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    Andy Barber
    August 26, 2019

    Rainbow has been a nightmare from the get go. I had a water leak and contacted my insurance. They said that Rainbow was their preferred mitigation company and that they would be able to bill and pay them directly for the work they do so it should be "worry free" for me. They sent out Nathan who did the estimate and the asbestos testing (which was not covered by insurance and cost me just over $500!! They even took samples from areas not even planned for demolition!!). When Nathan came by, everything sounded great and wonderful until we awarded them the contract and the work was performed. He was nowhere to be found during the work and the workers didn't even demo what they said they would, they removed my vanity and toilet and didn't even dispose of it! They damaged the drywall higher than what they were removing and they didn't remove it or fix it. We also asked for a quote to put it all together and we're STILL waiting on that phone call (coming up on 3 months ago when we first asked them for a quote!). So nice to you when trying to get the contract but you don't mean anything once you hire them. And like I mentioned before, I got slapped with a $500 asbestos test that I was unaware of.. Everyone I spoke with said that $500 is really expensive for that kind of test but when I spoke with Eve AND Bridgette, they both had every answer for every question I had about that, almost answering me in a manner not assuming ANY responsibility. AND to make matters worse, now they're contacting me for payment for the demolition! Insurance is supposed to pay them directly, my broker and adjuster both told me that so why are they calling me for payment? It was impossible to get anyone on the phone except when they want payment, then they always seem available. This company is very unprofessional. Avoid them like the plague!!

    Alyssa Tachell
    July 10, 2019

    Please do not do business with this company. I have used them for years at multiple homes up until recently. The technician came to my house and complained about his job the whole time, stating he hated cleaning carpets and that the prices are never what the office quotes. The technician made my mother who was facilitating the appointment feel super uncomfortable. My mother paid in cash ultimately giving the technician a tip, due to lack of ability to break the cash, even though the service was extremely awkward and subpar. Fast forward to later in the week my immaculate carpets had now acquired a horrible unbearable wet dog smell and only appeared to have been treated in two small areas where you could smell a small amount of cleaner. I have used them in the past as said above and have never needed to use the pet treatment because the regular treatment was sufficient. This time I splurged and paid the extra $40, to no prevail. My house was left worst then before they entered it. I spoke to both managers and even the owner about getting my money back because I did not feel comfortable with doing business with them anymore. All have refused. The kicker is I had recommended them to my mother in the past and they have cleaned her carpets prior and she knew what the services use to be. I had another company come out and clean the carpets and got rid of the pet odor they left and told me they couldn’t guarantee they could get rid of. Be cautious. Management will not call back as promised.

    Jonathan Wendell
    December 18, 2019

    My mother had a fire at her house and her insurance company came by and gave her a check for the damages. My mother called Rainbow and left a message and with in 30 minutes got a phone call back from the head manager Bridgett. She came by and gave my mom an estimate and unfortunately my mother hired this company. Once they were paid they never would return phone calls or emails. Also, their work is completely horrible. I am a contractor myself and know. The manager, Bridgett, is completely unprofessional and will outright lie and take advantage of people that don't know any better (ie my mom). They ripped out tile that they weren't suppose to touch. The finish carpentry looked like some kid in high school did the work. They installed a sink and left it leaking. There are thresholds that were never put in for the carpet and they charged her for service and maintenance for the furnace and water heater but they never touched either one. There is paint overspray on everything including light fixtures, doors, and mirrors. The only thing that was done correctly was work they sub out to professionals. Once the work was completed my mother as well as myself have tried to get a hold of them to fix everything they screwed up and the damaged caused. Who is going to pay for all of the damaged caused by Rainbow?? I have logged, accounted, and documented everything. Also, look at the estimate very carefully, they will charge for things twice, and for work that doesn't need to happen. There were things on the estimate that they never even did but charged for. If we can't meet and talk with Bridget and the owner Chris we are prepared to go all the way. Moms name is Kathy by the way.

    Heidi Ann
    August 31, 2020

    DO NOT USE THESE GUYS. Had a small house fire they were chosen through our insurance company. Things started out seeming great. They knew we had a special needs son so was hard to keep coming back to house for tear out n pack out. Was told dont worry we will take good care of your stuff. Well we get our first load of stuff back and notice nothing thats fragile is even marked on boxes. Everything was so mixed up .So many things broken,Chipped n stuffed in boxes. Get 2nd half then start noticing so many important things missing:(. Our 3 piece couch was completely missing for another month.. They did 3m later settle out for damaged stuff not even close enough to equal value. But the main thing that was disrepected with and missing was my husband deceased wifes ashes!!!! They dumped out urn cleaned it. At first there was no ashes anywhere at all. Then 20 boxes later shoved in with garage tools was a tiny tiny container of what they didnt throw away of her ashes. Only a table spoon left. There was 3/4 of a cup in urn left to make kids a artful ashes orbs. Not a option now. Why would you open it why would you throw it away. As well as the bag ashes were in and the missing Madallion that held bag together with her name n DOD on it.? Why won't the owner have enough respect to deal with it. How do you put a price on a deceased person. How would you like to tell your kids sorry they threw away your mom in the garbage. Now been 6 month and not one word from them about it. The Jacobs

    Ryan Hill
    October 26, 2019

    The initial interaction with this company was pleasant and professional. It quickly went downhill from there. The first two people who came to our house were unprepared and disorganized. They were responding to water damage and didn’t bother to bring waterproof attire to demo the wet insulation in our crawl space. Once they got the dehumidifiers and fans set up, the lead technician, Nathan Hatten, came to our house to take moisture readings and certify our house as “dry” in preparation for restoration. We voiced concerns to him about the vanity and tub in the bathroom where the leak originated, the built in cabinet at the end of the hall right outside the bathroom, and the vents which still had standing water in them. He checked our house twice and removed the equipment only 36 hours after deploying them in our home (they said the average is 3-5 days) saying it was dry and that he would bet his license on it. He also made a snide remark about not wanting to work at McDonalds after getting his license revoked. He talked down to us and arrogantly assured us that our house was “dry.” This guy was arrogant and disrespectful. Our field adjuster even noticed and mentioned it to us later. The next day, we had a GC out to quote us for repairs. He went into the crawl space to find several more square feet of wet insulation. At that point, we called them to let them know and again, he talked down to us and said he had complete confidence in his technicians and that anyone can find a “cup of water” and say it’s still wet. Then, we contacted our insurance adjuster to voice our concerns. He asked if we wanted to change mitigation companies and we gladly obliged. The second company came in and found standing water in two locations, mold in two locations, 250 sf of wet insulation under the house, approximately 15 spots in our walls which were still wet, and swollen/damaged door jambs. I would say the demolition was about 50% complete when Rainbow left certifying our house “dry.” At the bare minimum, Mr. Hatten needs to be suspended for these egregious errors. He may have caused long term damage to the health of my family and possibly may have cause our home a very costly mold remediation or condemnation. We do NOT want to see this happen to any other families. Steer clear of this company. If you have had them out, please check their work and trust your gut. Your life may literally depend on it.

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