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    Madison Rogers
    August 08, 2023

    If lower than 1 star was an option, that's what my rating would be. I cannot begin to describe the noncommunication, carelessness, total lack of professionalism, and utter disregard for others that we've encountered while Paul Davis "works" to complete remediation for our home. A little background: Our 1,000 sqft condo (imagine a large, open floor studio-type space) flooded back in December 2022, ruining our kitchen, floors, and bedroom cabinets. We had some issues with insurance to delay the process and remediation initially, but those were settled in the spring. I understand remediation and construction are slow sometimes. I understand we are not the only project Paul Davis has. But imagine everything that could go wrong in this process... that's what happened. Paul Davis has only contributed to those issues if not acting as the cause for most of them. 1. Timeline has never been accurate. We were told a May completion date, then June completion date, then July completion date... all wrong. We're going on nearly a year for 1000 sqft!!! 2. We had to ask them to install a lockbox for our condo key after we found it lying out in the open on our front door step. 3. The contracted cabinet company had an OSHA violation and was shut down for a time. The cabinets then installed were completely wrong (wrong façade, too short for the space, etc.). The cabinets were redone after new measurements were taken and parts were still wrong. We were delayed because of cabinets by at least a month. 4. Raw wooden cabinets were placed on brand new flooring without Ram Board... some floorboards will have to be replaced for scratches. 5. One of their workers unplugged our fridge during demo. At least $200 worth of food spoiled, leaked out into the kitchen, and smelled the place up like rotting eggs. We were reimbursed, but it should not have happened in the first place. 6. Additionally, some of our personal belongings were placed outside in the elements for a time before they were moved to storage (books, wood furniture, etc.). 7. There were times when we were led to believe work would be done/was being done and our condo sat untouched for multiple weeks. 8. The best part: We had one project manager quit on us without notice. We had questions he told us he would answer and then he left the company. He told us by leaving our group text as a response to an update request. 9. We had a promising new project manager assigned who prided himself on "clear communication." We were told we'd receive a schedule and updates on delays as they happened. We were told we'd be kept in the loop... I had restored hope with this new PM. However, we never received a schedule even after asking for it more than once. Most updates given followed our own inquiries. 10. The other best part: We were told last week by the above project manager that the project would be nearly if not complete within 2 weeks... Today we got a call that he left the company as well. So much for "clear communication." We've been assigned our 3rd PM. The remediation process is a stressful, frustrating, exhausting time for anyone that has to go through it. I expect a company to understand that, respect and listen to their customers' frustrations, and prove itself as a reliable partner. Paul Davis has done none of this. At this point, I feel deceived and entirely untrusting of anything they tell me. From what I've seen, I don't even have faith the work (once completed) will match anything close to the quality of what we had before. Paul Davis tells you what you want to hear but then doesn't match that with follow-through, respect, or communication. Save yourself the headache and extra exhaustion. Pick any other company besides Paul Davis.

    Dane Carpenter
    April 09, 2019

    Been very unhappy with the repair from some water damage. My insurance chose Paul Davis for me to do the assessment and estimate. This was my first home insurance claim. I've always done the repairs and renovations on my homes before, but this was the first that was probably going to exceed the deductible. A Paul Davis rep told me that my insurance would not cash out for home claims like they do with auto claims and would need to be done by a contractor. I later find out that is a huge lie. I would have liked to have done some of the work myself and contracted some of it to people of my choosing. But I went ahead and went with Paul Davis since their work would be warrantied for 5 years and they made it seem like I need to go with a contractor. Boy was that a big mistake. My contractor was constantly late for initial meetings claiming the "GPS took him to the wrong location". I was constantly having to have workers come back to redo work. They didn't prep properly for the next crew. They didn't replace pieces when they should have. They didn't properly clean up after themselves. They left urine on my floor and toilet in bathroom they used. The didn't remove hardware to paint. Didn't properly mask off surfaces so I have lacquer paint on my windows and screen, chandelier, window sill, faucet, fire extinguisher, garbage disposal, brand new counter-tops, and brand new sink. Then since the surface was still showing through the painter painted latex paint on top of lacquer to smooth the finish. It's already peeling off and after a few days. I cancelled the contract. I'll just finish it up myself or have someone else finish this job up. It also looks like I also have to have the floor removed they refinished because there is moisture underneath it. They would have discovered this if they would have replaced part of the oak floors like they were supposed to.

    Diana Medders
    June 21, 2023

    From the beginning to the end, the service was exceptional. But the star of the show was Michael Sullivan and his professionalism, communication, job expertise and commitment to seeing the job done right. He is an incredible asset for PDR! I would hire him again in a second. Thank you for a job well done!

    james claiborne
    June 13, 2023

    We had a water leak and had to have wood floor replaced, cabinets and granite. The communication between their employees wasn’t good. They drug their feet and then said it couldn’t be repaired in the time frame that was needed. Before we parted ways with them there was almost 2 weeks when nothing was done. They only did the demo portion of the job. That work was done good. The biggest problem was their communication

    January 31, 2023

    Horrible workmanship. The people they hire to do the remodeling of your house will steal from you and do a very poor job. Sheetrock 2' high on the kitchen and bathroom wall, waterproof snap together flooring, painting trim and walls in 3 rooms, 5 kitchen cabinets with countertops, carpet in bedroom, and packing up in 4 rooms = over 20k. They do not put your items back in the area they work in, they leave construction material all over the place. They get combative when you ask them to fix the lousy work. They caused my house to reflood not once but twice. The pulled up the flooring 3 times. The plumber they hired either damaged the fridge and dishwasher line when installing it or didn't install it right, which caused the other 2 floods. The flooring had gaps and cracks everywhere. They had to repaint the walls. The countertops are coming unglued. On and on. They fired at least 3 of their managers. The subcontract companies stated that there was no communication between the managers and them. I have pictures and video of their workmanship. So far, we are on month number 6. PLEASE do yourself a favor and hire anyone else. Follow up: Over two years and will not return calls or fix defects. The subcontractors did take my radio. I then looked around my house to see if anything else was missing. I let a friend borrow some carpentry tools a few months back and forgot. I was the one who told the owner of this mistake. He then uses it against me. My floor they installed is falling apart and cuping all over the place. They put a lean on my house less than a month working on it. I tried them to do the job for over three years. Still nothing. Tom Culver cannot be trusted and lies to cover up his incompetence.

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