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    Gerald Page
    December 07, 2023

    Update#2: The saga continues! I had to lower their rating to 1 star. Can you imagine this... After their shoddy work on my house and them redeeming themselves by coming back and fixing it... Now they send me a letter claiming that I owe them a balance (despite my work being paid by insurance), and that they have sent it to legal and that they "DEMAND" payment! I demand that they not harass me for money I do not owe! I added a star since they sent people to fix the issues I previously mentioned, they also sent out plumbers to fix another issue that reared it's head a month later. For their attentiveness at fixing the issues left by the subcontractors, I've raised my rating. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My experience with Highland Construction was not favorable. We had a mainline stoppage in our house which caused some flooding and water damage. Highland Construction was the 2nd contractor assigned through our insurance company for the repairs. First off, the project manager, Aaron was completely hands off throughout the entire project. I don't know if this is normal practice but he was absent the entire time, everything was in the hands of subcontractors who did shoddy work. Aaron knew nothing that went on except what I called and told him. The first night, the subcontractors left my house unlocked and unsecured, which I found out the next morning when I returned from the hotel we were staying in throughout the process. After this I went home every night to make sure it was secure because I couldn't trust them. Since returning home, after the (finished) project we found that they had not finished putting in our light switch covers in the master bathroom, I did that myself. We had a chain lock in our bedroom that they removed and did not reattach, I also did that myself. They put the wrong flooring in the master bedroom. Now the flooring in our bedroom matches the flooring in both bathrooms. It still looks nice but still not what we wanted. We found two spots on our wall where they must've made holes and plastered over but did not paint. They also did the paintjob in the bathrooms out of order. The painters were supposed to paint before the plumber and the cabinet guy could put the toilets and the vanities back in, but they didn't, and now there are unpainted spots behind our toilets and in the corners next to our vanities. Ultimately with all the time it took, and the amount of coverage that got ate up, there was no point complaining, so we just ate it. I've added pictures from the supposed FINISHED job, when Aaron called me asking to schedule signing of completion papers... He knew nothing of any of this until I told him, because as I said, he was absent the entire time and was not checking on his subcontractors. I had to bring them back to reattach the bathroom door and cleanup their mess. Ultimately, I put the light switch covers back on myself cause I couldn't take it with them anymore!

    Darryl Martin
    December 26, 2023

    The Highland team came in repaired my home and restored it back to its true form. My wife and I were very pleased with the finished product.

    Carl Powers
    June 01, 2023

    Highland Construction does a great job and they have awesome staff. They've helped me multiple times at my house and each time they were thorough and professional. And with each project they kept their work area clean.

    Lathario Barnes
    January 31, 2022

    My insurance company assigned Highland to do all my repairs to our rental home that was damaged. I will say from my first conversation with the staff was awesome and very professional. They knew I was located in Hawaii and they made sure they stayed in contact with weekly also keeping us updated at all time. Sam was the person that was overseeing the project on our home and he was great and very respectable also made sure everything was done right. I will recommend this everyone due to the outstanding job they did for me and my wife.

    Christopher Baker
    March 21, 2022

    I had a leaking roof and Highland Construction was contracted to replace my roof, replace some knockdown in one of my rooms, as well as some water mitigation. They were able to complete the exterior work in a day and the interior work in two days. Friendly crew, clean, followed COVID protocol (mask, social distancing, etc.) and communicated every task along the way. The company surveyed the completed work and walked through with me to verify the work was to my liking.

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