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    Morgan Crane
    November 19, 2023

    Have a disaster that happened to your family? These are the guys. This past year we experienced a fire, which was absolutely devastating. We have been through so much and this team gently handled our house and lives as if it was their own. Never once felt like it wasn't important to them to get us back in our home. This was a one stop shop from the board up, clean up and rebuild. They were absolutely incredible and held high standards in the way they did business. I will always recommend this company to any misplaced families due to unforseen circumstances like us. The heartfelt situations and how caring the team was to us and our two little girls I will always be thankful for!! Highly recommend this company!

    lupe lopez
    January 23, 2024

    Had a water heater hose leak inside the unit and it needed to be replaced. MWR was recommended by the plumber. MWR comes to house and tells me that they offer both remediation and restoration and it's easier to go through them for both when dealing with insurance so I did only to be lied to.(mistake not getting that in writing) When the restoration job only came out to 770.00 they pawned me off on a contractor that I knew nothing about and he couldn't complete the whole job. I then had complications getting a hold of the new recomended contractor that did mediocre work at best upon completion. My insurance agent had a discrepancy with a remediation job costing 4800.00 and restoration price of 770.00 as well. Heater, fans and a dehumidifier for 4800.00? Please find a company that prides themselves on trust, integrity and customer service and read the reviews because I didn't.

    Emily Ritman
    December 20, 2023

    I am working with a plumbing company that specifically recommended MWR to help with containment plastic and then drywall once the plumbing company is done ripping out and repairing a pipe. A rep with MWR came over yesterday morning to look at a few things and said they have a minimum of $900 to do service. My assumption was that this would cover the containment plastic and the drywall. However, after the crew left from hanging the plastic in my kitchen, I was told that the $900 wouldn't cover anything else and that they wouldn't be doing the drywall. So they happily charged me $900 to hang plastic in my tiny kitchen. To add insult to injury, the plastic has now been up for roughly 14 hours overnight, with no one in the room, and it's already falling. As a female homeowner, I feel completely taken advantage of. If I weren't battling illness throughout my household, I would have gone to Lowes and done it myself. This is not how you run an ethical business.

    Keita Lucket
    April 27, 2023

    The absolute best team I’ve ever seen in my 43 years of life. God bless each and every single person at this company… a sewage flood with sewage coming out my sinks tubs and toilets on two floors all taken care of within one day … several men on a team was amazing… they fix it right so there’s no complaints.

    Kaitlyn Caruso
    December 10, 2023

    Contacted MWR regarding water damage in my home. We discussed I was attempting to file a claim through insurance. I was promptly set up with a fan and dehumidifier. Not once was a price discussed. My insurance denied the claim and I was hit with a bill for $2100. MWR said they'd left me several voicemails to pickup the equipment. I didn't receive a single message. Due to there not being a discussion regarding the price, they worked to come up with a more reasonable price. When I went to pay it, I learned they charge 3.5% to pay on a credit card. I run a small business and would not fathom charging my clients this fee. Credit card processing fees are a tax write-off, so MWR is not only receiving that write-off, they are passing that cost onto their clients. Thought I would have all used them when I am getting the damage fixed, but I will never do business with them in the future. Please don't be fooled by the company response. They in fact did not reach out to me.

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