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    Kairee Franzen
    April 14, 2023

    I live in the bottom floor unit condo of my building, and the unit on the top floor had a hot water heater issue that flooded down to me. Puroclean was super easy to work with and got the job done very well. Greatly appreciate their work and professionalism.

    Kevin Englehart
    January 27, 2023

    Puroclean is awesome! I own a restaurant and someone plowed their vehicle into the back of my free standing building. A headache I don’t need! But here comes Puroclean to the rescue. Came on a recommendation so I gave them a try. The damage was extensive and involved masonry, electrical, and structural soundness/ engineers. Puroclean has contractors to do it all! What a relief. I have a restaurant to run and did not want to be a general Contractor also. Building anything these days is challenging with all the labor and supply chain issues so hiring my own contractors would have been disastrous. They handled everything! Since my business is open everyday it was important to coordinate contractors in a specified time frame and order to ensure minimal down time. It was flawless, after we had the estimates approved and the materials secured. The did the necessary demolition and rebuild and cleanup. I could not have been more relieved. Great work by all subcontractors also. Building looks good as new! I would highly recommend this company! We all hope to not need it, but if unforeseen issues arise definitely use them. It will definitely be a wise choice! Thanks Puroclean!

    Justin Lorimer
    January 19, 2023

    They replaced the drywall in my home left drywall mud cakes in splotches on my floor and took a month to finish work that I was told would be done sooner. They never showed up on time and to top it all off they stole from me.

    Gayle Knepper
    May 04, 2022

    PuroClean of Northern Kentucky helped with repairs following a water leak in my family’s home. Colin was very responsive with any questions or concerns we had, as was Ty. They made sure all repairs were made to my family’s satisfaction, and we are very happy with the end result. We were also impressed with how quickly the project was completed.

    none none
    September 29, 2022

    I am surprised that there are all 5 star reviews? Where to start: Fire damage to 600 Sq FT. Apartment (Full gut minus the bathroom), My insurance adjuster gave me this company as he had a working relationship with them. They had $46,000 to remodel it. I was going to do it, But if insurance will do it over the $35,000 they offered me the more power to them. Ty at signing of contract reassured me that it will be hands off. Took 6 month to complete a job that should have taken a max of 3 months. They want though at least 2 sub, One walk off with there money at beginning & in turn didn't order windows, Ty came to me asking to replace with grid window that would not have match the rest of windows. That was a hard No. There plumbing was of newbie level. Pex with Shark bit, Hot water tank having two braided supply line connect together over just running copper out of wall. Water tank to close to water shut off, I told them they need to move over. I came back to having a gas water heater running empty for 6 hours. After 4 months of telling them this & that was wrong. I just gave up & when we wound do the punch list walk though I will bring up problems (I would have been more pushy / I have the insurance company on my side as they recommended them). Ty call me to do the final walk though. There were screen doors not shutting, front door hedges notched in the wrong place, window blinds with a inch short on inside window mount, Bad ceiling taped joints, switch cover sticking out 1/4 on walls, Kitchen sink sticking up not seated properly, kitchen counter to short for bottom cabinet without end trim backing on edge, Window sills missing, They reinstalled the old 3" dryer vent where it needs to be 4", Cuts on a couple screens, Shelving missing in closets, Kitchen sink supply line flipped. I marked all problems with blue tape. Everything was fixed above with the subpar above mentioned fixes. after the final walk though I just want to be done with the company. My tenant finally moves in to have issues of insulation from the gut out in drain. I text Ty that the drains are slow draining. That tenant has cellulose insulation coming out of bath tub & Cloths washer draining plug up (I was out of town when they laid the dry wall, so I had no idea how they plumbed it) I didn't hear anything from Ty so I contacted by text Mr. Hilycord on not installing the required 2" drain line when plumbing was exposed. He stated in the text that if code requires 2" drain line he will fix it. I stated in the text that if the lines are rust filled I will have a company come out to remove the rust at my cost. Over a day I had a company come out to clean pipes of rust & Puroclean had there HVAC / Plumber come out & then want me to pay the $400.00 plus to change out the 2” cloths drain line. I contacted Mr. Hilycord & he stated he doesn't think it his problem. That I have to find a plumber that can re-site the code on cloths washer drain line being 2" to get him to pay . I contacted my insurance adjuster & he was like can't make every body happy. They have there money so they don't care much to do anything. One other idem was LED ceiling light want bad in bedroom after around 4 hours of use., I brought this up to Mr. Hilycord & never heard anything back. I have sense change out the 2" drain plumbing & LED light where I have it for the small claims court. If you find your self going with insurance work I would put in penalty for a stated period of time to get the job done. Take pictures as they keep asking for picture of before work to back up the work they needed to do. I had a idea of want to look for, But I would hire a inspector to review their work before give final payment.

    PuroClean of Northern Kentucky

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