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    Morgan Holtz
    September 24, 2023

    When I first started working with this company, I was super excited. I thought they were going to be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, as time went on, they ended up treating me and my home very poorly. The brand new floor that they put in they put a bunch of rips in. Then when they were supposed to get somebody to fix it, I took time off to be there and they canceled on me an hour before they were supposed to be here. Those are just two examples of all the things that I had to deal with with this company. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a company I would absolutely not recommend these people. I see that since I posted this, you’ve made a response. Well figured I’d respond as well. I guess if you consider not putting things back, not hooking up my appliances the right way so that they can actually be used, wasting my time when people won’t show up when they’re supposed to (not referring to the floor contractor), Treating me like I’m stupid, and treating my furniture with no care by placing cups that sweat on good wood surfaces, and tearing up the flooring ( which your contractors didn’t report, I did) and hoping to get away with it as respectful then your totally right.

    Lindsey Lippincott
    November 06, 2023

    Review updated below When I first started with Paul Davis, tbeybwere great! Very communicative, punctual, easy to work with. They helped get the water out of my basement from a broken pipe, got everything dried out, worked super well with my insurance, got the new walls and fixtures put it. It was amazing. Ever since I got to the last part of the job, it has seemed like a 180. They needed to hire in contractors to do the laminate flooring, and apparently not enough material had been purchased for the job. I waited weeks for the contractors to even come in the first time. Not PD fault, necessarily, they can't control when the contractors are available. But I didn't know the contractors were even coming the first time until an hour or two before they showed up because no one called to let me know. Flash forward I'm waiting 2, 3, maybe 4 weeks for this extra FOOT of material that was somehow missing, but apparently it still wasn't in. The contractors then set up another time to look at the job again, and a couple days later I get a call that they are going to come out Thursday 10/26 to do the job. This was confirmed just the Friday before. Cool. I had to change my in office day for work to be there, but I want it done. Fast forward to 10/26 at 11am and no one has shown up, and no call. I call PD to see what's going on and find out 2 hours later they STILL don't have the material to finish the job. So they set the install ate without all the material. I am still waiting to hear back on ETA for this last FOOT but I kept getting requests in my email and through text to review... so here is my review of my project that is still unfinished 10 months later. And probably 2-3 months of that time has just been waiting. At least the basement isn't a main living space, I guess. UPDATE: Paul Davis has been in touch following the initial review. I have spoken with Scott (one of the owners) a couple times who apologized and touched base on where the project was at and what a realistic timeline would be due to backordered product (the actual timeline ended up being quicker than projected). The flooring that was on back order did come in, but we hit another snag with it. We were able to work together to find a location with vinyl in stock same day to get the floor then installed the morning after it was initially re-scheduled. All remaining touch ups and moving of the larger items were handled quickly, and the finished project does look amazing.

    Tonya Saddoris
    October 05, 2023

    I had an insurance claim and Paul Davis was immediately there to help! Everyone I worked with was kind and supportive. I felt like I was taken care of every step of the way. Trevor, Travis, Ryan, Bri, and Jim were amazing!

    January 05, 2024

    They completed an amazing job, Trevor was very helpful and their team was right on par and took the extra step to make the inconvenience of the situation as pleasent as could be! They even put up with our 4 weiner dogs with out a gripe or complaint. Would refer them to all for any emergency issues! Keep up the get work guys!

    christin maiers
    December 04, 2023

    I have lupus, the thing that negatively affects me the most is stress. We had a small kitchen fire that resulted in smoke damage, toxins and an awful smell. Physical demands aside I truly could not handle the stress. Paul Davis (main rep was Trevor) was absolutely wonderful to work with. I say work with but they coordinated everything, took care of it all and made sure I didn't have to think about it. They kept us up to date but also let me rest while they worked. They made it so I was not in charge, an excellent thing for me. They kept to the timeline and got me set back up to normal with 24 hours to have Thanksgiving with my family. It may not be that big of a deal to some but meant the world to me. A lupus flare brought on by stress for me means I stress stutter and that my organs and joints get attacked. You have no idea, Trevor, what you kept from happening to me, getting the particle fan in here during your consult? TMI about me (I overshare), but you were literally a life saver in my case!

    Paul Davis Restoration of the Iowa Corridor

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    9915 Atlantic Dr SW Suite 200, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, USA


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