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    Stacey Thompson
    July 30, 2022

    The technician Sean was excellent. Diagnosed the problem quickly and efficiently. Was very friendly and explained the issue and the cost of repair. He worked very hard and cleaned everything up like new. I did not think I would be a repeat Roto-Rooter customer, but Sean changed my mind. Will definitely use RR again. Thanks!

    Nuray Cakici
    June 14, 2022

    They came over and checked my insurance and they said the insurance will pay for everything and proceeded to start the job. They said that they will get the money from insurance. Now they send me bill for $3,500 and asking me to pay! The money is too much for what they did! I got very poor communication from the company. I called them so many times and they told me they will call back, but they never called back. They pressure you into signing immediately without thinking, they just show you a tablet with a signature area and they don’t want to show you the document you’re signing unless you push them, bad practice from a company. The company is very unethical, they assured me that it was completely covered by insurance and they even went as far to say they worked with the insurance company very closely. They started the work immediately saying that the insurance gave them the go ahead when they really didn’t, and they said that I had to pay out of pocket for leak detection and that the insurance would reimburse me, but the insurance never did. Save yourself a lot of stress and paid, and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

    Nick Krauss
    April 29, 2022

    Really pleased with the service! I called in the morning with a backed up shower drain. The rep was very polite and patient. Great customer service. I received a text almost immediately that a tech was on the way, and Basil showed up within 45 minutes. Very fast for a non-emergency call! Basil was super professional, pleasant, and even smiled. The guy was a pro, and had to pull a toilets to get to the source of the clog which was somewhere between the house and city sewer line. He mopped abs cleaned afterwards and even made some suggestions on toilet part replacements to save water and extend the life of the toilets. All around very happy and would use Roto-Rooter again.

    Jerwaine Fisher
    May 20, 2022

    I was told by plumber and supervisor that my sewage pipe wasn’t cracked, the line just need to be flush out because due to corrosion… I wasn’t home at the time of visit, so they put a camera in the pipe and record it. Two day later I call the office to get a copy of the recording, I was told it’s deleted after leaving my property. Remember I pay $400. And supervisor told me over the phone, that I will get a copy of the recording so I can see what they discovered in the pipe. I have turn around and pay another plumber to do the recording which he give to me on a flash drive, and the most craziest part is there was to 15ft of pipe that was cracked with tree root growing inside the line. Thank for you very much!!!

    Shell Rose
    May 24, 2022

    I'm not sure how this review was deleted, but here it is again. I called Roto-Rooter in Fort Lauderdale for service a couple weeks ago.  I had a leak that needed fixed and a faucet I purchased needed to be installed. The 1st Tech that came out, Shannon, quoted an outrageous price, and when I told him I could not pay that price he gave me a lesser quote, that I agreed to. He then left to purchase parts and never came back.  However, he did tell me that I had to call for another appointment and negotiate the price again. The next Tech that came, Alex (AJ),  quoted me a different price that was over $100 more.  He fixed the leak and was supposed to come back the next day to put the faucet in. He said he needed adapters that were not available because it was Saturday. He agreed to come back on Tuesday, his next scheduled work day. He did not show up or call. When I text him asking where he was he said he had trouble with his truck, and would come on Wednesday. He did not show up again. So, I had to call the office again for a service call. The next person to arrive was Diego. He installed the faucet but did not tighten it down. When I questioned that he said it was not supposed to tighten. When my son came home he was able to look under the sink and see it should be tightened. I called in again and requested that he come back to fix it.  He returned again and still did not tighten it down. So, I had to call again and ask for a manager to send a different technician. The manager,  Angel said he would send someone out to install a new faucet at no extra charge. When the next tech, Patrick, came he he tightened the faucet but tightened it incorrectly on the washer. Of course I did not realize this until my son came and was able to look under there. I am unable to get down there. When I asked why he didn't bring the new faucet, he said he was told to just tighten the one I had. When I called Angel back he then sent Patrick and another gentleman out with the new faucet he promised. Faucet was installed. So, now as I am using this new faucet I see that it also is not tightened down evenly and water is getting under the plate.  At this point I am beyond words and seriously disappointed.  The reason I called Roto-Rooter is because it is a large company and I thought I would get quality service.  This whole process took 2 weeks (4/30 - 5/13) and I was without water in my kitchen for a week of that. The manager, angel said he refuses to do anything else. Now I have to pay someone else to come and tighten it. I was contacted by someone after messaging the corporate office and still nothing was done. Needless to say I will never be using this company again.

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