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    Austin Uresti
    September 13, 2023

    The Austin Paul Davis has taken care of me twice now for damage to rooms caused by faulty plumbing and both times arrived promptly with their equipment to get the damage mitigated as quickly as possible. Jesse took great care of me leading the demo, moisture control, and cleanup on my most recent incident with support from Ray and Kole and I’m extremely happy with the care that was taken in the project. I don’t want any more leaks in the house but if I do I wouldn’t hesitate to call Paul Davis.

    Becket Wells
    August 23, 2023

    This project started out good but I had to point out and then get corrected almost every thing that was done except for the roofing. But they were unsupervised and backed their truck up in the garden. Here are some things that I had to catch while Paul Davis should have caught. 1. My son's room had ceiling replaced and the mud joint cracked and the texture does not match. 2. The smoke detector electrical was put in crooked and not flush with the ceiling. I pointed this out so the smoke detector was then caulked it to cover the non flush junction box. Now you can't take down the smoke detector to change batteries etc. I also had to point this out. So they "fixed" it yet it was still not straight and once again caulked in place. I had to then point this out to Paul Davis. The backsplash they started putting in was not being installed correctly with spacers so was not level. Too had to point this out to Paul Davis so it all had to be taken down and re done. I told Paul Davis the details such as no tile to go in the window areas and window sills need to be installed and this was brought up 3 times. When I came in they were putting tile in the window area so this all had to be ripped out. The did the work and the tile was not straight along the window area so they but aluminum channel after the tile and just glued it on which is not correct and they just did the sides not the top. This goes on before tile. They then mudded and painted the window area and sill plates but used flat white paint and did not match the gloss like the rest of the kitchen. They did not put the lighting back that was on top of the counter. The under cabinet lighting they did put back was not done correctly and I had to point this out such as running the cable through holes in the cabinet not just over it. I looked at the groute they were using to install the new glass tile and it says "Not used with glass tile" I pointed this out. And he said he would send a guarantee. We needed our rain gutters fixed so they took down the ones that were up and found they needed to replace some wood so left. It rained hard that night and with all the rain coming straight off the room onto the patio it leaked inside and down the 2nd floor ceiling in the middle of the night. I called and called but could not get someone out even though they had a 24 hour line. I put up tarps and they came out and opened them up and did work and did not replace them!! It rained that night and I'm up at 3am putting tarps up in the rain as it started leaking again!!! I had to pay for my full hallway ceiling to be dried out replaced, textured and re painted!!! They never even asked what happened or if they could help to fix this. I wish I took more pictures There is more but it won't let me type more.

    Aralyn Hughes
    August 14, 2023

    I have been down this road with water leaks and remediation. Paul Davis company was a surprise and delight because their service was always over 100%. Jacob handled the business part and made it easy, Shaun headed the crew and was so organized and knowledgeable, Terran just all around, near perfect part of the team, and that Tyler quietly about and taking care of behind the scenes. They saved my. hardwood floors, make it bearable and I applaud. Talk to me if you want more praises.

    Tony Lott
    April 17, 2023

    I live out of town. Jay and his team coordinated with my tenant and my property management team on a water leak remodel. I was kept in the loop every step of the way, and the job was completed in a timely manner and looked great. Everyone I spoke to and emailed with was very professional and responsive. Great work, I appreciate you guys helping us with this project.

    Alexis Ptacek
    March 29, 2023

    Cole, Logan, Kyle, Desiree were all awesome! They worked so quickly and were careful and respectful of my home and my belongings. They communicated clearly and made sure I knew what they were doing, what the next steps would be, and when they would take place. There was a ton of damage and they helped me figure out what was safe and what needed to be moved while they were working, and they cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommend!

    Paul Davis Restoration of North and South Austin

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    2112 Rutland Dr #200, Austin, TX 78758, USA


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