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    Porter Smith
    October 17, 2022

    Allen & Russell were our assigned ServPro technicians. They were phenomenal. They communicated with us frequently and clearly throughout the day they cleaned up a flood on the first floor of our house, which was caused by a cracked reverse osmosis housing under our kitchen sink. It ran unchecked for up to five hours, and it left up to one quarter inch of water throughout my first floor. Alan and Russell were here by 7:30 the next morning to help us recover. Their swift action helped us minimize the damage caused by the leak. Alan and Russell have a seamless relationship with the ServPro reconstruction department, and they set the stage for us to get back to normal on the first floor of our house. I appreciate all their hard work.

    R Mayfield
    October 11, 2022

    Update: ServPro’s owner has reached out to me directly and this was due to a miscommunication between teams. I am waiting for the work to be completed to overall change my rating, but so far I am much happier about the future with then doing the work. Original: I was insanely happy with the mold remediation team and ready to give a five star review. However, after waiting two weeks, leaving three messages and talking two two additional people on site, I was do finally told today when I called a fourth time that the repair side isn’t taking on any new customers! I am now left with this nightmare mess for even longer because I didn’t contact anyone else! What is worse is they sold me on them doing the work! I wouldn’t have had any idea that they did repairs if they hadn’t sold me on their services! I am beyond furious and completely overwhelmed.

    Mumzee Lewis
    September 24, 2022

    Tyrone is a Rockstar. No matter how great the service is in the beginning, it has brought my husband and I to wish we had been advised. 1) Trust noone; Assume NOTHING! 2) Always watch the process 3) Know EXACTLY what the workers are doing at ALL times!!! Upon the arrival of the workers, it was told to them my husband has 8 underlying conditions. Two being COPD and Congestive Heart Failure. When removing the waterlogged ceiling and drywall, there were NO precautions taken to assure our safety from the dust and insulation which ended up in the other rooms of the house. This should have been required by upper management. This oversight lead to us having to leave our home for 9 days until I could properly clean the walls, floors, furniture and other items affected. Leaving meant taking medications, nebulizer, bi-pap, insulin, etc. Also, gas was spent on the trips back and forth to meet the workers. We were told that the trim that was removed was left in the garage. Only partially true. 12 feet of baseboard was removed unnecessarily and discarded. Various other trim was trashed which could have been used as templates or for other purposes at our discretion. We all have body functions which need attention. Understandably so. When I stepped outside to talk to my neighbor, one of the workers helped themselves to a bowel movement. The lid was left up allowing the plume of feces to permeate on my bathroom walls, sink basin, and floors. Disgusting!!! I would have gladly allowed if only asked. Later to find out, this is against company policy. It was one of the most disgusting odors. As I stepped back to my garage, the workers left like a bad-out-of-hell. The following day when asked who took advantage of my hospitality, they lied and said "Oh no. We wouldn't do that. We could get fired." I am not looking to have anyone fired. Do not call yourself a Christian and lie to the customer. Customer just BEWARE! Other than the forementioned, great job.

    Lesle Groves
    December 04, 2022

    I am extremely impressed with all of the Servpro staff that I have met. They are friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. They explained the process and answered all of my questions promptly. I didn't have to stress over anything, because I knew that my home was in good hands. They did an excellent job restoring my home. I could not be more pleased. They are a top notch company. If you choose them to help you, you will not be disappointed. Brandon, Tom, Clay, Donny, Miranda and Leslie, you all are amazing!!! Five stars is not enough.

    sylvia short
    February 15, 2023

    My outdoor laundry room had flooded due to the freezing weather around Christmas. I was recommended Servpro by a cousin in Michigan and have been completely satisfied with the service they offered. Cody and Allen were very helpful answering all of my questions and were prompt with their correspondence. Would recommend again.

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