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    Joe Blough
    February 11, 2019

    At 5 in the morning I heard water running and when I opened the basement door there was water up to the cushions of the sofa. We just finished the basement and everything was new. I called everyone I could think of but no one could get there for hours and we didn't want to wade into the water because of electricity. My neighbor works for FWR Professionals and she got us help on the way almost instantly. FWR cut the power, shut off the water and put pumps and workers in. They quickly emptied the water, replace our sump pump, saved a lot of our things, removed the ruined things, carpet, wall board and dried things out completely. My husband was laid off in November and the insurance company gave us a lot of problems and then virtually accused us of destroying our own property because things were tight with money. Henry at FWR called our adjuster and sent them documents that changed everything. We had a check for the damage to the house a few days from then. FWR listed and photographed every item from our basement before it was salvaged or thrown out and we were able to use that to prove to the adjuster everything that was damaged. I can't thank Henry and FWR enough for stepping in when they saw an injustice and on top of that, we didn't have to pay them since they billed everything to the adjuster. I was sure we were going to get nothing and still be stuck with a messed up basement through the holidays. I just can't say enough about what FWR did for us. Thank you so so much!!! Katie & Joe

    Roy Ingham
    June 11, 2019

    We called FWR for help with water damage to our basement. We were first concerned as to whether or not insurance would cover the damage and their work. FWR's manager pointed out the relevant part of my insurance policy, explained how the claim process works and then performed the work in advance with out payment. As they promised, my insurance company covered everything. FWR did great work and their support through the claim process was invaluable. A+ work from FWR.

    Anthony Constantino
    September 11, 2018

    We have over 520 residential units under management in Rochester and Buffalo and we use fire and water services several times a year. Until we used FWR, I've never wanted to go with the same company twice. FWR's professionalism, efficiency and knowledge of insurance helped us to stop the damage and then quickly get things resolved with our insurance carrier. They provide tenants with temporary living arrangement and also helped us document subrogation claims against third-parties. They get my highest recommendation! Tony

    R Gambardino
    February 17, 2019

    We recommend FWR. Get them on board early would be our best advice. They're knowledgeable and straightforward. We were sort of paralyzed at first so we talked to several companies which really cost us a lot of time. FWR didn't have a shiny sales pitch but they gave us excellent practical advice and seemed genuinely more interested in the specific details of how to help us than just getting their contract signed. We immediately felt like we could trust them and work with them. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no big surprises during the process, everything was professional and they just did what needed to be done. Also, they were very respectful of us and in the way they handled our things. Thank you.

    Tanisha Watkins
    March 04, 2019

    I'd like to recommend this company to anyone who has had a fire. A fire in our oven covered everything in the house with black soot. FWR got here fast and did a wonderful job. Everything looked completely remodeled when they were done. We give FWR an A+!

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