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    Robinson Restoration is the top restoration contractor in Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. We specialize in water damage, mold damage, sewage cleanup, as well as storm and flood damage. Water reduction; mold remediation.

    Lela Lelo
    January 23, 2024

    Grab some coffee ☕. I have a great review. It's Day 9 after the January 14, 2024 PNW/Portland Ice Storm. It was a dark and ice stormy night. Around 10PM, after I had gotten back home from my 2nd job and was finally falling asleep, I suddenly started hearing water. It wasn't raining, so what was it? It sounded like Multnomah Falls, but the sound was coming from inside the apartment. I ran to the bathroom to face my worst phobia! There it was! A burst pipe and water, it was all flooding the entire bathroom. It was flowing from the ceiling, the walls, it was everywhere. Just a pool of water on the ground in inches of icy water that was creeping it's way towards the carpeting in the hallway and bedroom. It kept flowing through the shower wall that is adjacent to my workstation for my wfh laptop and monitors. I mean I was right in the middle of my worst nightmare. Everything was soaking wet and it's all happening the Sunday evening right before a National Monday Holiday and prior to another icy week ahead. I woke up My property manager and she was just as frantic, calling all her contacts for plumbing and water restoration vendors. But like I said, we were all in the middle of a nasty ice storm on a Sunday night. It was past midnight and I was feeling helpless and hopeless. I was exhausted from trying to drain out the water with towels and buckets. I was very busy trying to dig through the ice and snow covered ground to find the water main outside and running back inside to try to drain the water. It was an endless struggle. I tried my best to shut it off (the water main), but the water was still flowing and I couldn't find it. Jake (From Robinson Restoration) drove through that ice storm from Vancouver, WA. HE SHOWED UP! I couldn't believe it. He helped me as much as he could and even told me to call 911. I asked the Firefighters apologetically after they got to my apartment if my calling 911 is even considered an emergency and they verified that it was, because something like this falls in the category of protection of property. So with Jake's and the fire department's help, we were able to somewhat shut down the water, (a little) but it was still flowing. Jake's associate, Mikah (sorry for the spelling)...HE EVEN SHOWED UP! 🙌 I honestly couldn't believe it. So the both of them began to vacuum the floor with a shop vac to clear up the water. They both investigated humidity and collected samples. Then they brought in their dehumidifier. It's been on and running since last Sunday and it's Monday, Jan 22nd, 2024 as I'm writing this. Tomorrow will be day 10 as Portland heads into Tuesday morning. We're all getting through it. My electric bill is going to be insane, but it is what it is at this point. I was very fortunate to have Robinson Restoration show up and literally to work immediately. They were incredible, professional, very nice even at the most horrible hours in the night. I have asthma and had to go to urgent care after all this. The dehumidifier is still working and there's still water being pumped out of the hose. I'm concerned about mold among other things, but the dehumidifier gives me some comfort knowing that it is still pumping out humidity from all the saturation. I can't thank the both of them enough for showing up in the middle of the night. We all got wet from that icy water and did whatever we could. The plumber was not able to come until the next day. He was able to locate the water main and completely shut it off to make some necessary repairs. Jake and Mikah, Thank you sooooo much for helping me face my worst phobia and help me get through it. You two were my heroes that night. Tuesday, 1/23/24, Chris came and picked up the dehumidifier. Thanks again team Robinson. You're amazing!

    Sherri Jaster
    May 30, 2024

    I had a pipe leak that caused significant water damage in my home. Eddie and his team were amazing to work with. They were so very quick to come out and assess the damage and get things setup right away. They worked around my schedule and were respectful of my home. Great communication, kind and polite team of professionals. I highly recommend them for any emergency restoration need. Thank you so much!!

    Kathy Grouper
    March 26, 2024

    I cannot say enough nice things about this company!! We had a pipe break in the January ice storm, which led to a ruined dining room, ruined guest bedroom below the DR, and ruined crawl space below the bedroom. I managed to turn off the water to the house. I was calling around looking for a plumber to fix the pipe, when one of them asked who I was using for cleanup. I had some names (from our insurance company) but I was on a waitlist. The plumbing company told me to call Robinson Restoration. They were at my house within TWO HOURS of my call! Incredibly comforting to have Kevin Andrews walk through my door and instantly take charge. I love it when you can tell in about 3 seconds whether someone knows what they are doing. Mitigation started almost immediately (to prevent against mold). The crews were all top notch, plus super nice. I was given cell phone contact numbers in case I might ever have a question. They connected me with plumbers and other subcontractors. Every time I called the office with a billing or an insurance question, I had a friendly person on the phone who did not seem to be in a rush. They patiently explained how the billing works, how to interact with the insurance company, how transparent their bills are, etc. Big shout out to Jacqueline and Angelica for their help. I never want to go through another weather-related emergency, but if I do, I will call Robinson Restoration before anything else!

    Matt barber
    May 31, 2024

    Christian and his team did an amazing job. We unfortunately had two leaks in our house that required extensive restoration work. Christian, Victor, John and Everardo were punctual, respectful, and dedicated to the project. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them in the future.

    Patricia Reilly
    March 26, 2024

    Don’t hesitate to call Robinson Restoration! In a moment of panic as water is coming into our family room from an upstairs bathroom, I called the first company that can up on a Google search. I’m so pleased by their work and excellent work ethic. Mikah, Spencer and Chris were a pleasure to work with. They were polite, kind, always on time and had excellent communication. Despite being in and out of my house for more than a week it never felt like a disruption. I would recommend this company to anyone.

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