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    Jean-Baptiste Perie
    February 20, 2023

    Great experience with this company. Nubar quickly came to make an assessment of the water damage we had because of a broken water heater. After thoroughly explaining what the next steps would be and how to deal with the insurance company (that was very helpful by the way), they sent a team to work on water mitigation. After a few days everything was dry and they sent their reconstruction team to rebuild the dry wall that was damaged. This took half a day and the job is excellent. And they worked directly with the insurance the whole time so I didn't have to do it. A+ would recommend.

    Lara Boatz
    January 08, 2023

    Our experience with Las Vegas Restoration LLC has been exceptional. Nubar responded promptly to our initial call and had the tools necessary to discover the location of a leak while a competitor walked in the house, made several assumptions, and decided they would just demolish our entire kitchen based on those very incorrect assumptions. Not only was Las Vegas Restoration LLC accurate, the timely manner in which they initiated water mitigation likely saved our entire pantry and prevented us from having to replace several square feet of tile. Additionally, they deal with the insurance company directly, which comes as such a relief when dealing with home disasters. Very professional, respectful, and prompt. Hands down, the best we could have asked for. Update: I feel it is only fair to leave an honest review and the work that Nubar and his team completed was top notch. However, the third party company they send for construction was nothing short of a nightmare. Initially, it was impossible to contact the construction company until after contacting Nubar to explain to him no one would field our calls. Two weeks of a demolished kitchen went by. Dry wall guys came and did a great job so our reservations were dismissed until a construction manager came to our home to tell us there was a family emergency that would delay construction until the next week. We took this in stride - we definitely know it has been a roughy few years for everyone. Another two weeks go by without communication from the construction company. Finally, we receive a call back from, seemingly, a new receptionist. People are sent to our home to collect cabinets for reconstruction/building, a week and a half later, they came to install the cabinets and they are all installed without backs. The construction company sends out the very same guy (who sent his son to install these cabinets), who tries to tell us that he can just nail some boards in the walls to look like backs in the cabinets but he will not actually install them properly, stating he is unable to. Finally, after being threatened by one of the managers for being in breach of contract when the construction contract specifically states they are to be paid in full once the job is complete - and the job was NOT complete, as well as contacting an attorney, a regional manager calls to tell us the cabinets will be reinstalled correctly the following week. The toe kicks and edging used on the entire set of cabinetry is scrap wood and does not even reach the cabinets - there is a one inch gap from the woods to the cabinets. The edging used in corners is very clearly scrap and holes were filled with silicone and painted with the same mismatched paint. In fact, the touchup paint on the cabinet faces that were destroyed by this company in transit to and from the house for “building” does not match. We had to have the gas company come out and assess the oven because the stove had been improperly moved from the wall and a gas line was damaged- had to get that repaired… The absolute nightmare that dealing with this has been is beyond explanation. I am done. Truly done. If all you need done is water mitigation, this is absolutely the company to go with. Nubar and his associates outshine the competition, by far. If you also need reconstruction, go else where. Watch a youtube tutorial. Anything would be better.

    Vitalii Bachynskyi
    July 28, 2023

    This is the best company among all in Las Vegas! Great professionals who know what they are doing!

    Victor J
    October 13, 2021

    Nubar and his team did an amazing job in assessing, demolition, drying, and communicating updates with my water damage incident. They are a phenomenal team to have on your side when dealing with insurance company. They went above and beyond my expectations and highly recommend their business to anyone. Do yourself a favor and contact them for water mitigation and/or restoration services.

    Delia Agatone
    February 21, 2022

    WOW…. What a prompt and courteous company to call in our time of need. Nubar and his team arrived quickly, inspected the damage and got to work the same day to start us on our road to recovery. They are an extremely knowledgeable, professional and skilled team of experts that can’t be rivaled. We’re so glad we called Las Vegas Restoration LLC!!

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