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    Jack Gottesman
    May 24, 2022

    Our home had significant flood damage in July of last year. We decided to meet with three contractors who could help us assess the impact and advise on next steps regarding insurance. The first two told us the same thing. They explained that while the damage looked and felt significant, no insurance company would ever agree to pay enough to hit our very high deductible. They said that taking our job would be a waste of their time and ours. Because of this we were pessimistic when going into the conversation with the third contractor, Perry from NYTDR. But his attitude was different from the first two companies. After he assessed the damage, he told us he would help us get the coverage we deserved. He helped us negotiate with the insurance company until they rightly agreed to cover more than double our deductible, which paid for everything that we needed to do to get our home to shine like it did before the flood. We were thrilled! We began the work, and we were ready to close this otherwise traumatic chapter of our lives… but at the start of September we flooded again. And this time it was worse. Insurance refused to play ball, but Perry helped us work with them until we got what we deserved. It took a lot of patience as this process lasted a few months, but Perry never let us give up. In the end, we were able to settle with the insurance company at a price that covered all of what we needed. The work that NYTDR did was beautiful. Steve and his team paid attention to every single detail – the craftsmanship is remarkable. Our house feels like a home again and I know that it wouldn’t have happened without NYTDR. Throughout the process everyone at NYTDR was responsive and professional. They hit deadlines and sat through countless conference calls and adjuster meetings. They worked with us to solve any problem until we were satisfied.

    Annie Cheng
    October 03, 2022

    NYTDR helped us with water damage – remediation and restoration – in our apartment. In the end, the work itself was 9/10. Big thanks to Noy and Michael for taking care of the final details. I should also mention that Noy’s first visit took place after the job was paid in full. After pointing out various imperfections, she very quickly organized for them to be addressed. Some examples of the fixes were: • A light switch was installed 2 inches lower than another light switch on the same wall. • Matching of caulk on the restored portion of the walk-in shower to the rest of the walk-in shower. • Matching of paint color for a restored wall versus rest of the room. • Cleaning of newly installed kitchen cabinets so that they actually look new. These are relatively small details in the context of the scope of work, but very noticeable, and Noy came through with all of the clean-ups. This was a relatively big job, and they were good when the unexpected happened, like discovery of mold. They lined up remediation right away and did a good job keeping to the schedule as closely as possible. The workers generally did a good job protecting the apartment. I would also like to recognize Sarah, Andrea, and Karina. They had displayed meticulous attention to detail and endless patience throughout the project. Karina was always pleasant and helpful in making sure we could get in touch with the right people when the unexpected happened. Andrea promptly organized the paperwork for the building management. Sarah proposed excellent design ideas for the restoration, such as slight tweaks to kitchen cabinet configurations that were really useful. In terms of the insurance claims process, after negotiations stalled, both sides had to get separate third parties to review and continue the process. NYTDR referred me to Andrew, and that was a good referral. Andrew was able to clearly explain my options at various stages of negotiations, which is a sign that he knows his subject matter well. I am confident that I made an informed decision when I accepted the insurance company’s offer.

    Andrew Brandman
    July 31, 2018

    We had a leak that damaged 1/2 of our living room flooring. NYTDR did an amazing job working with our insurance company and then completely restoring half of the floor. You cannot tell at all where they refinished one half vs the other half that was not damaged. On top of that they did it really fast! Great job and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

    Lital Lev-Ary
    January 29, 2019

    At 2 am I awoke to the sound of gushing water - not a good sign especially considering we were on the 2nd floor of our house. Half asleep and slightly confused I stumbled into the bathroom to discover a pipe had burst and was spraying a full stream of hot water onto the floor. The water was flowing incredibly fast, and by the time we were able to shut off the water, the bathroom was a small wading pool with more than an inch of water which had spread to the hallway and soaked into and through the carpet/wood floor. The water leak soaked through the upper level of the apartment and was streaming through the ceiling and lighting fixtures into the first floor. I called my insurance company who recommended that I find a professional and get an estimate. I called NYTDR (New York Total Damage Restoration) within 2 hours the owner of the company arrives, he triaged the situation, assessed the damage, took photos and water readings. They prepared an estimate for the mitigation which the insurance approved the same day. I called back to schedule the work, and within 2 hours the NYTDR team arrives, they started an attempt to stop any potential mold from framing (none ever did). The next day NYTDR came back early to continue the cleanup operation. I was amazed throughout the process at their knowledge, empathy, and professionalism. They helped turn what was a horrible situation into a manageable experience. Once the water mitigation process was complete, the insurance rep requested a proposal to restore the damage to its original condition. Perry, the owner, was handling the process with our insurance adjuster. It was a significant process, and at the end, he was able to settle a substantial amount to cover above and beyond the renovation. We hired their sister company, NYKB, to do our repair and reconstruction work. I had a similarly stellar experience with them, but that's another review for a different page. I highly recommend NYTDR to anyone who needs this type of service

    Dyan Hes
    January 22, 2021

    Impeccable job!! I highly recommend this company! Got the job done before the due date. Helped me deal with my insurance. Amazed with my experience with these guys!

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