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    Robert Shaye
    June 13, 2022

    A+ service from Alex, Lionel, and the team at QWDR. From my first call and all throughout the process, Alex was always available, kind, professional, and helped me navigate the mold and water damage remediation with ease. It made a VERY stressful situation much easier knowing this team of pros were on-site. Not only did they do a great job, they took the time to explain everything to me along the way and they provided detailed documentation/photos to submit to the insurance company. Alex clearly takes pride in the way his company is run and always makes himself available to customers. During my research I called SERVPRO and two other mold/water remediation companies and I went with QWDR based on their reviews and my initial conversations with Alex. He was also able to get a team on-site to assess damage within 3 hours which was super helpful. It's a pleasure working with a business owner and company such as QWDR; they have my highest recommendation!

    Nick Raushenbush
    June 18, 2022

    No one ever wants to have to call a water damage company, but working with a great one, like QWDR, can make a huge difference. Our AC unit ended up having an issue and leaked into the floor/ceiling - Alex (business owner) was right on it getting the equipment in the same day, and personally seeing to it well into his evening. Alex is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. After the initial setup from Alex over the weekend, I got to work with Lionel and John, who were amazing. Exceptional attention to detail. No half measures. The drying went so well (over the course of about a week) that there was no mold. Wow. Lionel and John kept on it until everything was completely dry, and were a joy to work with. QWDR is a smaller shop, and that's a good thing - it comes through in the dedication to their work and customer service. I hope you never have to deal with water damage, but if you do - work with QWDR.

    Dhaval Shah
    June 24, 2021

    QWDR worked at our home doing water remediation after we sustained damage from a leaky dishwasher. QWDR was the company we chose after interviewing and getting estimates from four companies. Alex and crew were exceptional during the stage when we were making a decision. They were responsive and earnest. We hired them on the basis of their service fees being the lowest. QWDR did excellent work to remediate the issue inside our home and also in the crawl space. We got the required testing done before and after. In fact, Alex coordinated all of these testing. His crew was professional, polite and meticulous. I cannot say enough about their good work. We will recommend their services in case of any water damage at your home or work.

    Roxana Gafton
    April 04, 2021

    I had two issues with my house back to back. Alex seemed promising and trustworthy in the beginning, after doing the mold inspection and I wanted to hire him for that job. The very next day, my balcony leaked and I called him for advice. I ended up hiring him for the water damage restoration. He quickly jumped on the water damage restoration job, saying that the water damage should be prioritized over the mold remediation, and he proceeded with cutting the ceilings open and running some fans and dehumidifiers for a few days. The plastic walls they put up to isolate the affected areas fell off within less than a day and when they came back to put them back up, they used heavy duty tape to fix the plastic to the ceilings and that ruined the painted ceilings. One of their dehumidifiers was defective and leaked water while being plugged in, creating a fire hazard for my house, as he didn’t plan on coming to check the machine for a few days. While doing the water damage restoration, I kept asking Alex for the quote for the mold remediation and he kept saying he’s working on it. When the first job was completed (ceilings dried up), he took off in a big hurry leaving all the debris (plastic walls, floor covers, removed crown molding) behind, never called back to schedule the removal and decided not to help me with the second job (the mold remediation). I found this very unprofessional on his part, as he led me to believe that he will do the mold job as well and I waited for his quote, while I could have searched for another company to do the mold remediation much sooner, and needless to say, I will never use his services again. He also had issues with record keeping and while he promised to have an online file with pictures about the job he was doing, saying that would be very helpful for the home insurance company to access and assess, he put in my folder pictures from another house/job and he never corrected that, even after I brought it to his attention. I do not recommend his services. He jumped for the quick easy buck and abandoned me for the more difficult job, without even providing an explanation. I just got the message “I decided not to bid on your second/mold project. Good luck to you with the home repairs”. Don’t be fooled by him like I was. Keep looking. Do not hire him. Edit after reading the response from Alex. Thank you for the detailed response, which however did not address all the issues that led to my rating. The crown molding you removed is still in the backyard waiting to be discarded. When you came to remove the equipment, you showed up late, even though when we scheduled the appointment I told you I was pressed by time and I had to leave for work by a certain time. Showing up late did not allow you enough time to remove any of the protective materials you installed, which you left behind as I had to go to work. Or was that not part of the job? Yes, I did not want staples in my ceiling, but heavy duty tape on blue tape and the extra poles would have worked just fine. The problem was that when your worker came to re-tape the plastic to the ceiling, again he showed up late and instead of taking the time to secure the heavy duty tape to the blue tape, he slapped the heavy duty tape straight on the ceiling, as again I had to leave for another appointment. My online file you created has pictures from another house, and it was not updated after I brought it to your attention. Also, why would I ask repeatedly and wait for your mold remediation quote if I didn't want you to do the job? Your explanation does not make any sense. But not to worry, despite the extra hardship and delay, I found another company to do the job, and it's been taken care of. And, by comparison, they did a perfect, careful job, no plastic walls fell off (they didn't use staples either) and not a speck of debris or dust made it outside my bathroom or was left behind in the bathroom after they finished the job. In retrospect, I'm glad you forced me to hire someone else for the mold remediation job. It worked out very well in the end.

    Lucy Huang
    January 31, 2018

    As a condo owner who suffered from a severe water damage coming from a leak from an upstairs neighbor, I am grateful to have had Quality Water Damage Restoration company and its team to help us out during this difficult time. The team worked seamlessly together, with our property manager, and with other companies that need to be involved in this process. They were professional and respectful of our time and space. Their communication was excellent, and they're sympathetic to the situation so they did what they could to expedite the process. I don't hope folks need to use a restoration company for their homes, but if you need to, I highly recommend Quality Water Damage Restoration. Very professional and thoughtful.

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