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    November 02, 2021

    Stay away from these people who caused me to get very medically sick due the improper way they remediated the mold in my rental home a year or two ago. I have been pleading with them to supply me their insurance claim information as they are required by law to do pursuant to FL Statute 627.4137 but they have refused over and over to talk to me about it ir send me the claim carriers insurance information as they are required to do by that law. I ingested toxic black mold and they were fired after the rental company discovered their negligence, along with me ,when I had to go to Lakeland Regional Emergency Room the morning after they put some cleaning solution in my ac unit to remove the mold in the ac where I found black toxic mold in the air vent. Subsequent trips to Winter Haven Hospital and a return to Lakeland Regional again, all in the same week, left with black mold in my body that I need to have continued medical treatment for, yet they refuse to comply with the Statute listed above. If you don’t want get very ill w ongoing medical problems like mine, please avoid them completely and find a reputable company to perform this work that they boast on their website to be “the very best at”. Best at making you sick from THEIR negligence and all of my personal belongings had mold on them and they were told by the remediation report to bag and seal them and put them in the garage while they out up plastic barriers in the home which the Environmental Protection Agency says must me done to remediate properly to prevent further mold exposure and they did none of that. The rental company had to pay for our hotel room fir a month until they fired Hydradry and hired a more qualified firm to finish the work. No remorse at all over my situation or they would provide ME, the claimant, the information they are required by law to do the cited Statute. The owners who I finally chased down after trying to get the information from, were very non remorseful and the owner, Greg Davideit, Brittany Davideit, have both refused to comply with my request so that I can obtain the medical treatment I need and determine what my future is after injecting black, toxic mold! And I have pictures and recordings of it all!!!

    Jason Perron
    March 07, 2018

    They were contracted to remediate mold in our house and lied to our face from m the beginning. We were told that my family would be taken care of and 2 weeks later, the air quality tests revealed that the mold spores were still at toxic levels but my family was given the go ahead to move back in. They are more concerned with money than their job, and in our case, the safety of the family. Despicable!

    Robert Messer
    May 22, 2018

    We had a fire in our, and we lost and devastated. Our insurance company sent hydradry out to help. The crew knew exactly what to do and worked quickly. The managers and estimator understood our needs. Hydradry put entire home back together, and thank them so much.

    David Sharp
    March 27, 2019

    This company does what it says it’s going to do when it says it’s going to do it. Their communication is impeccable and their quality of service is as well. Highly recommend them.

    Sussy De Freitas
    October 04, 2022


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