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    Nicole van Loo
    April 13, 2022

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! PLEASE READ ———The company was responsive UNTIL I was locked into a contract. I spoke at length/in-person at my property with the assigned arborist about my desire to simultaneously remove a young oak and plant the same size and type of tree (to match the second young oak in my front yard). I even asked him to take a picture of the second oak so it would be easier to match. The arborist did not include a replacement tree on my estimate, and I was only added to the schedule for tree stump grinding. When the arborist realized I was only on the schedule for stump grinding he called me and said, “I thought you wanted the tree removed and a new one planted on the same visit”. That was correct, but then he acted like we didn’t discuss tree type and size during his visit because he asked for this information all over again. Fast forward, a crew came out and were simply able to pull this tree (that hadn’t taken root) from the ground and plant a new one in its place. I’m not an expert, but it doesn’t look like they found/planted the same type of tree to me. The new tree’s leaves have red in them. My second oak in the front yard (and third oak in my back yard) only have green in their leaves. This isn’t even the worst part! Nearly TWO WEEKS after the work was completed, I got a text saying that I was on the schedule for tree stump grinding! I told them the work had already been completed nearly two weeks ago, but I was never billed, nor was I provided with any kind of instructions on how to care for this newly planted tree. I was promptly sent a bill but no instructions on how to care for the tree (i.e., how often to water). I requested instructions again and was told that my arborist would call me. However, after initial communication with the arborist did not go so well, I requested written instructions of care/watering. The company sent written instructions saying that I should water the tree for 45 minutes the day after it was planted!!! This information is two weeks too late!!!! Guess now we will just see if the company lives by their planting warranty in the event that this tree dies.

    Keith Taylor
    May 23, 2022

    These guys are amazing! I have never seen such skill and teamwork. Very professional, fast and friendly! If I ever need any tree work in the future they will be my first call!

    Melina Phillips
    March 04, 2022

    They did an amazing job at our house! Full pruning of all of our oak trees. Carlos was the lead of the crew and was very kind and willing to accommodate any requests. Definitely recommend their services!

    olivia davis
    March 08, 2022

    The sales rep. was prompt. I told her exactly the things I needed done:1- To trim/prune my very tall cherry laurel but to let it remain as a shrub design- a soft point on top and shaped larger as it progresses to the bottom- like a Christmas tree and no bottom branches cut. She commented it would look nice as a tree and I told her that wasn't what I wanted. 2- to cut off the 1-2 limbs of an oak tree that were brushing up against the same cherry laurel on top. 3- we agreed to treat safely with phosphorous a different cherry laurel and 4- cut the neighbor's oak branches over my roof. A date was selected but no time as she explained the crews can't determine when their jobs get done and they move rapidly from one job to another. She assured me I didn't need to be there as the crew were very good and have done this work many times before. I actually was at home when the crew arrived but there was a language barrier so I left for business elsewhere. Upon my return I can only say I was shocked and very upset at what was done to my cherry laurel. The crew only completed 2 of the 4 items; the cherry laurel and the oak limbs brushing up against it. The oak limbs were cut satisfactorily. But the cherry laurel was cut at least 4feet shorter, no nice "Christmas tree" shape. And ALL the bottom branches were gone. It now looked like a tree with more of a "bubble" shape to the branches- very much like a commercial, industrial park design. There were also nicks made in the remaining 2 trunks no where near branches that were I personally planted that shrub 12 years ago so I was having some strong feelings about this botched job. I called and spoke with the representative who had visited me the other day and sent her a picture. She was apologetic and agreed to not bill me. I was very glad to hear that but I felt disregarded with her off handed comment that it actually looked good and that the crew didn't butcher it. Tree Surgeons had given me a cherry laurel cut now so it will now have to bear the brunt of the hot afternoon sun on its trunk and the animals and birds that loved that shrub won't find it as a haven for of shade in the Spring and Summer months. So yes, they were expedient and on time but left me with a bad taste in my mouth . My recommendation to others who choose to use this service is (1) write out explicitly what you want, Be Present at the job, and have the representative called to explain to the crew, in their language , the explicit instructions so you don't have the experience I had. I am grateful I wasn't charged.

    Andrew U
    December 22, 2021

    I used Tree Surgeons in 2019 and 2020. Annette was the arborist and she was knowledgeable and professional. I was hoping for them to return and trim the trees again in 2021 at the same value or a little more given recent inflation. Unfortunately the quote came back at $700 for three (3) trees versus the $600 for four (4) trees previously trimmed in 2019 and 2020. How does the price jump for less work? That went from $150 average cost to $233 or ~55% price increase. Inflation sucks but not to that degree. Brad at the office just said 'trees are different' to justify the cost then asks when I wanted to schedule a visit showing poor customer service and understanding. It is unfortunate when you thought you found a company you thought had great value and ethics just for them to disappoint you in two email responses. Back to the market to find a new arborist. Final email from Brad: Do you think for a minute that you can bully us into reducing your estimate with the threat of a review? Not only is that not going to work, we will never work for you again in the future. Tree services are raising the prices with you because you are so difficult to work with. The trend will continue unless you change how you treat people that do work at your home. Sincerely, Brad Ridenhour Certified Arborist TX-3558A

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