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    Hemant Chhugani
    June 15, 2024

    I knew I had a block in my drain pipe leading to my sewer. The tech showed up and started to snake the clean out pipe leading to the city. He did open the first clean up and saw it backing up. But he chose to snake where there was no blockage. Charged me $300.00 instead of $506.00. Which was the original quote. I called the company following morning explaining, what was done and what should have actually been done. So they sent out their Supervisor, he called another training technician to see with the camera. He used it on the second clean up leading to city sewer. Per his analysis I had a broken pipe but miraculously the camera went through that towards the city sewer. I explained to him that I cleaned out the first clean up and lot of toilet paper came out, I rented a manual snake from Home Depot, but wasn’t successful in cleaning out the blockage. So he got the technician to put the camera through the first one coming from the house. To which he said you have a problem with this drain towards the second one, he said that it would have to be dug to find out the problem and I was quoted $10K for the job. I told him no thanks I have a handyman who will do it for a lot cheaper rate. After he left my daughter and I dug up the whole line only to find out there was no damage. We went to Home Depot again and bought a rubber attachment that attaches to your water hose, once you insert it like a snake, it expands and has a hole in the front that shoots out water and clears the blockage. I had never heard of this, but the supervisor had mentioned to me when he was there. So pretty much we cleared the drain on our own and it was nothing but a bad quality of toilet paper that was flushed that didn’t disintegrate with water. Pretty much if you are willing to put in work on your own property and don’t mind doing the dirty job. Roto Rooter service will not be needed, as the sole purpose of their business is to make money. I didn’t even mentioned to them that I have construction experience. Stay away from corporations who are out to get you and have people working with no knowledge and become supervisors.

    Peter Gallagher
    May 06, 2024

    My technician arrived within an hour of my call. Ryan was very good at his job, professional and clean. Costs were discussed upfront and final charges were exactly as expected. It’s never a good day when your plumbing backs up, but I a very pleased with the repairs.

    J R
    March 24, 2024

    My plumbing issue is not going to seem like it was something that needed to be dealt with on a Saturday night but my schedule made it a necessity. (kitchen sink not draining, backing up some rough stuff into my vegetable sink and the disposal shooting the stuff into the air like a geyser). I would give the 2-gentlemen team that came 5 stars if they had come and worked in the middle of the day. But they came at 11 on a Saturday night and worked until after 1 a.m . They were polite, courteous, friendly, cheerful (in a way that made you forget they were working that time of night, had been working all day and had another house to tend to after mine) and knowledgeable. And they emphasized that their work comes with a six-month warranty. Each time I apologized for the late hour, they said that’s what they were there for, and helping customers is why they love their jobs. I’ve hired so many people over the years and this was one of the best experiences I have had. I will not hesitate to call Roto-Rooter every time I need plumbing help.

    Danielle Phillips
    May 29, 2024

    Called Roto Rooter for service as my bathroom flooded do to a leak in my shower as my drain was clogged. Dispatcher was friendly and sent a technician right away. Unfortunately the technician was not helpful and just proceeded to flush my toilet and tell me he doesn't understand the problem when my floor was clearly wet. He then proceeded to rudely ask me what do I want. (excuse me, you are the professional sir) I just purchased my home and was saddened that a trained plumber could not help me with my drain issue. I explained to him the situation and he complained that the dispatcher did not write the service ticket properly. He then asked if my home was on sewer or septic which is not information I knew readily knew and he got frustrated with me. He then repeated told me that I need to pay $800 to perform a leak detection test. I completed the appointment as I wanted a second opinion. He proceeded to tell me multiple times that I need to contact the dispatcher and tell them I changed my mind and wanted to cancel. He even want outside and came back and asked me if I called the office which I dd not do. After he left the dispatcher called to find out what happened and I told her my experience. She apologized and told me his manager would be calling me and to this day I have not heard from anyone. Thankfully my handyman stopped by and identified my drain was clogged. he took apart the drain, cleared the clog and the problem was solved. He felt so bad about my horrible experience with Roto Rooter the he did not charge me. If you are a woman and do not have plumbing knowledge do not call this company as the service techs are rude and condescending. Lastly the company does not seem to care.

    Arturo Betancourt
    June 11, 2024

    Ryan Robinson, was truly amazing. This tech was extremely knowledgable and very smart. He solved several problems that other plumbers wanted to charge me an arm and leg. Best plumber on town!

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