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    Ismael Bejarano
    September 25, 2023

    My name is Ismael. I worked for XP Restoration in Carrollton TX, I was a subcontractor for this company. I worked in the demolition department, I have been a subcontractor for insurance companies for 10+ yrs. In all my years of experience working for many different companies this is by far my worst experience yet. They are very unprofessional and unorganized, and they are just plain rude. Also, I've noticed a lot of these comments are from current and past employees !! I have worked in hazardous environments for them, and have not received payment. I had to go through the trouble of hiring a lawyer. I have seen how this company operates and as a subcontractor I would definitely not recommend this company. Not to work or to hire. Their failure to compensate me for my service has resulted in a major financial hit to my small family operated company and has jeopardized the well being of my family. I am writing this because I would hate for someone else to go through the same trouble that I am having to deal with because of XP Restoration. Thank you for taking the time to read, God bless

    Matt Johns
    August 17, 2023

    This past September, our house unexpectedly burned down. It was a horrific scene, but luckily our family was safe. Everything during that time was a blur. Nothing seemed real. We were then swarmed by restoration companies wanting us to sign contracts with them to rebuild our home. We had never dealt with this, so it was so chaotic. Luckily, my friend Rich suggested a place and we really trusted his opinion. He told me Restoration XP was the only option and they are great to work with. We met with them the next morning and were able to start the process. We were then assigned a contract manager, Tim Browne. Tim was a Godsend! His team just finished our house in June 2023 and I can't even put into words how grateful we are. We were able to talk to Tim, vent any frustrations, express ourselves and our vision for our new home. He listened, was kind and compassionate. We could tell he really cared. We were also assigned a home designer, Nora, to help us pick out details in the home. She was incredibly kind and gave us wonderful advice. I would never wish a home fire on anyone, but if it had to happen, we are so grateful we went with Restoration XP. Thank you to Tim, Jose, Nora and their teams. I can't even express how thankful we are to have worked with such kind people that really took the time to listen to our needs. I am not just saying all of these nice things to be kind and leave them a nice review. They truly deserve it. Lastly, as our kids went to bed last night. I sat in our new kitchen and just felt so thankful that we are alive, that we made it through the renovation process, and thankful that we have this new beautiful home to call our own. Thank you, Tim and team!!!

    Reginald Risby
    August 26, 2023

    I had a slab leak recently and had it not been for Tim Browne, Adrian, Katy and the rest of the team, at XP Restoration, I don't know what I would have done. I walked into my laundry room and it was filled with water. Initially, I thought it was the washer. Three opinions later, it was confirmed to be a slab leak. I was not familiar with slab leaks. In researching our policy, we learned that it was mostly covered. However, when the adjustor came, he only agreed to fix the visible damage. Thankfully, my Wife decided to get a second opinion thinking that sitting water had to cause more damage. That's when we found XP Restoration. Tim and Team came out and found a lot more damage. Their estimate vastly differed from the original one from our insurance company. We were nervous but XP assured us that they had the documentation to prove the work. They took plenty of pictures and documented EVERYTHING. Thus, the insurance had no choice but to revise their estimate. What started as only a repair for drywall quickly became all new flooring, cabinets, floor boards, paint etc! And the work was done very well. None of this would have happened without the expertise of Tim, Adrian, Katy and the rest of the XP Team. If by chance you have the unfortunate experience of a slab water leak or similar, I highly recommend XP Restoration. Close to 300 Google Reviews and an almost 5 star rating! You won't be disappointed.

    Bailey Pittman
    July 28, 2023

    Highly recommend! We had a bad leak that damaged several walls. They were incredibly easy to work with, timely, and everything turned out exactly as we hoped! They were very upfront about pricing which stood out to other companies! Again, highly recommend!!!

    Sam Ulmer
    June 09, 2023

    Overall, I will give them at 3 for average. We had a significant house fire that took 10 months to repair. As others have stated, they are definitely a company that listens to the emergency scanner and shows up ASAP when you a emotional and do not know what you are doing (because not many of us go through these events more than once if ever). Now, If I could rate the different services I would say: - Rosie and the Packout Staff: 3 stars, just because they come in and move so fast and just take most everything that you really have no idea what just happened and by the time your insurance adjuster is talking to you and asking questions, the items they are asking for are gone. The app Encircle that they use is PAINFUL, but that is not against the company...just a fact. The cleaning service they use takes a very long time, so be prepared to wait. - Tim (Construction Project Manager): 5 stars! I cannot say enough about how hard Tim works to please you and get things done right. He communicates very well with our insurance (USAA) and helped make sure that we were taken care of. His only "fault" was that he is handicapped with unreliable subcontractors. - Subcontractors: (1 star). Unreliable for showing up on time. Most work was done to the bare minimum and we had to stay on them so we visited the house daily to monitor the work. Not saying it wasn't done correctly, but just a bit sloppy. Examples are: paint drippings on the floor or trim, jagged corners on woodworking/flooring, forgot to blow insulation in 1/3 of the attic behind the AC units (Tim fixed this in less than 2 hours on a Sat when I found it and notified him), and finally just leaving trash around the area. None the workers spoke English and their supervisor was VERY hard to find, so we had to have Tim go over and manage this stuff personally. I guess some of these things you have to watch with all subs, but just kind of bothered me. So, overall a 3, but at the end of the project the house looks amazing and they finished great! Maybe this is just the way a fire reconstruction project goes, but this was a painful process I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!

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