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    Tracy West
    March 08, 2023

    This company began work in November of 2021, not 2022 and it is still not complete. I am still waiting for my ceilings to be painted that they messed up. They only had to repair my floors and my kitchen. The workers are not skilled so the work looks like I did it myself. So many things happened throughout this process with this company, that I began to think it must be all a joke(Cement/paint being washed down my drains that clogged my tub, load bearing beams removed with no support, floors being laid, ripped up and replaced because the workers didn’t know what they were doing, parts of kitchen cabinets put on upside down, me cleaning up after them day after day after day, cigarette butts left everywhere). The list goes on and on. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!!

    Char Aznable
    October 03, 2022

    Paul Davis were incredibly helpful in fixing a hole in the ceiling of one of my rooms in my home. They were polite respectful and went out of their way to bump up the repairs. Special thanks to Aly and Brian Musgrave!!

    Jose Rodriguez-Harrison
    January 28, 2019

    P&D Coastal Restoration responded to my request for an estimate in a timely fashion. The follow up was conducted by phone. The Manager of the project was very knowledgeable and conducted all transaction in a friendly and professional manner The work consisted of a roof replacement and repair to the ceilings in three rooms. The work done was absolutely first class. It was completed on the time promised. The workmanship was excellent. The workplace was left in pristine condition both inside the home as well as outside around the home. The follow-up by the project manager after the completion of the work was and added bonus. She was not only very concern that the job was completed to my satisfaction, but scheduled a final cleaning without been asked. I was very satisfied with the job accomplished and will gladly recommend P&DCSR to any one in need of home repairs.

    Rebecca Haddock
    August 14, 2019

    Our first floor flooded March 7. The carpet was taken out. Several weeks passed with no contact. Eventually we got to pick carpet but takes 2 weeks for the order. But noone was scheduled to put it in, and took another 2 weeks to get it installed. The contractor messed it up, along with everything else they touched and the carpet had to be torn out and replaced again. There was a section of carpet they cut too short so they actually took a one inch strip of carpet and overlapped it. I'm still waiting on a fix for an area that wasn't laid right the second time. Had to ask for a new project manager because the first one kept making excuses when I said the contractor messed something up. I finally told him noone is touching anything else in my house until he sees the mess his guys created. He scheduled a time for the next day and never showed up. On the date of second carpet replacement, the new project manager showed up wreaking of alcohol. He finally fired the contractor company cuz they screwed up so much stuff and only sent one guy to move all the furniture, cut, and install the new carpet, and move furniture back, and so we had to wait longer for installation. Had to get new people in to replace the paint mistakes. They got paint on everything. (They had even gotten paint on my dog!!) When they saw the first contractors paint job she called it a complete redo which included painting 3 ceilings that weren't even part of the original claim because they had gotten colored paint all over the ceilings . The bathroom vanity ordered was 3/4 inch too short. There was a 3/4 inch strip around the whole vanity with exposed sheetrock. So they raised it up with some trim wood placed under the countertop. I was promised by first project manager that I could have doors and drawers however I wanted them because my vanity was not a standard size. We paid our builder extra to have the comfort height vanity.  The vanity installed was a standard size cabinet and the doors are not at all how we said we wanted them. We wanted them just like the original cabinet. Since March 7 we've been walking on cement in our bathroom. It took 2 guys 2 days to lay tile yesterday and Monday in the one bathroom. Now they are supposed to grout today and after waiting til almost 10 for them to show up I text the operations manager. He replied the tile guy is sick. So why didn't someone tell me? It was supposed to be a Monday and Tuesday job and I'd get my bathroom back on Wednesday, but today, day 3, I have a toilet sitting in my shower. Tomorrow makes 23 weeks of this mess. Don't count on anyone showing up when they are supposed to, and one morning expecting carpet installed, I woke to a text that the work crew was detained by I.C.E. and wouldn't be coming. I couldnt make this stuff up if I tried, especially some of the excuses I've been given for no shows. Then when tile was scheduled for install, I got a text saying it was on back order from Home Depot and HD never called to let them know. Turns out, they don't carry that tile in stock and it was never ordered. This whole thing has been an overall lack of communication, lack of attention to detail, lack of responsibility, lack of consideration for the customer, lack of professionalism, and lack of ability to understand how traumatizing this has been on myself and my family. The comment to call your number is pointless. I call at least every week and nothing has gotten done. Had a heart to heart with the receptionist this morning. She's the only one who seems to be able to get things done for me.

    Meghan Kicklighter
    November 22, 2018

    I highly recommend this Company for any remodeling or insurance claim for damage to your home. We had water damage throughout our home. They handled everything from packing all my household items and storing them to ensuring My flooring was installed to perfection. The new management team was in communication with us through the process. Very pleased with my new floors.

    Paul Davis Restoration of Coastal Georgia

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