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    Nicole van Loo
    April 13, 2022

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! PLEASE READ ———The company was responsive UNTIL I was locked into a contract. I spoke at length/in-person at my property with the assigned arborist about my desire to simultaneously remove a young oak and plant the same size and type of tree (to match the second young oak in my front yard). I even asked him to take a picture of the second oak so it would be easier to match. The arborist did not include a replacement tree on my estimate, and I was only added to the schedule for tree stump grinding. When the arborist realized I was only on the schedule for stump grinding he called me and said, “I thought you wanted the tree removed and a new one planted on the same visit”. That was correct, but then he acted like we didn’t discuss tree type and size during his visit because he asked for this information all over again. Fast forward, a crew came out and were simply able to pull this tree (that hadn’t taken root) from the ground and plant a new one in its place. I’m not an expert, but it doesn’t look like they found/planted the same type of tree to me. The new tree’s leaves have red in them. My second oak in the front yard (and third oak in my back yard) only have green in their leaves. This isn’t even the worst part! Nearly TWO WEEKS after the work was completed, I got a text saying that I was on the schedule for tree stump grinding! I told them the work had already been completed nearly two weeks ago, but I was never billed, nor was I provided with any kind of instructions on how to care for this newly planted tree. I was promptly sent a bill but no instructions on how to care for the tree (i.e., how often to water). I requested instructions again and was told that my arborist would call me. However, after initial communication with the arborist did not go so well, I requested written instructions of care/watering. The company sent written instructions saying that I should water the tree for 45 minutes the day after it was planted!!! This information is two weeks too late!!!! Guess now we will just see if the company lives by their planting warranty in the event that this tree dies.

    Roof Master
    November 23, 2022

    San Antonio Tree Surgeons have been great to work with over the past couple of years. We have had them do and annual pruning on all of our trees for 2 years and we will definitely keep using them. Their arborists are very knowledgeable and the the crew they sent was the hardest working guys I’ve seen. I recommend this company to my neighbors and family members.

    Victoria Bruns
    February 02, 2023

    The crew that trimmed our 20+ native live oaks this week was great. We live in a NW neighborhood that is filled with oaks so I've seen a lot of different companies do trimming in the 3 years that we have lived here. These guys were experts with their harnesses, walking between/up and down limbs. I was honestly proud to have them working on my property. My yard was left immaculate as well- everything thoroughly picked up and carried away. True professionals. Philip, the Arborist who did our estimate was fantastic as well. Super knowledgeable and answered all my questions in depth. Definitely will use services again.

    Cody S
    May 02, 2023

    We just had a visit with Jessica and it only confirmed that I made the right choice in contacting the guys. She was polite and friendly and had a level of knowledge and passion for her craft I can only describe as collegiate with what seemed like a true interest in my trees health and not just trying to be a salesman. If you want to be comfident that the people working on your trees are the right people, then give this company a call. After our visit I have 100% confidence that they'll take care of me and my trees.

    Tracy C
    September 09, 2021

    I asked for an estimate. Jessica came out. I read the invoice , emailed a couple of questions I had then scheduled tree trimming and small tree removal they could not do it for almost 3 weeks. I scheduled it then received multiple emails requesting I respond to the estimate. Even though it was scheduled. They were to be here Tuesday am between 0800-1000 at 0930 I called asked whether they were coming. I was assured they were. When I returned home 2 hours later no tree trimmers. I called was hung up on twice. Finally demanded to talk to the owner. They showed up at 1pm ate their lunch in my yard then trimmed the trees. They cut down the small tree but did not remove it. The pruning of my Arizona ash was done and it looks great. Expensive but tree looks nice

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