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    Daniel B. Brunk
    March 14, 2022

    My family hired Moore Restoration when my grandmother's house got flooded. They showed up promptly and got to work immediately with a clear plan on what was needed, the time involved, and an accurate estimate on the costs. They delivered on time and actually provided additional drying time without charge. The work they performed was top rate and we would recommend them without reservation.

    jimi steel
    August 17, 2021

    From top to bottom they are the best restoration company around.

    Stephanie DeKemper
    June 02, 2021

    Very responsive and professional. I truly enjoyed working with everyone on the team. It’s hard to find a trustworthy company that delivers above expectations at reasonable prices. I definitely would use them again and highly recommend them.

    Eric Jackson
    January 21, 2021

    A+ Dale was stellar, Courtney had superb follow up and the techs were all polite and left the house super-clean

    Justin Wagner
    October 26, 2021

    We have our water heater and furnace in a second floor utility room. The floor drain became clogged and began overflowing, leaking through the floor (due to old, cracked caulking around the drain) to our main floor through a ceiling light fixture. We caught it quickly and got the drain unclogged. Our plumber recommended Moore Restoration, so I gave them a call immediately. They were quick to respond with service providers at our home within a few hours to begin drying the ceiling in our hallway as well as the floor in the utility room above. The plan was to set up a dehumidifier and fan in the hallway and utility room. They were only able to put a dehumidifier in the utility room as one of the fans they brought was not in working condition. They were in and out in less than 1 hour. This was all on a Tuesday evening. They showed up to check on the equipment the next morning (Wednesday) and were in and out in less than 10min. Things were not dry yet so they said they would come back Friday morning to remove the equipment. They came back late Friday morning, removed the equipment as well as tore out a 3-ft x 3-ft section of flooring around the drain (took about an hour). At this point their services were completed as I was planning on replacing the flooring myself. Up until this point, I would have given them a 5 star rating. Communication was good and the technicians were friendly and professional. However, things went downhill as soon as the bill came in the mail. Upon receipt of the final invoice, the total was 2x the amount I had initially anticipated. After reviewing the "itemized" estimate (was not detailed) which only provided quantities/units and no line item price associated with the various services, it was difficult to understand. But after reviewing it for several minutes I was able to pinpoint a few places I needed clarification on. I gave the estimator (Jason V.) a call. We were able to figure out a few mistakes and he said he would look into everything. They had the equipment being rented for 5.5 days when it was only here from a Tues evening to Friday morning (2.5 days). They also tried to charge me for the broken fan that was never set up. They also charged me for 38.25 square feet of flooring being removed (entire utility room) when they only tore out about 9 square feet. They also had 7 hours of labor when I could only justify about 2 hours. When I received the adjusted invoice in the mail, I was happy to see that they adjusted the square footage of flooring that was removed to the correct number as well as correcting the amount of equipment that was set up, but did not adjust the number of days the equipment was in our home and the number of billable hours remained the same. I called them back and brought this to Jason's attention. He submitted the invoice for a complete audit. On the final invoice, I was happy to see that they adjusted the number of days the equipment was rented down to 3 days. I accepted this as I was not going to argue over a half day. Up until this point I probably still would have given them 3-4 stars as mistakes happen and they were good to fix them. However, here is why they only get 1 star from me. After all this adjusting down the price to what was CORRECT, they increased the number of hours they were charging me from 7 hours to 11 hours. Evidently there is a 4 hour minimum charge per employee for after hours calls. This policy was not implemented on my 1st or 2nd invoice. It was only implemented when the VP got involved in the audit and saw their profit margin on this job shrinking. I have no way to prove or disprove that the company actually has a 4 hour minimum charge on off hours, but in my specific situation seems very questionable. Not to mention this was a job that only required 1 technician, yet I got charged for the trainee that did next to nothing. All-in-all the amount of completely careless mistakes made when figuring my final invoice outweighed and overshadowed all the positives about my experience with this company. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

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