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    Stacy Stocker
    June 13, 2023

    Worst experience ever! High price and there is mold in 2 rooms just 2 weeks after they did expensive “clean up” They tore up some things and refuse to compensate me unless I go along with their restoration plan. Called their corporate office and they merely took my name and number so someone could call to see what was wrong and I haven’t heard back. Servicemaster used to be a name you could trust. Save yourself some grief!

    Christian McKee
    June 07, 2022

    Was hired by my insurance company to take care of a Leak and mold situation back in August , and it is now December, and my downstairs bathroom and kitchen are still not put back together. They demoed and sprayed a bleach solution and then dried it out and then sprayed a sealant on everything that they exposed. They ran some air quality tests and still showed high levels of penicillin and wanted me to sign a waiver of liability to put things back together. Because I refused to sign it because I don't trust they got everything and the air tests were not done correctly according to the standard operating procedures. They have ghosted me just like my insurance company did, and I am in the process of moving forward with legal action. I am done dealing with scam artists who do not do good work and follow through on their promise to provide excellent service. I have dealt with Joseph Shafer and Bryce; both are managers and tell you what you want to hear but don't follow through. Just horrible experience altogether. Do deal with service master for anything. They stopped working on my house six months ago because they hired an environmental company that didn't take accurate readings of the air inside my house. I hired a different company and found the air readings were lowr than the readings from the company they hired and were lower than the readings taken from outside. Please if you want a company to listen and get the job done right then go elsewhere because service master is not going to listen and they will not do a good job. The work for the insurance company not you.

    Justin Moran
    May 15, 2023

    Our insurance company recommended them for repairing some water damage to flooring in our home. It took months to get done, there was almost zero communication about what was happening and when.

    Roger Stout
    August 19, 2022

    Had a water leak in our house, ServiceMaster was the company my insurance recommended so I proceeded with them for remediation. There wasn't major damage, but enough that flooring and baseboards had to be removed, and fans left for a few days to dry the impacted areas. They created a large mess in the garage during demo, and left if there when complete. I then never heard back from them about reinstalling the base boards. Once I got the flooring company out to install new floors, Service Master said coming back out to buy and install new base boards was an insurance discussion and was not worth it for them. So I ended up out of pocket for something they were already paid for in their insurance billing. The phrase used was 'the minimums for starting a job like that are over the top'. My problem with that is they wouldn't be starting a job, they would be finishing a job they already started and were paid for. Giving 2 stars instead of 1 because they did do a good job of drying the impacted flood area.

    Tracey Nix
    December 29, 2021

    If you are concerned with health affects of mold/water damage, I'd run from this company. Here's the back story. I found water damage & microbial growth in my kitchen. While waiting for insurance and trying to find contractors, I started removing cabinets and flooring; and drying things out, trying to eliminate any mold, which my nose can unfortunately detect. After this, I had the air tested and the levels came back as acceptable (similar to outside). But my nose smelled a faint smell of mold near 2 remaining cabinets that I needed to have a functional kitchen. My insurance company referred me to ServiceMaster. Two men, Bob & Austin, arrived on time to assess the situation and take measurements. Bob assured me that Service Master is a expert mold remediation and restoration company and that they do these jobs all the time. I was impressed with their level of detail in measuring and listing all of the various components that would need to be address. UNTIL..... I expressed my concern over the water damage creating mold and explained that in spite of clean air tests, I could still smell a faint smell of mold near the cabinets that I had not removed. When I requested that affected subfloors be replaced because I was concerned about microbial growth on and beneath them as well as the squeaks that had developed since the water damage, they balked. ServiceMaster, a "mold remediation company," complained to my insurance company that I was trying to get them to do things outside of their "protocol." They wanted to rebuild without addressing my concerns about the subfloors. They didn't seem to understand how water damage above the floor could compromise the subfloor and could contribute to microbial growth on the underside. I suggested we part ways. Minutes later, I learned that these men were from the "restoration" side of the business when their "mold" expert called me to ask "what the problem was." His first availability was several days later and he suggested before arriving that rather than remove the subfloor, we cut holes in my perfectly good ceiling below to inspect for mold as he was skeptical since the air tests were ok. We parted ways, with ServiceMaster telling me one story and my insurance company another story. This shouldn't have surprised me because the Mold remediation guy, who is apparently unable to control his impulse to interrupt, talk over and bully women on the phone, also didn't seem to understand proper mold remediation protocol. I later found mold beneath that same subfloor that they were unwilling to consider removing. Apparently removing subfloor a more complex task than they were willing to take on, also known as "not part of their protocol," so they'd rather ignore potentially hazardous issues for the sake of making a quick buck. The whole experience left me frustrated. It created doubt with my insurance company, thereby delaying the remediation process with mold present. I wonder how many other families they've put at risk by rebuilding before carefully inspecting to make sure all issues have been properly addressed.

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