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    Tommy Yarbrough
    December 05, 2022

    TLDR: PuroClean seemed to do a good a job drying our laundry room floor after a leak; however, they did a very poor job communicating with us. It felt as though we were waiting for a surprise inspection each day. The Good: PuroClean responded fairly quickly after I got in touch with them about a leak at our washing machine hookup that soaked through our laundry room floor. They removed two layers of the floor, had a third party service verify that there wasn't any asbestos, and used heavy duty dehumidifiers to dry the base layer fairly quickly. The Bad: As someone that works 12 hour night shifts and sleeps during the day, I really appreciate a heads up before someone shows up at our home. Aside from the initial visit and one other time, we received next to no warning/no warning from the PuroClean technicians before they came to our house. I was woken up one morning at ~8:20 after just going to sleep to two people ringing our doorbell multiple times and banging on the door. Another day they showed up at ~1:30pm without warning only to call us after they left to let us know no one was home. They also told us when to expect someone to come by the next day twice only to not show up when they said they would. Also when the dehumidifiers were removed, the technician just left without saying anything to us. I then called a week later after not hearing from anyone or having someone show up randomly only to find out they wouldn't be able to repair the floor they removed for several weeks due to how busy their schedule was (which is understandable but would have been nice to know sooner). Altogether our experience was extremely frustrating, and I would only recommend them if you have someone at home between 8am and 5pm every day or if your home is too damaged for you to continue living in it.

    Victoria Paras
    May 31, 2023

    Wonderful team of professionals! I have worked with John Bullock on a few projects now. He is an excellent communicator and provides top notch services. When getting it right the first time matters - He will deliver. I appreciate his dedication. Thank you Puroclean!!

    Colloni Keener
    May 02, 2023

    We experienced a pipe burst in our living room one evening. John Bullock with PuroClean was called the next morning and started working on our house by noon. We continued to use their services for several days and they came every day, including Sunday, to check their records equipment. John was super to help us. I would definitely recommend PuroClean to anyone, GREAT JOB!

    Jason Sears
    March 06, 2023

    Rey with Puroclean handled an insurance claim for some damage to our house. He was top-notch professional, managed his teams well, stayed on top of communication with us and absolutely ensured the job was done 100%. Would definitely recommend them, and especially Rey.

    Ali C
    February 10, 2023

    I had a water leak in my basement. My insurance company put me in contact with PuroClean, and within about half an hour Michael contacted me that he was en route to complete the inspection. They were able to remove the standing water that evening and setup dehumidifier and fans to help dry up the remaining moisture. Michael kept in contact with me, worked with me to schedule appointments, and was very helpful throughout the process.

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