the work the entire time they were here working on our house. We were told repeatedly that it’s part of the process and the finished product would more than meet our expectations. Unfortunately, we had to be here day after day to make sure things were getting done due to multiple things being missed. It goes without saying that our "expectations" were never met. On top of all of that ServPro also caused damage to our house and property. When ServPro removed our fridge as part of the pack out they left the water line uncapped and damaged the wood floor to the point that the new fridge (old fridge was brought back but no longer worked) is off balance and does not fit properly. The ServPro crew that was initially working on the house had vehicles with oil leaks. Though we pointed this out continuously nothing was ever done about it. The result is permanent oil stains in our driveway and street. We did finally get through to ServPro that the quality was so terrible that we could not move in and they did take action. The entirety of the upstairs had to be redone. They are in the process of doing that work but have now stopped due to not wanting to wait on the money coming from the mortgage company. All of which is beyond our control, but we are the ones left with an unfinished home. If there are further updates, I will post them here. I would strongly encourage you to take your business elsewhere. The loss that comes with having a house fire is difficult enough without dealing with the stress, heartache, and pure incompetence of ServPro.

    Jessie Cunningham
    July 06, 2023

    We had a pipe burst in our shower on the second floor, water ran through our walls all the way down to the basement. It happened on a Sunday right before a holiday. I called ServPro and got an immediate call back. I had a million questions and he walked me through everything. The crew was able to come the next day to open up our walls and start drying them out. After 4 days of their equipment running, everything was dry and ready to be rebuilt. Everyone we worked with was great, very professional, they answered all of my silly questions and made me feel at ease with the situation. I hope we never need them again, but they will be our first call if we do! Thanks guys!

    Nancy Bye
    October 30, 2023

    Sump pump and back-up failed durning a period of heavy rain. Our basement flooded. Serve Pro came the next day for clean-up. They explained the process every step of the way. Everyone was friendly and they seemed to enjoy working together.

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