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    Mike Jeffress
    May 23, 2024

    Highly recommend these guys. They are always great to work with. The unpleasant things that happen that require their help, they have made it so much better. They are quick to respond. I called Brady on my way to an incident, he made it there before me. Great group of people.

    Animal Chin (Animal Chin)
    March 19, 2024

    I have hired this company twice. The first time I hired them they saved me from making a very expensive mistake. At the time I was going through cancer treatment and hired a big franchise company in a rush without taking the time to get 3 bids or getting to know other companies. That was a huge mistake. I had to fire the franchise company after they left our home in a nasty mess over a weekend so I called ODR , they are local, they are mom and pop, they contract with other mom and pop companies and they truly care about their customers and the quality of their work. They took very good of us and didn’t price gouge us and we actually had money left over. The big franchise company only cared about overcharging and didn’t cleanup like they should have. The second time I hired ODR it was a big expensive job. A massive tree had fallen through our roof in June 2023 storm. It did take a while to get the work complete because every contractor in town was booked and I was only going with ODR on this job. They are always fair and reasonable with price , they are always clear and communicate issues and consistently check in. They are flexible and go above and beyond to meet fair expectations because they really care about the customer.

    Angie Combs
    March 19, 2024

    We have a barely 3yo home, had a waterline come off a bathroom sink resulting in a flood on the Master Bedroom and Kitchen side of our home. ODR was hired for the rebuild. Hire ODR if: you would like to manage your own job but pay them! Be prepared for your ODR contact to only show up a handful of times and the entire time be texting or taking another phone call while he’s here. Be prepared to tell the non-English speaking workers what to do because ODR will just send them over with little to no instructions or notice. Be prepared to play phone tag and never get the same answer twice, take lots of notes and when possible only communicate in text or emails so there is a paper trail when they to say something different. And my absolute favorite part is, I hope that you have adjuster or knowledge of the home repair business because you will need to go over the estimates with a fine tooth comb as they will dishonestly claim work that were not performed by them and try to charge you and the insurance company for it. We had to go all the way up to the top 3 at ODR for about $4,000 overage that they were claiming and argue with evidence to get the amount changed. Dumpster that wasn’t here, appliances they didn’t touch… ODR hung a tv crooked then broke it trying to correct it. While ODR was here, painting was done, extremely sloppy with many spots still left unfinished, cabinet, drawers and doors rehung incorrectly and crooked, hardware like our beautiful knobs and handles were dented, scratched because they were just chunked in a box with random other parts, caulking is sloppy and incomplete in spots, The carpenter did work that was not requested because of ODR and their extremely poor communication skills. The paint crew hung up the wrong light and then stained around the incorrect light, constant mistakes like this added weeks worth of being displaced and days upon days of having to take off work to be here to supervise because ODR will not be.

    Margaret Predl
    December 22, 2023

    Great response time, careful with all items, and no mold or smell remaining. BUT BEWARE of their charges and billing process. We were out of state when the plumbing disaster occurred so we could not keep an eye on what they were doing and charging. I believe they tore out and packed up more than necessary and mismeasured an area that was being charged by the square foot. The sky is the limit if they think insurance is paying. Our insurance adjuster went back and forth with ODR, but in the end, we were in a private pay situation because there was not enough insurance money to pay them. They were very difficult to deal with on the billing and charged an outrageous amount to remove the damaged glued down engineered hardwood flooring. There were chunks of wood left on the floor that our contractor had to remove. When he removed the remaining undamaged flooring because it couldn’t be matched, he charged us only slight over half of what ODR had charged for their shoddy job.

    Stephanie Meyers
    May 22, 2024

    None of project managers were very professional. Most of the work that was done wasn't done well. Don't use them if you care how it looks, functions, and if you want get it done anytime soon. We saw nothing done at all for months. I guess that's why they were cheaper.

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