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    Joseph Atkinson
    January 11, 2024

    In late 2022, following a partial ceiling collapse in our house, Peerless was one of the cleanup/restoration companies suggested to us by our homeowners insurance. Initially, they were highly responsive and helpful. The remediation crew that came to our house was uniformly pleasant and appeared to be doing everything correctly and thoroughly. Following the cleanup, though, our interactions with the company quickly soured. The list of damaged/lost items Peerless catalogued and passed on to our insurance company was notably inaccurate and incomplete. Items we saw them carry out of our home and photograph weren't included. Over the ensuing weeks, when we began asking questions of Peerless, they were frequently unresponsive, and when we did manage to talk to people, they were dismissive and even outright rude, denying that they'd done anything wrong. To add insult to injury, after making one easily overlooked effort to collect payment from us via an email that went to my wife with no obvious company identifiers in the "from" or "subject" lines (just a person's name and a subject of "invoice"), Peerless resorted to the threat of a lien on our home. We never had any intention of not paying — just overlooked a single email that, for all intents and purposes, looked like spam. They never gave us a courtesy call or mailed us an invoice or sent a follow-up email. In fact, I had wondered aloud to my wife why we hadn't yet received a bill at all. We figured they were just being slow to collect payment. Then, out of the blue, we got a threatening voicemail that gave us 24 hours to make full payment — or else. Given the fact that we had been asking questions of Peerless about their failure to account for a number of the items they removed from our home, it came across like bullying or retaliation — just a way to nip things in the bud. Despite the absolutely toxic situation, we immediately paid in full with the money we had set aside for that specific purpose. Eventually, after several months, thanks to my wife's sheer persistence and thorough cataloguing of lost items, we were able to reach a fairly reasonable claim with our insurance company. Had we relied on Peerless alone to be thorough and transparent, we would've lost a lot. Our dealings with Peerless may have been unique to us, but I cannot in good conscience recommend their remediation services to anyone. Period. You'd do well to shop around.

    Theodor Ehrenberg
    May 28, 2023

    These guys came out brought by my insurance company... I see why they have to get their business that way. Removed mold and remodeled bathroom. Well, apparently they didn't used a plumber to re-install my shower since there was no sealant (Plumbers putty or silicone) around the shower drain flange. I was told by a REAL plumber that a first year apprentice shouldn't make that mistake. Anyway fast forward I've called a few times with no response. I've attached pics so you could see the epic fail. DON'T USE THESE GUYS. Atlantic or United would be better choices. Don't let your insurance company bring them. Hire your own. Someone who doesn't need to give kickbacks to earn business

    Patrick Collins
    July 28, 2023

    Peerless was recommended highly by several people and companies in Norfolk. I recently booked them to clean the apt of a family member. When the gentleman arrived he was extremely courteous and professional. On reviewing the job he said "I don't want to waste your money by cleaning this because I am sure this building will require the carpet to be replaced." He didn't even charge me anything for the visit! How is that for honesty and professionalism?!! I'd give over five starts if I could.

    Ashia McCrary
    November 22, 2022

    We unfortunately were paired with this company via USAA after an unexpected water leak in my laundry room. Our claim was filed on sept 5. As of this date of review November 22, my floor is STILL unfinished. First they claimed we never submitted our order for the new flooring. They gave us a bogus timeline of completion. Then they asked us to order the flooring again and gave a completely different book of options so naturally our first choice was no longer available. Once again we did not choose this company as USAA did, but if you have the option don’t waste your time. Extremely unprofessional with not returning phone calls or giving accurate information. I will personally be discussing with USAA about making sure this company is no longer a contractor they work with.

    June 22, 2022

    Very unprofessional! I asked to be contacted upon arrival to have a accurate eta so that I could have everything unlocked and ready . He told me it would take him about 30mins then he would be done with 3 bedrooms and living room plus stain removal so i told him okay I’ll be back in a few don’t leave I want to do a walk thru to check that stain before you leave ! I showed back up in 24mins and he was already gone ! He left the doors unlocked all lights on and the job wasn’t completed . I called him to ask what was going on assuming maybe he ran out of products he then said yeah uhh i been left I’m finished and you already paid. I asked why did he leave without notice also why was the lights left on and carpets not done then the phone hung up . This is unacceptable

    Peerless Carpet Care and Restoration Service

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    3450 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23502, USA


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