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    Anna Farmer
    March 14, 2024

    Do not higher this company! I had a burst water pipe. It damaged my master bedroom. My insurance sent this company. This company was at my home 15 minutes max. Put a dehumidifier/pump out water, etc. Not sure what it all did. James has poor communication skills, was not telling me anything. I asked how long it will take for the machine will be done. He said 4 days and will be back. Told me everything had to be out of the room. I'm old, disabled person and it was very difficult for me to get it done but I did for them. After this encounter, no communication, you call them you get just answering machine every time and no call backs. Approximately 40 days go by Raven calls me, they are sending out an insulation company to put in insulation in without asking me first to see if I would be home that day. Then she started texting me instead of calling me to communicate. I asked when are you coming to take out the floor. That is what needs to be done first? I found out I was not even on there schedule yet. Then she said had to check with James before scheduling. I asked, are you not the scheduler. No answer. Sounds to me to much Micromanaging. Then the day the insulation company was supposed to come, they canceled. They purely neglected me. The insurance company finally let me Fire this company. Then they texted me again trying to schedule the their insulation company again. I told them to read their emails from the insurance company. You been fired. 2 days later I get a knock on my door. James shows up with a helper to get their machine. No communication to see if I was at home or not.Then he threatened me if I didn't sign that they picked up the machine, this is what they say I was signing, but could not tell if it was true or not, don't trust this company, he would bill me everything and make it hard on me. The new company said this was a case of contractor neglect. Then I also got my electricity bill. That machine running for a month with nobody checking on it, ran up huge electrical bill. This company is negligent, horrible communication, threatening. They also push out other companies you want to use. Do not use them.

    Kelly Morris
    October 30, 2023

    After the Oregon Rd fires, our insurance contracted this company to do restoration of our home. They removed items (after explicitly being told not remove anything from the home) they failed to return all our items, broke other items that they hid, damaged our kitchen faucet with chemicals, and damaged our windowsill with chemicals. They were overpaid by our insurance for the two days of work they claim to have completed. They out of the blue sent an additional, exorbitant bill for work that was never done. Do not trust this company. Do not let them into your home. Do not even contact them for a quote, which would be difficult as even their business cards have inaccurate information on them.

    Janeen Massaia
    April 05, 2023

    November 16th 2022 they came and removed damaged carpet and 2 small areas of 1/2 walls from my home. They originally charged $7305.05 and were paid $7000 the day before Thanksgiving. I didn't hear from them again until Feb 3rd when James showed up unannounced at my door and gently insisted on coming in to take pictures so he could "close the claim". He then proceeded to tell me that I owed him another $1800. I didn't pay it. Then he reached out to the insurance company and they paid him $877 for "carpet cleaning". They paid that to Spokane Carpet Cleaners, a so called business that is owned by James Gilbert, yet if you try to look up that company there aren't any results. The whole thing is a scam. Rainbow restoration originally charged for multiple services that were never done, just like carpet cleaning. They REMOVED the damaged carpet. They charged for 3 rooms, 2 of which didn't exist. Please don't use this company or any other company affiliated with them. Tell everyone you know and spread the word. They have been taking advantage of our community far too long.

    RM Bunting (Rena)
    September 08, 2022

    They are nice people. But something went wrong on my septic back up. I asked for minimal services. Came in a day later and most of my household belongings; including intimate objects, furniture, diebetes meds, were gone. I had no knowlege of their process, no one asked me about this, i wasnt told to get my intamacies, clothes etc. No permission, authorization and nothing was cleaned except 3 loads of clothes. Walls not washed. Dangerous but food and ither items left behind. No cleaning of the furniture brought back. After dryout ( 6 feet of carpet) no one came back except to drop off my clothes. Acknowleged my instructions of minimal clean up; yet demolished my home with Allstate approval. I was not consulted. After dryout they never came back. Lockbox showed tampering on Saturday, 9 days in, and they said they were on personal time so they wouldnt secure my home; i was robbed. Lock box gone on Monday. No comments or concerns. Allstate halted their progress. They disappeared. I should have never been advised to claim because i could have cleaned my carpets myself. Not worth $1000 deductable. Damage from house destruction cost me the sale of my house. And my boyfriend left me. One and a half months later im still in demolition with Allstate fighting the claim, even though Allstate referred them for a lot more money than i woukd have spent. Living like a hobo in my houuse. I shut off the water in due dilligence, still in use by family member flooded septic twice at $500 a pop. Used utility money waiting for claim check that has never come. I was moving September 1st because mirtgage company was considering purchase, utilities were shut off. Cant afford to pay them for reconnection due to paying septic drain twice. Brother disabled and with severe cognitive issues, forced out for safety. Then allstate forced me back into destroyed home with no utilities. Im furious, horrified and humilluated about the handling of my intamate objects that my EX-boyfriend and I had in our room. They refused to replace them after strangers handled them and returned handled ones to my hotel in a box of phone cords. Have not provided list of items taken from my home for police report for robbery. This has been a life altering situation and ive suffered greatly. They dont care. I wouldnt have chosen to claim. But no one asked me.

    Deb Smith
    November 21, 2022

    I had previously written an extensive, thoughtful, and I felt accurate and honest review related to 11 months of working with this company after we had a broken supply line flood. This resulted in a phone call from the owner of this company accusing me of "slander" and stating that he would "aggressively pursue this". So here is my revised review. I would never recommend this company to any of my friends or family and actively tell people not to use them.

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