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    Kayla Duero
    November 21, 2023

    Ryan McClendon and his Team were amazing! Super considerate and accommodating to our little household full of babies. They were here when they said they would be here and did a great job and did it in the least amount of time as possible. I appreciate how much they worked around our household schedule. Especially with naps and being in and out of the house. The whole team.was extremely professional and went above and beyond to get the job done well. They were efficient and didn't cut corners for sake of time and energy and I really appreciate that. Good quality work with amazing customer service and professionalism are just about impossible to come by these days and Serclean was exactly that. I also want too give a shout-out to Gavin at PlumbPro for sending them in!!!! Thanks so much Ryan and team!

    Netty Stoney
    January 08, 2024

    I highly don't recommend this company due to integrity. I was referred to SerClean by Hers and His plumbing and they are said to have a great working relationship. I had leaks in my house caused by two different reasons. One was a clogged toilet which I was aware that I was responsible for the damages through my home owners insurance. They other were due to the plumber negligence at Hers and His plumbing. SerClean and Hers and His tried to persuade me to file two insurance claims with my insurance and pay two deductibles of $2500 each. I told them I didn't want to make any additional damage to my home. Example: cutting up carpets or cutting holes in the ceiling until I got the insurance approval. Also, I will be contacting Hers and his to file a claim through their insurance for the damages of their plumber. SerClean immediately removed any fans that was placed in the home due to the water heater leak due to negligence of the plumber. Once the plumber left the house never to return SerClean cut a hole under my hot water heater and we agreed no cutting will be done until the insurance company decided that would accept the claim. I was then sent a bill of over $6000 saying 6 workers came to my home for 5 days when only 3 were ever showed up. And 2 of the 3 only was here for 1 day less than an hour because I postponed demolition. With a total of them coming to my home for 4 days. Work less hours than stated. The have emailed me for credit card information which I responded that Hers and His who they are very familiar with will be handling the claim. They said if the bill isn't paid in 30 days they will report it to collections and put a lein on my home, which is worth well over 300K. This is all after the continued to do unnecessary demolitions without approval from me the home owner or either insurance company. This company then lied about the moisture in the vents and where the master bathroom shower sits and stated I need a claim for something that never was mentioned before I decided to file the claim with Hers and His insurance. They did not have the plumber loom at the pipes but decided to cut the wall open after the plumber left to tell me another miss judgement about where the hot water heater was leaking from. I live in 2 hours from Savannah, GA and I feel that they took this job because it was increase pay and money and to charge my homeowners insurance as much as possible. When their partners insurance was responsible for the second claim, they took all of their equipment and went ghost. These emails states if I don't file with my insurance I will have to pay out of pocket when they clear are aware that the damages were caused by Hers and His plumbing company.

    Virginia Smart
    November 30, 2023

    Water and stuff where it should not be! It is pretty traumatic to work through this type of system failure. Ryan and his team isolated the damage, positioned and kept equipment in place until it was determined the situation was safe. Ryan was very good at explaining and monitoring the process. I definitely recommend Ryan and Serclean Savannah. Professional, competent service.

    Danielle Womack-Sampson
    February 15, 2024

    Blake and Ryan were amazing and very open and honest with me. I didn’t feel pressured or overwhelmed during my. They did a great job while working on my 3 level home with expertise.

    Jennifer Wilkes
    August 16, 2023

    Working with Ryan Mclendon and his team at Serclean, Inc. Savannah was awesome. Needing a mitigation service is never something you plan. However, when needed urgently, Ryan and his team worked at my home daily until everything was dry, safe and all needed areas removed. They made living through this rough situation as easy as possible. I high recommend Ryan at Serclean Savannah for any type of mitigation. If needed again, I would definately call them.


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