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    Jonathan Noblezada
    August 17, 2016

    Water mitigation process was great. Fast. Professional.... But no follow up from construction manager to do the repairs until I pursued him. Then he doesn't show up to the appointment we set to discuss repairs and schedule. Now left with carpet, drywall and floors ripped out and left stranded. Now I have to spend time finding another contractor to finish the job. Waste of my time. Not to mention living in a damaged home for weeks.

    Josh Creasy
    October 13, 2016

    Greenpoint Restoration was hired to restore my home after a water leak was discovered and my home had suffered water damage. David, the construction manager, came out to give an initial estimate to do the work and said they would be back the next day to start the job, starting first with removing the water heater which caused the leak and damage. They came back to my home 3 days later after several phone calls to start the demolition process, days later than initially spoke of. During which time the leak continued, and the water heater was never removed. They then proceeded to remove carpet, drywall, flooring, insulation that they said had been damaged. After these items were removed they placed drying equipment and said it would need to remain for approximately 72-96 hours, as the leak continued. From the time the leak was discovered until the time I hired a third party to remove the water heater, my Family went without hot water for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Devin, the project manager, then came out after the equipment had been in place for less than 48 hours and removed the drying equipment and said that David would be giving me a call the following Monday so that they could start the repair process. I contacted Devin back that evening to let him know that they leak was still present, and he stated that he would be back the following morning to look over things and see what needed to be done. Devin never showed up and I was unable to reach him by phone. I then was forced to use a third party to stop the leak after several days, and further damage to my home. After the leak was stopped by the third party and removal of the water heater I continued to call Greenpoint in regards to the repairs to restore my home to its original condition. I also contacted my insurance adjuster for advice on how to handle the situation, being Greenpoint had invoiced for more days of drying that what had been done, and the job-site was still leaking, and further abandoned. I left multiple messages for Devin and David in regards to the repairs. I tried to contact the main office number in later days, but it was no longer their phone number so I began trying to research how to contact them. A couple weeks later I finally was able to reach a voicemail for the owner and left him a message. He contacted me back and we discussed the entire situation, he apologized and said that they had completely dropped the ball and he would have Devin get in contact with me. Devin contacted me, expressed how sorry he was for himself being at fault for a job not completed in a timely manner, or at all for that matter, and scheduled a time to come to my home to meet. Once he arrived he once again apologized for the entire situation, my family's distress, and the inconvenience, and signed the insurance check for the demolition and drying over to me. To this day I have still not had any contact from Greenpoint in regards to the repairs of my home which still have not been completed.

    David Saxon
    February 23, 2017

    The water mitigation team responded immediately and did a very good job. I wish the timeframe between the water mitigation and the repairs could've been shorter, but your construction manager David Saxon was outstanding, and the repair crew did an excellent job

    Jessica Castillo
    August 05, 2016

    They do what are first appears to be quality work, but then mistakes they made through improper installation begin to cause problems, like large gaps between sections of flooring or buckled areas. When confronted they are first appear to try to help, but in the end are content to leave their shoddy workmanship in place rather than invest the time and money required to correct their mistakes. An example of a mistake: these "experienced" installers used mallets to install flooring that is supposed to push together and fit together without any hammering. Thus they damaged the natural system that locks the flooring in place. Then they refused to accept responsibility for this error and left the broken flooring with gaps in the home.

    Brian Wade
    December 07, 2016

    They tore out and dryed out the damaged area. After which they never contacted me again except to send a bill and threatening letter. They did not repair the area or give me a quote for the work. Check Angie's list for a full review.

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