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    Maddie Yochum
    March 30, 2024

    I would run far away from this company. Worked there for a couple weeks and it's is being held toeghter by a thred. They are always losing customers items. They are always forgetting customers items when they are being returned back to them. Things get lost so easily there. Things ate not packed correctly and just throw into boxes.

    September 20, 2023

    Not only did my family suffer from a house fire but we suffered additional stress and heartache at the hands of this company who was supposed to take care of us during a very stressful and vulnerable time in our lives. We trusted that this company would clean our items and keep them safe but they did everything to make the situation far more stressful and traumatic than it needed to be. I have been VERY patient with his company, waiting 6 months in addition to the 12 months of storing/cleaning items for them to resolve this issue. When our items were delivered not only did we receive items that WERE NOT OURS!!! (And are still in my possession waiting for them to pick up by the way), I unwrapped my dresser just to find out it has been spray painted black by one of their employees!! How does this even happen?? My kids clothes were missing! Very sentimental clothing from my children who are no longer with me just….gone. I am completely devastated and heartbroken. These things can never be replaced!!! I was also devastated to find out that my old engagement ring was missing and there was just nothing they could do about it because I couldn’t prove that they stole it. Because… you know, a company who steals, paints and breaks your personal property would never do such a thing. The lady I spoke to “deidre” also said none of this was her fault or responsibility because “she didn’t work for” this company when my items were stolen and/or destroyed. I’m sorry, what? Don’t you take on the responsibilities of the company when you’re hired for the job??? Tool box was missing. Boxes of my glass cookware were just tossed into boxes and shattered. My cast iron skillet, gone… nowhere to be found… Went to bake some bread for Father’s Day and oh those bread pans are gone too. It’s like every week or so I find out that something else is missing. I was missing my clothes and shoes.. My new vacuum was smashed and inoperable. My rug was stained yellow and they passed it off to me as if I wouldn’t notice… kind of like the spray painted dresser situation. My new beautiful rug was missing but when I complained about it it magically appeared and was delivered later when I asked about it. Wall art missing. Gift cards. Books. The list just goes on. They tried delivering a very nice leather couch that wasn’t mine and I was a decent enough person to tell them it wasn’t mine. I’m guessing other people weren’t so nice we must be enjoying new cookware or a new ring. And this company has the audacity to give me the run around and delay replacing what was either stolen, damaged or defaced. Because it couldn’t possibly be their fault…! This company is shady and should not be trusted!!! What was already a very traumatic time for my family has just become that much more devastating and stressful because this company lacks the integrity to do the right thing by replacing what was lost, stolen or damaged at their hands. If you’re thinking of hiring this company, I would seriously proceeed with caution!

    Crystal Schulte
    November 01, 2023

    Very disappointed! Our items were not cleaned, we received items that were not ours! Items lost!!!!! Stated they didn’t get them!! Don’t trust this place!! Safeco hired them!!! We weren’t given a choice! We got them 8 weeks later and our insurance paid them $15000.00 yes the decimal is in the right place! We were told our items where junk. They came thru and grabbed an instapot and left the lid then said it was non salvageable, broke a computer stated we had a cracked screen never got it back. I didn’t sign disposal and they disposed anyway illegally. Use extreme caution DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! Communication horrible! Clothes dry clean only got washed you name it!

    Elisa Seeley
    March 28, 2018

    Fantastic service provided. They get the job done when you're experiencing the stress of a loss.

    Brandi White
    June 23, 2020

    Super great place the most friendly staff you ever meet

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