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    Aaron Craig
    April 05, 2022

    What a painful and frustrating experience. We had a second floor laundry room leak and cause rain in our kitchen on the first floor. We hired another company to do the mitigation and that part of the process went very smoothly. Unfortunately, they do not perform construction and so we hired ServPro to perform the required work. The work we needed was fairly minor: 1. Replace carpet pad and rejoin carpet in home office 2. Replace base board in laundry room and home office 3. Patch roughly 8-10 sq. ft. of drywall ceiling with texture 4. Paint ceiling ServPro's communication is terrible. Most of the time I had no clue when they were showing up until 20-30 minutes beforehand. This is a house with multiple dogs and a toddler and 2 infants so you can imagine the logistic of preparing to lose access to a major part of your house multiple times with little to know warning. It took ServPro 4 attempts to repair the carpet in my home office. After the 3rd failed attempt they blamed me because they said I didn't move the furniture out of the office and thus they couldn't stretch the carpet properly. They never asked me to until the 4th attempt even though I had previously offered to. Also, the furniture was all present when they made their estimate. As I right this review, ServPro is on their 5th or 6th (I've kind of lost count) attempt to complete the work on the kitchen ceiling. The first 3 times they attempted to only apply texture to the small patched area. For those not in the drywall industry, it is very hard to blend a heavy texture, which is why I suggested in the beginning that they skim the entire kitchen/living room ceiling to make it match. They chose not to follow my advice and surprise surprise they couldn't blend the patch. After the 4th failed attempt and finally skimmed the entire ceiling. Unfortunately, the quality of that texture was awful and they knew it. The kicker? They asked for $3000 more dollars to skim the ceiling which is something they should have done from the get go. I wish I could do that kind of thing at my job. Quote someone $7k, screw it up multiple times then ask for more money to cover my costs. They must figure since its the home owners insurance money rather than their own bank account, no one will complain. I'm sure this is standard practice from them. Eventually, ServPro acknowledged they could not perform texture work satisfactorily and hired another company to perform the work for them. Let me say that Bestway Drywall out of Auburn is great. Hire them for your drywall work. ServPro is back today to primer and paint. We shall see how that goes. This process took 8 months for them to get to this point and we had to lose access to our living room, kitchen and home office (I work from home) multiple times. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your construction needs. Addition: I forgot to mention that the whole time this is going on, I repeatedly received emails from their accounting department that my payment was past due despite the work not being complete. I called and left a message for their accounting department but no one returned my call or the emails I sent. I called their project manager about it but he said that wasn't his department. Clearly they communicate internally as bad as they do with their customers. Poor quality work, bad communication and shady business practices. Avoid like the plague. One more edit: It's only fair that I mention that the workers ServPro sent out were all nice and professional. They were apologetic about the process and set backs. Its their management team that is the issue. Sending out non-carpet installers with inadequate tools to do the job, insisting on trying to cut corners and blend a texture instead of doing it right, blaming the customer for their issues and demanding more money after their corner cutting didn't work out

    Jenn Christine
    April 27, 2021

    The level of care and detail servpro provided was excellent. my bathroom had mold coming from a water leak under my tub basin. servpro staff came and addressed the issue fast and took care of my mold issues. my bathroom is like new now. thanks servpro

    Debbie Loffman
    November 29, 2019

    Servpro did a good job of removing water in the master bedroom of a rental we manage. They're quick and efficient. Thank you!

    Randy Smith
    December 19, 2019

    Servpro of Citrus Heights did over the top service especially with my wife's collectibles in her Cario Cabinets. Thanks very much. Randy R Smith

    kelso OD
    August 15, 2018

    I had them out two years ago for a huge plumbing leak. They were great! And this month, two years later I needed help with paperwork copies, contacted Andrew and he emailed me what he had. I would definitely use them again! (but I hope I don't need too.)

    SERVPRO of Citrus Heights / Roseville

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