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    Glenn Cragun
    August 09, 2022

    Had to have them come out due to a flood. Covered by my home builder. Asked them to forward the invoice to my builder and they said that they did. Didn't hear anything from them at all, no emails no calls nothing. And then all of a sudden I get a call from a debt collector today. Shady business practices in the billing department. Having my builder call them today to take care of payment that I was under the impression was taken care of months ago. Do not recommend!!!!!!!!

    Lynelle Hawks
    January 05, 2022

    They didn't finish the job. Then because it was an insurance job they charged things they didn't do and also charged for removal of a cabinet I wanted removed but then charged for painting and trimout on the cabinet I had removed. When I brought this to their attention the reason was because it would of cost more in carpet. No it wouldn't of it was a straight run. They left a horrible mess every time they left for me to clean up. Ruined my stair runners and that's my problem. Would not recommend this company to anyone. Also will not give you a schedule. They call 20 min before showing up so don't have a life as long as they work for you. Which will take months.

    Aaron Martin
    March 17, 2022

    I would not recommend this company...not because of the work they did, but because of lack of communication with me. The work they did in cleaning mold out of a building for me I believe was fairly well done. They lacked in communicating to me what they were actually doing on the project because they decided to do it differently then what I was told and was not communicated to about that until the project was complete. Customer service definitely needs improvement.....

    Leo Rosenlund
    April 15, 2021

    I would rate this zero stars if I could. I had wind/water damage from the storm on 1/8/21. My insurance agent recommended your company. Many issues, bad. Would not give me a estimate or bid price, instead said they would work with the insurance company. Started work before giving me any information on the cost or time. Never told me that there would be another person or crew that comes out and puts things back together. Mitch left the place a mess with dust, insulation and plastic everywhere. Then trying to contact anyone who cod help me was bad. Meanwhile I got 2 bills that I was told I had to pay. So much for working with my insurance company. I finally got someone to come out and look at replacing or repairing the wall tore out. He then said someone else would come look at the soffit and the whole job. I ask 3 times for a estimate or bid and was told he sent it to the adjuster. After 2 months the adjuster called and said he received a bid or estimate and said it was so bad he would not respond as it was over 2 times his estimate. He said there was double and triple charges for doing the same thing along with minimum charges for them also. He said I should find another contractor. The only communication I have gotten from the company for the last 3 weeks is from Brandy saying pay the mitigation/ asbestos bills now or I would be charged interest. I have found another contractor who gave me a price of $3500.00 instead of over $14000.00 to put it back together. That 14,000 by the way does not include the $ 4238 for the mitigation/ asbestos work that they did attempt to do. I definitely would not recommend this company. Over 2 months, not done, no estimate given to me, no timetable as far as a schedule and definitely not any communication with me about anything except the outrageous bills needing to be paid, right now. I would like to add on a little more about this company. I paid the 4,238.00 that they said I owed under protest. They sent me a bill and then called me numerous times about paying it or I would be charged interest. I told them that I would pay them on my own time just as they did everything on there own time, what little they did. As I had requested a written estimate more than once and never received it I put a letter in with the check telling them about how poor of company they are. I have not heard anything from this company since then. Very bad at communicating unless they are looking for money. Looking at other reviews, they mostly answer the ones that give them 5 stars. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! And if they say they work with the insurance and all you pay is the deductible, do not believe them.

    Sandra Davis
    July 18, 2019

    Wish we had done more research on this company prior to hiring them. Would not recommmend for any type of work. Too many problems to list. Wanted to hire local but would have been better to shop around. July 17, 2019 Mr Knight, I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary to go into the detail of your company’s poor performance for us. Unfortunately, you felt it was necessary to post false claims regarding the events that took place. Stating that you apologized for communications issues in the early stages, accusing us of requesting work “you felt uncomfortable” billing our insurance for, stating that WE claimed our adjuster overlooked items, stating it was your company that made the “configuration” of cabinets work, and more, were far from being accurate statements. It would take a book to list all of our complaints, so I will just try to answer the items you have mentioned. We don’t remember any apology. Communication was extremely poor on all aspects of the job right up until the last day. I recall many times we could not reach someone or have our calls returned. The final insult was trying to find out if your project manager was done here so that we could finish up cleaning and putting items in our utility room. He did not return calls, texts, or messages for 10 days. We finally had our adjuster call you, at which time you had someone else contact us to say there was no more money to finish what had been promised without another supplement. Even though we had to finish many items ourselves, we were glad to have your company gone. As far as any overlooked items, isn’t that the job of the contractor to bid what is necessary to complete the job? Neither we nor our adjuster EVER requested work be done that was not caused by fire. However, a lot of damage was done due to Servpro not protecting walls, floors, and cabinets from further damage. As we expected this to be taken care of as your responsibility, the fact that you wanted to claim it against our fire damage was entirely on you. I have much more to say, but I have reached the limit for a response, so I will send the rest of the details directly to you and our adjuster.

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