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    Thomas Sakats
    January 26, 2024

    Most who have lived in communal settings have experienced the cantankerous neighbor who is impossible to please. That person wrote the negative review about my project. This was a substantial condo remodel that included removing walls, moving walls, rerouting plumbing, and reconfiguring existing space. As with any major renovation, of course there was loudness, debris, and necessary clean up. All of this was handled respectfully, in a timely manner, and professionally. In a complex of multiple buildings with nearly 100 units, one person took issue and wrote a negative review. I am ecstatic about the results of the remodel and recommend this group without hesitation. HF Bulifant will do right by you.

    Tricia Bryant
    September 28, 2023

    Never use this company to do any work for you whatsoever. They are completely disrespectful to any neighbor that happens to be anywhere near your home. One of the managers in the company said he doesn’t really care what kind of mess they make or noise they make it’s just the way it is and to deal with it. I have never had anyone talk so rudely to me on the telephone and I happen to be in the exact same business and I don’t talk to neighbors of my clients like that nor would I ever. This company hires incompetent, messy subcontractors who don’t clean up behind themselves and make all the noise they want and the company’s management attitude is too bad. So sad. There are many renovation construction or disaster recovery companies that you can hire to work for you that would be much more respectful of your property and your neighbors. Working in a multi family condominium setting requires respect for other people and planning. This company has done none of that. Save yourself the trouble of hiring them and choose someone who will not anger and disrespect all of your neighbors

    Elwood Mayfield
    May 27, 2022

    My garage was totally destroyed in a fire and I received a call back from Mr. Bulifant. I believe he said that his name was Rick. He said that he was in the business of helping people but yet he refused to even come and give me an estimate. I only contacted H.F. Bulifant and Sons and another company. I will never call or refer this company because he just flat out refused me because I wanted estimates from them and Walker and Frick.

    Jay Lichter
    April 11, 2023

    Redid my kitchen with Bulifant. They were fast, efficient, knowledgeable and curtious. Great company that does great work.

    Tammie Mcghee
    July 05, 2022

    Horrible management... Bad hateful attitudes... Rick is the most horrible person I've met in my whole life horrible attitude condescending think he's better than anybody know it all and hates the world and will own daddy's business so nobody can touch him... For a while the carpet be ripped out from under him one day because everybody hates them

    H. F. Bulifant & Sons, Inc.

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