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    Krystal Peltzer
    May 13, 2024

    We hired Jenkins Restoration and worked with Dennis and Peter through out the entire process. To say they were an amazing team would be the short end of it. Period. They came out to board up the house and set us up with a company to complete the contents portion of the content’s removal. If you have ever gone through a casualty you will have people coming up to the home to give you all of their cards and information acting like they know you. Not only are you in shock but you also feel like you have been put on display. Jenkins was with us through the demo and the rebuild walking us through the step by step process to get us back into our house as soon as possible. You cant imagine how many elements that have to go into the rebuild, permits, and insurance are just the beginning. Dennis and Peter were always available for any questions, and customer service was always top notch. Even though they both have many projects going on at the same time, they make you feel like you are their most important. We were taken down to the studs on our home due to the smoke damage. If you don’t know how to rebuild a house, and all of the steps that go into it, nor do you have the time to complete the tasks and you want to get it done without a hassle. Hiring Jenkins is the way to go! The only real effort I had to put into the rebuild is picking the products that went back into the home to make it ours. We already knew most of what we wanted to do so the rebuild felt seamless. Dennis stacked the contractors so efficiently that he was able to finish our home in 8 months to get us back in. Peter was the numbers man making sure that everything that we wanted and needed would be able to fit in the budget and we would be on the other side with an amazing outcome. We are grateful and humbled for all of the time and effort these two have given us. Thank you to Dennis Fedorchuck and Peter Brefeld for all of your hard work, time, patience, and care that you have put into this home for us. We loved our home before, but we love it even more now. Truly Amazing. Thank you!

    Mia Smith
    January 22, 2024

    We had a fire in our home and Jenkins really took care of us. Peter in finance, went above and beyond to make sure we were covered by our insurance and we could restore our house how we wanted, within our budget. Dennis was our contractor that oversaw the project. He is a great communicator and kept me up to date with all the progress. He listened to our needs and made sure we were happy with the results. His crew of workers were amazing!

    Joe O
    April 26, 2024

    I dealt with Brandon in the mediation department after a huge accident happened in my cabin out in the sticks. Technically, we are outside their service area but they still took the job. Communication was outstanding and any questions I had were answered promptly and thoroughly along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to use them if you find yourself in a similar situation.

    Val D
    January 27, 2024

    These guy are not reliable. Brandon is manager. Jason is actually nice guy, but guess he just followed manager requirements. Promised to come on 3rd day after water damage, but never showed up. No call, either. Insurance adjuster was very surprised, because time is critically important, and called them himself. Jenkins, if you cannot come - call and let us know asap for us to find another company. We took day off from work waiting for you. and wasted important time. Came only on day 5 after accident, installed a few COLD fans, no dehumidifier, and disappeared for another 2 days. Finally, on the 7 day came 2 hours later (but appreciate this time Jason called with with update he was late), and refused to work due my broken car located in garage, which was not even a big issue, because main damage was on another side. Plus, we were ready to sign a paperwork that if ceiling fell down on a car, it will be our problem. Plus, car was covered by many foams. Plus, business like these should have a special equipment to cover pieces like that. It was very unexpected and frustrating because i was satisfied that finally works was going to be done. I asked them to start working on the empty mostly damaged area for now, they said "we have to cancel work". (Update: the new company we hired found most wet on the wall I was not even told about. They used a special tool to see how wet it is. My wall behind shelves that was empty was the first to remove). Big regret I did not contact another company from the very beginning, but they were sent to me by insurance. (had to find another company who were willing to work with a car being inside garage). Result - my house been water damaged, and not properly dried in a week. They just don't care. AVOID !!!!!

    Jeff and Candy Wong
    December 08, 2023

    We had a water leak happen on a Sunday recently. Jenkins Restoration sent Desmond to initiate board up on the vent area of the roof. He did a through check of attic and located the problem. He was responsive and completed what was to be done quickly and kept me informed what was happening. Jason came the next day for water mitigation. Explained what was going to be involved with humidifiers and fans. Answered all our questions. Kept us informed of his arrival and was on time. The work performed by Jenkins Restoration was excellent. Appreciated the work, courtesy and keeping us informed by Desmond and Jason. Thanks again!

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