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    Gregory Lujan
    March 19, 2024

    Amazing job done by the team. Phil was a great person to talk to, he handled anything I needed and question I had and everything got done in a timely manner. And as a Marine Veteran , like Phil, it’s important to me when things get done in time. Great company to hire love them.

    Micah Farmer
    March 20, 2024

    We trust PuroClean! My mom’s basement flooded and had feet of water in it. I called PuroClean and Phil came over and pumped the water out, treated it, and installed a new sump pump for her within a timely manner. Quick service and very affordable!

    Mary kelly
    March 07, 2024

    At first it seemed like we had a qualified and interested company working to resolve our water damage issues. But as time went on things began to unravel. First there was the cracked storm door which after 4 visits from their associates with many pictures taken and assurances made they would get back to us the owner finally came out. He assured us that the door was NOT cracked but only scratched. He sat in my floor for 45+ minutes with a bowl of water, toothpaste and baking soda attempting to fill the crack. Finally, unable to make the crack disappear he retrieved a measuring device to measure the glass. Two weeks later we were finally able to contact them angain and were told they would pay $150 for damages for a $269 door. Next we were ready to have the counter installed in the bathroom and discovered they had thrown away the facet assembly. This cost us another $100. The degree of hassle and aggravation we went through with this company was beyond reason So needless to say we will not be recommending this company to anyone.

    Carla Marston
    December 21, 2023

    This company was above exceptional. In a time of great need and difficulty during a very delicate situation in my home they came in and treated me like royalty. They did an outstanding job from the initial encounter through all of the work that was done here. I cannot say one negative thing about them and everyone they use for various services. I will use them again if I ever need and I will tell anyone I encounter how exceptional they have been.

    Hannah Evans
    January 29, 2024

    I'm not sure where to start... Hired PuroClean for moderate water damage (subfloor, all floors/baseboards, kitchen cabinets/granite, some wall replacement, and the mold that came along with the water damage). Our home was not livable, we were put into a hotel by our insurance-- no airbnb's available in our area-- for 3 months. It was the longest 3 months... we had the worst experience with Phil and this entire company. Phil Scalf was our project manager, and we occasionally dealt with his father/the owner of this company, Jim Scalf. There are so many details I could go into... but let me just get to the point. Phil promised certain things and gave us high expeditions. We were let down every single time. He was unprofessional and used profanity/vulgar phrases often. He said certain work would be done on certain days, and it was not. It was obvious that he was not experienced or just did not care about the many many errors he made on the 5-8 different estimates he handed in to us AND to our insurance. It ALWAYS felt like he had a hidden agenda when he would talk with us. We did not feel that we could trust him or this company at all. When we tried to speak with the owner about it, Jim Scalf, he brushed it off, saying his son had "a lot on his plate" work-wise. He did not take ownership of the issues his company created in the repairs of our home. It was absolutely chaotic for the entire 3 months of repairs. The communication was non-existent. The repairs were subpar for the most part, which was surprising since Jim Scalf PROMISED us that he only uses the BEST contractors in the business. The work that was done was done by 1 team of "general" contractors, no specialists. The only exception to this was when his general contractor installed the vanity and toilet WRONG with leaks coming from both, so we demanded a specialist. We felt like we were not a priority and that they were trying to do some shady money stuff under the table without us knowing. It felt like it could have EASILY turned into insurance fraud had we not carefully micromanaged them through the entire process. Phil Scalf KNEW how badly this experience was... so much so that he actually offered my wife a "job" to come work for PuroClean to be his secretary because he didn't know what he was doing with the estimates. Oh, and he made sure to mention the job "offer" right before asking her to leave PuroClean a good review. This company is a sham. We learned our lesson the hard way. I could go into more detail, but the moral of the story is this: If we ever need this type of service again, we will never use PuroClean again. Hire local, find a friend/professional, and DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST.

    PuroClean of South Murfreesboro

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    1120 W College St, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, USA


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