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    Aaron Ingle
    August 30, 2023

    I really can't UN-recommend PNW Restoration enough. Eric and Scott seem nice enough on first contact, and were available to work within a reasonable timeline and for what appeared to be reasonable rates - but that's about all the good things I can say. PNW appears to actually be an umbrella organization - these guys just subcontract the actual work to the lowest bidder. Our experience suggests that there is little-skill vetting, management, or accountability for the subcontractors. We went through several teams - generally friendly enough but none of whom impressed as far as quality of work. I don't know how many times Scott told me, "Well, it's not actually my guys doing the work. [Insert name] who leads the team is actually the one who is responsible for causing [insert problem here]." Reassuring? Not very. Here are some highlights of our experience with PNW: • Individuals on two separate crews, two separate weeks, broke off two separate kitchen sink water supply valves under our cabinet. Each time flooded our kitchen and basement while everyone ran around wondering where the water shutoff might be. The second time ruined the brand-new insulation they had just replaced from the first flood. • They didn't even notify us when the first flood happened - my wife saw guys carrying big bags of insulation from the basement, so she investigated and found the drying and dehumidification equipment set up - then we figured it out. The second time we found out a lot quicker when my wife heard the worker yelling for help. Good times. • They made a major mess - between the flooding (x2) and pulling out the wet insulation (x2) - but other than setting up equipment to dry things out, they took almost no responsibility for the actual clean-up - and still haven't proven willing to pay for the modest cleanup effort or related damages. • Their actual work was sub-par. They had planned to move out the kitchen cabinet and later put it back, but the put-back cabinet was shoddy - functionally and aesthetically far from the original condition. Then after a couple floods, it was a total loss. By the end I had to work out a system where I'd go over before they started each morning and inspect the work they'd done thee day before, and put together a list of quality issues to text to Scott. Generally the list got longer day to day - not a good sign. Then they caused the second flood and we gave up on them. If you care about your home and you want a quality job done, I would not work with this company. PNW's business model seems flawed, and they just don't seem able to do quality work. If you do work with them, have your home insurance on speed-dial, because there is a good chance you'll need it. At least I can share some of my angst with you, and I'll feel better having saved even one reader from a similar experience with PNW Restoration. Good luck finding a reputable restoration shop (you are looking in the wrong place!).

    Latara Harris
    May 24, 2023

    We are currently working with these guys and they’ve been extremely professional and friendly in a stressful time!!! I would highly recommend them!!! Guys were trustworthy and respectful of our belongings, Logan, Nick, Evan and Zane were the guys we mostly worked with and they were knowledgeable and very helpful!!! Can’t thank them enough!!!

    Tae-Sun Lim
    October 20, 2022

    Be Aware!! They charge hidden fees that you do not request and authorize. We called PNW restoration to get an estimate of our water damage in the bathroom. They showed up fairly quick and assessed the damage then took our drywall sample which I did not request. They said the sample is for Asbestos test. They sent me an estimate in 2 days. The estimate has all details including Asbestos test fee. We ended up deciding not to work with this company. But they sent me the Asbestos test result with invoice charging me Asbestos sample collection fee($75), test fee($400) and Inspection charge $150). We were puzzled at this point since we did not authorize Asbestos test and also they did not mention to charge $150 for the inspection to get an estimate. So we called them for the clarification and they kept insisting I requested the test which I did not. They did not much bother to argue with me and said if I do not pay they will report to a Collection company. And I've got a call from the Collection company that I need to pay invoice amount plus collection fee. This is a speechless. I don't have any word to explain how these guys do their business like this. This is absolutely unacceptable!!

    Jenny Romney
    March 17, 2020

    We had a great experience with PNW Restoration. Our washing machine sprung a major leak on a Saturday afternoon and flooded our top-floor laundry closet and the carpet surrounding it. I'm a new-ish homeowner and didn't really know what to do or expect (i.e. mild panic), but when I called PNW Restoration they picked up right away (on a Saturday!), were very polite and professional and told me they'd have someone at our house within 45 minutes. Lucas arrived shortly after and quickly assessed the situation. Luckily since we caught the problem relatively quickly, the damage was minimal, so they were able to extract the water and set us up with an industrial fan. Lucas was knowledgeable, professional, worked quickly, and explained everything to us before he left. As a bonus, the whole service cost far less than I was expecting, although I really didn't have much of a basis for comparison. :) For a situation that had the potential to be very stressful and costly, it was a pleasant surprise that it was neither, thanks to the crew at PNW Restoration. While I hope I won't be in a position to use their services again, if I am I will gladly call them, and will happily refer to others.

    Ronda Bonney
    June 15, 2022

    I had a surprise pipe break under my kitchen sink and PNW came out and gave me an estimate for the clean out in the crawl space, which was under the other estimate, and I was very pleased by the response time from them. Jennifer in the office was always polite and answered my questions. Rocky always got back to me with updates and timelines. The crew, Andre +1 who came out to do the work under the house were so professional and respectful of my house and the rugs, and my cat. From beginning to the finish I felt safe and knew that they would do a really good job. Would definitely recommend them!

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