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    When you experience a water or fire disaster, stress and anxiety can quickly become overwhelming. At SERVPRO of Fayetteville, Springdale South, North Washington County our mission is to alleviate these worries while striving to get your life back on track as soon as possible - it's like nothing ever happened!

    In the face of disaster, you can count on SERVPRO of Fayetteville, Springdale South, North Washington County to restore your residential or commercial property. Our team is highly experienced in restoring after a fire damage event, smoke damage episode or flooding incident and are experts at eradicating mold and mildew from any indoor area. With our professionals helping you through even the most difficult disasters that may arise, rest assured knowing we're here to bring peace-of-mind back into your life.

    With our team of highly qualified experts, you can rest assured that your property will be handled safely and professionally. Every SERVPRO staff member is fully trained a

    Sheri Smith
    February 06, 2023

    Love this place! They had so many calls in Northwest Arkansas due to the cold temps. but still was able to get to us quickly. Thanks again!

    Katherine B
    September 13, 2019

    Kevin, Earl, Andrew, and Terry were all absolutely wonderful! 10/10 experience for a condensation drip/leak. They showed up promptly at 0900, and left around 1230 after cutting out the soaked drywall, insulation, carpet, pulling out the ruined laminate, and setting up the fan/shopvac things to run overnight. They were extremely polite, (honestly perfect gentleman,) and gave very concise aftercare instructions for the machines. Also, they were super kind to our dog Korra, and Korra loved them too.

    Shannon McNeill
    April 06, 2022

    Wednesday morning at 4am our office, Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab, was one of the businesses damaged from the tornado in Springdale, AR. By early that afternoon Servpro was on our location helping us get started dealing with all the water damage. The electricity had not even been restored but they brought out generators and hooked up all the remediation equipment, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They didn't stop until we were all cleared. Monday morning we were up and running, safely treating patients. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you!

    Martyna Halsey
    August 01, 2022

    The actual work this company's subcontractors did was mostly great, but their communication needs work. It started with no one letting me know that I would need 2 quotes from them: 1 for mold mitigation and 1 for repairs. I only discovered that after asking why the repairs were not on the estimate. After that, however, every person I worked with made sure to let me know that there were 2 different departments. Got the mold quote in April, but the tornado had been through and understandably everything would be delayed due to that. June 1st someone came for a repair estimate. I wait 4 weeks then email the person who sent me the mold quote to tell them I'd like to hire the company but no one sent a repair quote yet. No response. I called the office and was told they have no record of me ever being on their schedule and the guy who came out left the company and did not leave any notes. I understand, but why was I not even on the schedule? So repairs gets in contact immediately, everything gets set up. I had an emergency and had to reschedule and was told someone would call. I waited til the next afternoon and no one called so I reached out and was told they had me on the schedule for the following Tuesday. Would have been nice for them to actually let me know that without me having to call. Then repairs tells me the contract they sent me was rejected, but I was never sent a contract. Found out he gave the person sending the contract the wrong email. Repair project manager comes out, I ask him questions but he couldn't answer and was told he's new to the company. I understand, so I'll email my other repair contact and ask him. He never responds. I'm told the repairs will happen on Friday. Thursday they're blowing up my phone saying they're there and can't get anyone to answer the door. Repairs doesn't remember telling me Friday, but they'll come back then. During repairs, I'm told they'll be out Monday to paint. Then told they can do it the same day but then they never show up and I was told there was a miscommunication between the subcontractors, but they could be there the following day. The next day no one shows up at the scheduled time. Turns out the subcontractor had truck issues and didn't tell anyone. I kept being told someone would come pick up the mitigation equipment. Took 4 days for that to happen. The lack of communication was frustrating and at times made me feel like a burden to them. The vibe dealing with the company felt like mitigation and repairs were two rival departments instead of a cohesive company because every time I asked something their response would start "you're working with two different departments". Maybe staffing issues was the problem, maybe the tornado was the problem. I tried emailing instead of calling because I felt that was easier, but that obviously was a problem. The work itself looks good, though the painter barely covered anything so I had to scrape ceiling paint dots from multiple things. I also had to ask for the wall paint to be left and it's a good thing I did because the one item they did put tape on, they taped part of the wall so when I removed the tape there was an obvious strip of missed wall. I'm on the fence if I'd recommend this company. Maybe if they worked on communication and made the process smoother for the customer rather than seemingly hitting walls each step.

    Shawn Zimmer
    August 16, 2022

    Highly recommended restoration services. This is the second time I’ve had to use such services in a three-year period. By far Servpro outdid the previous company. Amanda McGriff and her team were amazing. Excellent communication, prompt and punctual for scheduled work, and they did a phenomenal job keeping my house functional while tearing it apart at the same time (haha). I was so pleased with the restoration services that I am going to entertain the idea of Servpro completing the needed repairs.

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