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    Teri Wilson
    April 27, 2024

    Rick’s help with our leaky pipe was spot on! Rick displayed a professional demeanor while accomplishing the desired results. We enjoyed his personality as well as his expertise!

    Michael C.
    May 08, 2024

    Our disabled son put a ball down our toilet, which he's done numerous times before. And I've usually been able to get it out with a snake but no luck this time. We were not able to get our usual plumber who would have charged us approx. 175.00 to 200.00 to clear and reset the toilet. I had to get our son out of the house and my wife ended up calling roto-rooter. They did come out within an hour and they did the job very quickly but they also charged us a very Hefty price at $354. Well I appreciate that they got the work done but at the same time I felt extremely ripped off and taken advantage of. For good measure, they did a really crappy job on caulking the bottom of the toilet. The plumber left some of the old white caulk (obviously didn't have another five minutes alloted to do it correctly) and then filled in with some clear caulk and it looks like it was done by a $25 an hour handyman. It's one thing to feel like you overpaid exorbitantly but it's another thing to feel like you got really poor quality finish work for that price. We will never call Roto-Rooter again and will let anyone else know that that's a great place to get ripped off.

    Rich St. Andrew
    October 18, 2023

    Had our septic tank pumped. Pro: Prompt next day service and the guy knew his stuff, friendly and courteous. Got the job done quickly. Con: Price charged was almost double from the last time we had it done. Keep in mind all he had to do was back up to the septic tank and pump it out.. it was completely uncovered with the lids off already. We've always used Roto rooter in the past and didn't think to call around. I did today and found out I could have gotten it done for $200 cheaper somewhere else. On a fixed income that's a lot of money. After whining a little bit they did knock off $33 but the bill still came to $807. Live and learn.

    Patrick Beckley
    January 25, 2024

    My pipes froze and burst when it -30 with the windchill. I called their after hours 911 line and the guy was awesome. He was upfront that they could come out right then but may not be able to help tonight and it would be $750 for the first after hours hour, and it may not be worth it. Really great looking out for customer there. So I scheduled them to come out that Saturday to take a look. The guy who showed up took a look and told me there was still ice in the ground pipe and into the house and he was unable to do anything right then but I should have them come out when it warms up more so its easier to defrost then they could reconnect the pipe and make sure there are no leaks. So I scheduled them to come out a week later to get the work done. HOWEVER when they came out to do the work, the guy showed up not knowing what was going on and said he would take a look at what the problem was. He then proceeds to tell me they will have to use a heat gun to melt the rest of the ice, replace the valve, the pipes, and check for leaks. (That's what I expected). But then tells me he doesnt have time for anything today except the inspection. Then he tells me that all the pipes are probably burst and they'll need to go through my walls and re do it all to the showers and everything. (Already knew those were ok) He says he will work up a quote and email me in the next couple days. I still havent heard from them so I have been without running water for 2 weeks and they have physically come out to my home TWICE. What was the point of coming out a 2nd time to tell me the same stuff and then say they dont have time to fix anything. I still haven't heard on the bogus estimate. My dad who is not young came out and crawled under my house with me on tuesday and by himself yesterday & redid all the piping, insullation, valve replacement, and testing. If I didn't have an amazing father I still would have no running water thanks to this company. I was originally going to give 2 stars from the 1st person i spoke with warning me about oayimg too much for something they couldnt do anything for at the moment but if I was elderly, or didnt have a support system i would still be without running water waiting on a company to reach out who said they would help me. Not. Ok. TLDR: Came out for estimate. Said we'll be back in a week to fix it. Came out and said they didn't have time plus it will probably be 5x the cost and scope of what they said before. Will get me an estimate. Still haven't heard back. 2 weeks no water.

    Todd Perkins
    October 26, 2023

    I paid over $650 for them to fix a small drip leak in my well house before my pressure tank. A week later I needed to insulate the lines to get ready for winter. Still had the leak. They came out again to they want an additional $450??? No way!! Now I am out $650 and still have a leak. Definitely not neighborly service like their trucks say on the side. Absolutely ridiculous!

    Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

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