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    Mark Canning
    February 27, 2023

    The company was very easy to work with during a stressful time. I gave them a rating of 9 out of 10 because they told us our home was ready to be moved back into even though they had failed to have their cleaning crew come in and do a deep clean of the home before all the furniture had been moved back into place. The cleaning crew was sent in the next day and did a very good job of cleaning considering the circumstances.

    E A Sap
    August 15, 2019

    My name is Eric Sapronetti...our home had been devastated during Hurricane Michael last year. We were afraid it would be a total loss. However our Insurance company recommended we use Paul Davis Restoration. They came alongside of us and were able to make the needed repairs. We are just now moving back and it feels like a brand new home!

    Alan S
    August 22, 2022

    I don't think they're a good company if you're doing a renovation voluntarily. As the name implies, they specialize in Restoration, so I get the impression that they prioritize calls for damage restoration. In my case, I did have long term, slow water damage that wasn't affecting much, in a bathroom that I had long been planning to remodel anyway. They were in fact the lowest bid. I put in an insurance claim, which went through, but I did ask them to remodel the entire bathroom while they were at it. Other bids quoted in the range of 2-4 weeks to complete, Paul Davis initially claimed the same. But, it took around *48* weeks in the end. As others reported, workers rarely showed up unless I called in asking for an update. Fortunately when they did show, they got a lot done and did a quality job, except for the paint that seems to chip off easily (they have a sole supplier contract with Sherman Williams, this may be the constant across reviews), but the tiling, fixture installation, everything else is beautiful. They were bad about leading me through the process, didn't inform me of the next step unless I asked, I wasn't sure when I should pick out tile or a sink or what order the steps should go. Project planning and managing expectations seemed to be their weak suits. They did get called off to emergencies frequently, and as others with 5 star reviews have pointed out, when they had real damage, Paul Davis was their hero. I think as a more generic remodel, I was lowest priority for them, which is understandable, but I wish that were clearer up front. I was able to amend the contract to add a few small extra items to my job, but that should've extended a 4 week job to 6, nowhere near what would get to 48. If you had a disaster and insurance insisted you take Paul Davis, you are probably in good hands, but be aggressive about calling your project manager, requesting updates and suggestions on next steps, and scheduling the next work day.

    Danny Blanco
    December 18, 2020

    Professional, kind and courteous from beginning to end—I’m very pleased with the quality of work performed by Paul Davis Restoration! Mike Scott was incredibly informative and very responsive to any questions/concerns I had throughout the replacement of the vinyl siding to our home. I highly recommend Paul Davis Restoration to anyone looking for a contractor to help with any repairs to your residential or commercial property!

    Laura Murphy
    March 29, 2022

    Our insurance company took the Paul Davis bid since it was the lowest. I tried to go with another company, but the price was too good for the insurance company. It took MONTHS to get our repair completed. They would come in and do some stuff, then disappear for 15 days. This was how it went for 12 months!! The repairs were not to our satisfaction, we will need to hire someone to repaint the bedroom and bathroom, and get the ceilings painted since he claims they were but you can see the repair is a different color. Plus, the main guy wouldn't address me when I e-mailed him; he replied like the e-mail was from my husband. I will NEVER let them in our home again!! I highly recommend you RUN away from this company. They left us in disarray for so long and we had to tell friends and family they couldn't stay at our house when they wanted to visit. Awful service, rude workers, insurance grab. UPDATE:Since they used flat white paint on the ceiling corners to clean up their paint job on the walls and did not paint the ceiling, we have MOLD growing in all the peaks. Flat paint absorbs moisture. Started happening 6 months after they "finished". Owner wouldn't even go in the bathroom to see what we were talking about the last time he was here.

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