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    SERVPRO of North Central Mesa has been serving the residents of Mesa, AZ, and surrounding areas for over a decade. We just moved our warehouse to a more convenient location. While our Mesa office is still there, you can feel free to visit us at our new location if you need to talk with Office or Packout staff when we are storing your contents for pack-out services. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future!

    Erin Ramirez
    March 19, 2024

    Called prior to arrival, showed up on time. Did a great job assessing the water damage. We had spent the weekend prior to their arrival drying out the area. He was honest and didn't try to sell us on services that weren't needed at that point. If an issue were to arise that their services were needed, I'd call them again because of their upfront, honest approach.

    Paul Mann
    November 22, 2023

    Our toilet supply line broke upstairs and water got all over the house. The guys from Servpro came and took care of everything. They were fair on their pricing and kept us up to date on everything so we knew what to expect during the process. Levi, Adam, and Kevin were the technicians who took care of the work. We had someone come out right before them and they were wanting to tear up the whole house. Servpro did not, there was some stuff that had to be taken out, but they were able to dry a lot of the structure in place and saved us a ton of money. I highly recommend calling them if you have any water damage issues!

    Kyle Everts
    May 16, 2023

    I hope this is the only fire I will ever have to deal with. There are so many players involved in the resolution process, but everyone seemed reluctant to take responsibility and move forward. Servpro was recommended by someone I work with, and I am so thankful. They were so helpful, friendly and professional. Since this was a unique experience, I was unsure of expectations and questions I should be asking. Servpro helped keep everyone in the loop as to what and when jobs were being completed. They even gave me updates on some possible shortcomings in the cleanup process that they had seen while they were doing their job. I am thankful for their guidance and peace of mind. (It was strange having my life broken down to about 100 boxes, but I was so satisfied with that process as well. It made it easy to turn the page on the unfortunate situation and kind of start over.)

    Zoe Albrecht
    December 14, 2022

    This was a great experience. I learned so much about water damage and mold etc. Great technician and explained everything and answered all of my questions very patiently. I would definitely recommend SERVPRO to anyone!!! You will not regret it!!!

    Santino Troy
    October 29, 2022

    .SERVPRO He also provided valuable advices for my next step. A truly trustworthy professional and comapny. I will use and recommend them without hesitation.

    SERVPRO Cleaning|Restoration|Construction

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    725 E 36th Ave Suite #3, Apache Junction, AZ 85119, USA

    As you cross the threshold into your home, you’re met with the unexpected sight of damp carpets and pools of water on your hardwood or tile floors. What’s your next move?

    First Move – Halt the Water at Its Source:

    Your priority is to identify and halt the flow of water. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as a leaky toilet, refrigerator line, a burst sink pipe, external flooding, or another culprit. Pinpointing the source is crucial. Once found, make it your mission to stop the water flow. If the issue stems from a plumbing mishap, turn off the main water valve immediately, whether that be right at the appliance or the main shutoff.

    Second Move – Reach Out to a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service:

    Don’t hesitate to contact a professional restoration service, be it us or any reliable company. Prompt action is key to minimizing damage. While we’d prefer you choose us, the essential thing is to get expert help swiftly. We’re here to evaluate the damage extent upon arrival and guide you through the next steps.

    Third Move – Inform Your Insurance Agent:

    With the restoration process underway, it’s crucial to inform your insurance agent about the situation. This could be done the same day or the following one. Discuss with your agent the feasibility of filing a claim. Although the restoration service might offer insights on claim viability, consulting your agent for a definitive stance is advisable, especially since policy specifics vary. Ensure any restoration work is covered under your policy to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. Sometimes, coverage might not extend to certain damage sources, like external floods or neglected maintenance issues, so clarity is key.

    Why Prioritize a Restoration Company?

    You might wonder why contact a restoration service before your insurance. The rationale is simple: Time is of the essence. Delaying restoration can exacerbate damage, increasing both cost and repair time. Late hours or busy insurance lines can further delay the process. Swift action not only mitigates damage but also expedites your return to normalcy, reducing overall restoration time and costs. Did you know that you don’t have to use the restoration company your insurance adjuster recommends. Use someone you trust to do the work for you. Sometimes your adjuster will suggest a good company… sometimes there are other reasons they want you to use the company they suggest ($$$). So talk with the restoration companies you are considering and make sure that they have your best interests in mind.

    Ensure the restoration company you choose is reputable to avoid being overcharged. In urgent situations, quick access to reliable information is paramount. Google My Business listings are a great resource for fast and accurate company details. For an example of what to look for, you can check our listing here: Click Here


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