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    Gerald Page
    December 07, 2023

    Update#2: The saga continues! I had to lower their rating to 1 star. Can you imagine this... After their shoddy work on my house and them redeeming themselves by coming back and fixing it... Now they send me a letter claiming that I owe them a balance (despite my work being paid by insurance), and that they have sent it to legal and that they "DEMAND" payment! I demand that they not harass me for money I do not owe! I added a star since they sent people to fix the issues I previously mentioned, they also sent out plumbers to fix another issue that reared it's head a month later. For their attentiveness at fixing the issues left by the subcontractors, I've raised my rating. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My experience with Highland Construction was not favorable. We had a mainline stoppage in our house which caused some flooding and water damage. Highland Construction was the 2nd contractor assigned through our insurance company for the repairs. First off, the project manager, Aaron was completely hands off throughout the entire project. I don't know if this is normal practice but he was absent the entire time, everything was in the hands of subcontractors who did shoddy work. Aaron knew nothing that went on except what I called and told him. The first night, the subcontractors left my house unlocked and unsecured, which I found out the next morning when I returned from the hotel we were staying in throughout the process. After this I went home every night to make sure it was secure because I couldn't trust them. Since returning home, after the (finished) project we found that they had not finished putting in our light switch covers in the master bathroom, I did that myself. We had a chain lock in our bedroom that they removed and did not reattach, I also did that myself. They put the wrong flooring in the master bedroom. Now the flooring in our bedroom matches the flooring in both bathrooms. It still looks nice but still not what we wanted. We found two spots on our wall where they must've made holes and plastered over but did not paint. They also did the paintjob in the bathrooms out of order. The painters were supposed to paint before the plumber and the cabinet guy could put the toilets and the vanities back in, but they didn't, and now there are unpainted spots behind our toilets and in the corners next to our vanities. Ultimately with all the time it took, and the amount of coverage that got ate up, there was no point complaining, so we just ate it. I've added pictures from the supposed FINISHED job, when Aaron called me asking to schedule signing of completion papers... He knew nothing of any of this until I told him, because as I said, he was absent the entire time and was not checking on his subcontractors. I had to bring them back to reattach the bathroom door and cleanup their mess. Ultimately, I put the light switch covers back on myself cause I couldn't take it with them anymore!

    Stephanie Scott
    July 04, 2024

    I had a flood in the house so USAA hired this company pay them over $4000 to remove everything off the bottom level of my house instead of them moving everything out they threw everything on all of my beds on the top of the closet in the shower in the bathtubput everything anywhere but in the box USAA also paid them $34,000 from May 1 to July 3. This is the current state of my house. How did you cut out all the walls on the entire bottom level floor of my house without removing any furniture any clothing?

    Betsy Bradshaw
    April 18, 2024

    It was a pleasure dealing with Highland Construction from the very start of the process to the completion. ALL of the staff with whom we interacted were very professional, eager to assist, and fast, efficient workers. The staff in the office were most helpful in assisting us with all the unfamiliar paper work. Aaron, the project manager was awesome!! He was friendly and personable, detailed, did what he said he would do, kept tightly to the schedule, followed up with us daily, addressed concerns quickly, and answered all questions honestly and concisely. The completed project looks amazing; we are extremely pleased and grateful to have had such a high quality and ethical company to work with us. Obviously, we highly recommend!

    Marcela Muñoz-Minniefee
    April 30, 2024

    Highland was on it! This claim took very long and they dealt with my home Insurance, who were not easy to deal with till the end, every step of the way and made sure my claim was covered. The staff at the office were awesome! Work was done professionally and passed inspection without any problems the first time. I highly recommend them. Thank you Highland!

    CJ Maxwell
    July 07, 2024

    Do not use. This is not the same company it was. Things will not be done correctly and the general attitude will be "oh well". When I discovered the hot and cold were reversed in my bathroom, my project manager told me "it's too late to fix it now". Since my daughter said hers was fine, I thought it was just mine. It has now come to my attention that my fridge has been effected too so if I run the water line too long, hot water comes out. Not warm, but hot water like at the kitchen sink - which I found out after the walk that it's also switched. This company cost me several thousands of dollars I will never see again because of 100% avoidable delays, poor scheduling, and lack of communication. It would have taken them over a year to complete work that should have been completed in 6 months if I hadn't been reduced to emailing daily and sometimes multiple times a day. The company who bough them out is a joke and the only thing they will do is mock the amount of money they cost you as being trivial and a "small sum". They cost me my money, time, stress, and health. No, I haven't reached out because I don't see a point. If they can't complete work in a timely manner and the attitude at time of discovery is 'not my problem and I'm not going to fix it', why on earth would I think they would correct it now? Take my review however you'd like. I just wanted to give people a heads up that this is not same company it used to be.

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