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    Becky Johnson
    February 03, 2024

    I had a fire back in December 2022 and my insurance company decided to go with LDR. I thought with my insurance picking a company they would be reputable. Not so much, at least with my experience. My house was not weatherized so after the fire the water pipes in the basement burst a few days later. Repairs took FOREVER. I kept getting told first that the city was "behind or delayed" with processing permits which ok, maybe a few weeks max but months nope. Next was supply problems, ok maybe but again, months? Now they need extra money to fix issues to "pass inspection" from previous work done (not them) but they tell me they're putting ducting in the attic to make it proper living spaces. I go to final inspection, no ducting and no extra anything was done so not sure what exactly I paid an extra $2-3k for besides the $1000 deductible I had to pay originally. According to them I didn't have enough coverage for permitting and what goes along with that but the extra work was not done. Then they tried to make it seem like they were trying to do me a favor by trying to fix things in the basement that wouldn't be covered through insurance, however nothing in the basement would have needed "fixing" had they winterized the house to begin with. So I finally get to do the final walk through when they finished in February of 2023 (remember fire happened December 2021) and everything looked better than it did but some things look very shoddly put together. Now I get ready to sell the house and I have already relocated to AZ as we had no place to live for over a year. The person selling for me tells me the flooring has buckled and needs to be repaired before anyone will put it under contract. So I called LDR to go and look at it and tell me what they can do. He looked at it and said they could do nothing because the house had not been climate controlled for a period of time. I lived in IL over 45 years and NO WAY should a QUALITY job have defects a couple months later. I ended up having to have someone come in and fix the small areas in the floor that did buckle and spent another $500. So it obviously was not a LARGE fix but money I did not have and they offered no solution. So no I would not recommend these guys because they will finesse you and then once they get paid they could care less, on to the next. I'm sure they will say something to make it look like I'm wrong but just be on the safe side and check into other places because dealing with such a devastating occurrence and then having to put up with all the extra BS is BS! Good luck

    Ruth Blauch
    September 25, 2023

    LDR did an excellent job with our fire restoration. One of the reasons we chose them is because they came to our home at 11:00 PM at night and boarded it up the night of our fire and they treated the pipes so they wouldn't freeze. Bryan was our Supervisor with LDR and he did a great job keeping us informed with progress and problems. Bryan was easy to get ahold of and responded very quickly. He has a lot of experience and information that helped us through this traumatic time. Everyone we were in contact with at LDR were professionals and seemed to truly care about doing a good job, Jen and the pack up and cleaning crew, carpenters, painters, movers, etc. Matt even gave me some plant cuttings to help replace my plants! None of our items were broken when we got them back and the house is just beautiful. Would use LDR again and would definitely recommend.

    brittany tura
    January 19, 2024

    Ldr is a low quality company that will alter your materials while still trying to charge you for what you asked for and didn't get. They will not replace their altered materials. Their managers will lie and say their workers will do things they won't do. Then they will belittle you for not being financially stable when you demand to not pay for what they messed up or whe they install the wrong materials. -10 of 10 do not recommend.

    Katie Wisocki
    August 20, 2023

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this company based on the treatment we received from the owner. After being contacted by our insurance company on our behalf, for a quote. However, despite my husband's repeated requests for an emailed quote and confirmation from the owner, we never received it. We both called and left messages requesting a call back, hoping to resolve the issue, but our attempts went unanswered. Effective communication is essential in any business, and the lack of response and follow-up from the owner was disappointing. We were left feeling unheard and undervalued as potential customers

    Amber Marchetta
    April 25, 2023

    Our home experienced two back to back floods due to power outages. The LDR crew was quick, professional, kind, and easy to communicate with. I especially appreciated the clarity in planning and discussing possible solutions post clean up.

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