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    cameron w
    February 13, 2023

    over the winter break in late december. Service master was hired by the university I attend to come in and move the things out of my room into the living room because of a burst pipe flood. Moving the items they did not break anything but they did ruin my items. For some reason they moved all of my clothes in trash bags. This would not of been a problem, but they duct taped them shut. So, for around two weeks my soaking wet clothes, towels, sheets and even shoes sat in an air tight trash bag. When i got there and cut open the trash bags the smell stained my new room for a week and I soon came to realize all of those items were ruined. I tried washing them multiple times but with mold stains and a consistent smell they are worthless. I have never wrote a review but this just makes so sense as to why service "masters" would think that doing that was a good idea.

    Haylie Lorraine
    June 02, 2023

    If I could give negative stars I would. Horrible company. They don't work they sit around and they also give off weird vibes. One of the workers has tried to add me numerous times on facebook. Call Paul Davis instead.

    Working Mule Transport Kirkland
    December 20, 2021

    Spent days without any results took them six months to send me a bill then threatened to put a lien on my property. in my opinion no one really knew what they were doing. Tried to talk to someone about my concerns afterward and was met with no response. I would never hire them again. Forgot to mention I had a lot of cleanup and floor refinishing from the marks their machines left.

    Johnny Ace
    August 07, 2021

    Had water damage from a toilet issue. The same thing happened to some friends of ours around the same time actually. They used Yellow Van. Their experience went very well. All done within a week and they CLEANED up after their work was done. These guys took 3 weeks to determine if it was dry or not. Week three they started tearing our drywall. I never had the same people in my house. Over the three weeks they had fans owing through my house it was someone different each time doing the inspection. I got three different opinions. After the "work" was done. They were off the grid. My wife, insurance company, and myself called multiple times for an invoice. I had to call ServiceMasters 1800 number and complain to get my invoice so insurance could finish their end. Getting my invoice took almost 90 days. They never came back to clean the mess and clean off the walls like they said they would. Due to their lack of respect for a homeowners house my walls will need to be redone in a room as well. When I FINALLY got my invoice I had to laugh, It's almost exactly down to the penny of what my deductible is. Coincidence, I think not. Bottom line, I would avoid this company like the plague and go Yellow Van. I have used YV at my buisness for a sewer pipe that broke. They did a fantastic job at cleaning the mess and cleaning THEIR mess afterwards. I only used ServiceMaster because that's who my insurance recommended. To be fair, I don't fault the workers. They were primarily young adults just making a buck. The lack of follow through and communication with Jason, (assumed supervisor) was astounding. Do not use!

    Ray Jeppesen
    December 30, 2020

    1 star only because you can't give a zero. Workmanship was poor. We had a water leak in our kitchen. In the process of drying it out I offered to remove cupboards and a shelving unit to inspect and get better airflow. Their employees told me that it would be alright without doing that. Well it wasn't. We ended up with mold in the cupboards and walls. My sheetrock had to be torn out and the insulation removed for mold remediation. I would not recommend them for water problems!!!! My opinion is that they are quite inept.

    ServiceMaster Restoration of Lancaster County – Fire & Water Damage Restoration

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    3130 S 6th St STE 108, Lincoln, NE 68502, USA


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